Hot Shot's girl: Same old warning guys and the last one at that. Yup you guessed it, this is the last chapter of my story and so I will try and make it good alright. Thank-you all for reading and making this one of my popular stories on fanfiction, and thank-you for going along with this all made up story:) Here's the last chapter of different worlds so enjoy peeps-

Scar walked in his home after a long battle and just wanted to relax and enjoy some time with his family. He dropped all his weapons to the ