Hot Shot's girl: Okay here is my first AVP fanfiction and all I have to say is that I don't know much about the perdators or aliens, but I do know that I like the movie and I like to write so I'm gonna have fun writing this story and I hope you readers enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The night porgressed as they watched the queen sink further down into the ever chilling water. There was a gust of chilling cold wind that made Lex lose her balance for a bit. This caused her to grab a tight hold on Scar's arm. It was a natural reflex humans have whenever they lost their balance, to grab a hold of something so not to fall.

Scar turned his head to the human female who had soon wrapped another arm around his. He paid no emotion to it but turn his head to her. She seemed to still not notice what she did until it was too late. After a short while they heard the sound of something else . . . another predator.

They turned, with Lex still holding tightly onto Scar, and saw an elderly predator. Soon they saw even more predators and a large ship. The elder looked at them and saw Lex holding onto Scar. Lex then noticed what she was doing and so quickly let go.

She tried to hide her blushing face, but there was no place for red in a place of white. The elder looked at them both and saw the markings. He then stepped towards Scar and held out a spear of some sort. He held it before Scar's torso and then closed it and handed it to him.

Scar hit his chest and bowed lightly. The elder then turned and left. The other predators began to leave as well. Scar then turned to Lex and looked at her for a long moment. He then looked at the ship and then back at her.

When he moved back to her side again she guessed what he wanted. She then nodded her head as he out his gaze on her again. They then began to step forward on the ship. Lex did not know what was going to happen once she got on the ship, but she knew that once those doors behind her closed there was no going back.

As they stopped to be scanned before six guards Lex let out her breath that she had held when she entered the ship. She was shaking. Clearly everyone could see this. Scar then turned and wiped his finger over the mark he had given her. This reminded her that she had killed aliens.

This reminded her that she was, like him, a warrior. She then gave a faint smile to him, but that soon vanished as the scanner alarms went off. They looked around wondering what was wrong. The guards detected a small alien lifeform in Scar.

Lex didn't know what to do. The predators were growling and roaring as they approached the two. They had pushed Lex out of the way and came and held Scar down. Lex only thought the worst.

"No! don't hurt him!" she cried tired seeing her friends get hurt because of the serpants.

They soon had to hold Lex down for trying to interfere on what they were about to do. One then came up with a sharp object. Lex was ever afraid of what they were about to do to Scar. Her eyes widened as she saw the predator jab the object into Scar's torso.

She then saw it was some kind of shot, but for what she did not know. She then saw Scar try to break free of the two predators', who held him down, grasp, but they held firmly onto him. He then bowed his head in pain. He looked in so much pain.

Lex prayed he'd be okay. The shot would make the chestburster inside him disolve into nothing, but it would pain the reciever. After the alien disolved into nothing most of the pain was over with. The predators soon let go of the two and moved away.

Lex looked at Scar in pain for a bit and then took up her courage and came to him. She knelt down beside him. She did not touch him for she was afraid to. She knew this race was a masculine race and so if they were anything like human men then they would want to be left alone with what ever pain they had.

She could see the pain going away in Scar. She could tell he was getting better. She smiled and shook her head seeing this. Scar then slowly got up.

Lex's eyes followed his movement as he slowly stood up. When he straightened the pain in his body would not let him stay like that for long. The pain made him hunch over a bit. Lex wondered how long he would be like this.

The predators saw they both needed tending to and so took them to the medical bay on the ship. Lex only needed ointments for a couple of burns she recieved from the queen. A couple of yards away she saw they tended to Scar's arm injury that he received right before they returned to the surface. She smiled a bit as she saw the predator doctors looking at a few minor burn marks . . . those he recieved by Weyland.

As she thought of this her smile vanished as she remembered that Scar had killed a couple of her friends. She cast her eyes upon him as he growled a bit as the doctors placed a fast healing, but burning, loction on his wound. She decided to forgive and forget. She was tired of being afraid.

She then got up and walked over to him. She just stood there with her arms crossed as she watched the doctors tend to him. He had most of his armor off so the doctors could see the extent of his injuries. She had never seen him this bare before.

She let out a faint laugh and at that Scar gazed at her. She would have stopped smiling as he gazed at her but she didn't. She wasn't afraid no more . . . especially of him. As the doctor finished and left Scar got up and placed all his armor back on, including his mask.

"Must you hunters always wear your armor?" chuckled Lex a bit.

Scar gave a loud growl as he grabbed her wrist and took her down some halls.

"Jeez, I'm sorry okay," she said as she was flung in a dark room.

She stepped back a bit as Scar came in too and the shut the door behind him. Scar then turned on the lower lights that still barely lit up the room. Lex was a bit uneasy at this but still held her courage high. Scar then moved over to a bed.

Lex looked and saw something lay atop it. Scar placed his hand over it and then away. It was armor, like his, but smaller seemingly to fit her. As lex came over to examine it Scar moved to the side.

Lex ran her hand over the alien armor. It looked like it was her exact fight. Did they make this for her? could they make armor in a matter of hours?

"Did your people make this for me?" she asked.

Scar just gave a small nod like he usually does. Lex now felt like a true warrior. Now she had her own armor, but could she wear it? she lifted the breastplate and found it was at a decent weight.

"Well whatdaya know," she smiled. "I may actually be able to wear this."

Scar then pointed to his breastplate and then to her. Lex looked at the breastplate in her arms and said-

"What? . . . do you want me to wear this?"

Scar inclined his head signaling 'yes'. Lex looked around and saw there was no changing rooms. She then looked at Scar and said-

"Am I sapposed to change now?"

Scar just stood there gazing at her with an unseen emotion. Lex didn't really much like this, but did she have a choice? what were to happen if she were to say no? Lex had no choice but to abide by him.

She placed the armor down and then began to undress. Scar just starred at her not moving, not even making a sound. When she readied to put her armor on she starred at it for a long time. She knew nothing about armor and especially how to put it on . . . but someone in the room did.

She turned her head to him and said with an uneasy voice-

"I don't know how to put the armor on."

She then raised it up a little and said-

"Can-can you help me put it on?"

Scar tilted his head a bit as she asked him the strange, but needed, question. Lex didn't like standing there like that, but she had no other choice. Lex waited patiently for him to respond in any way. Scar stood there a bit gazing at her till he moved to her.

Lex turned her head back around and inhaled a deep breath. She shook a bit as she felt Scar's touch on her bare body, but staightened and tried to show no fear to his touch. Scar then took the armor she held up and helped her put it on. Lex observed which peice of armor he put on her and where he put it.

When Scar had finished placing all the plates on her body he then proceeded on tieing the strings, but Lex quickly grabbed a hold of them and said-

"I can do these myself."

Scar then stood still and let her. Lex tied the knots as tight as she could. There, that should hold them. She noticed how light the armor truly was.

She was glad she could at least walk in it. So is this what it felt like to be a predator? Lex walked around a bit to get the feel of it, but all she felt was the pressing down of the alien armor on her body. She'd have to get used to it. Lex stopped and then looked at herself in the armor.

It was a very good fit. After she had done this for a while it was then she noticed a starring Scar. She smiled as she turned to him and said-

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure it fit perfectly."

Scar then came up to her and yet again gazed at her for a long while.

Why does he do this? thought Lex.

He has been starring at her for a long time now till he looked down and took her hand in his. Lex looked at that and then at him. She wondered why he did these things to her, but soon that thought left her as Scar pulled her along out into the hall again. She was led through another series of halls.

She tried to memorize where they went but couldn't for everything looked the same. They then came to the weaponry room and there Lex gasped as she gazed upon their weaponry. She had seen some of their weapons before, but not all of them. Scar let her comprehend what she was seeing till he continued.

He let go of her and moved over to some weapons. He took a hold of a wrist blade, or so it looked like and grabbed her arm and put it on her. Lex gazed at it for a while till two sharp, long blades burst forth from it. It made her jump a litle but she soon regained control over herself and straightened.

Scar then showed her many other weapons including the wrist bomb. She had not wanted Scar to place that on her so he gave a growl and moved on. She was given many other weapons and felt safe and secure with all the hunters around her. She had all these weapons on her, but never really knew how to use them properly.

As she swung her wrist blades around a bit she smiled as she held them up to her face. Their sharp silver gow reflecting off her face. She then turned to Scar and said-

"Will you teach me how to master these?"

Scar gave a solemn nod and Lex's smile widened. She then looked at her weapons again and thought to herself. It may take a while to get used to the predators' ways but she'd have to adapt if she was to live in their world. All she'd have to do was breathe slow.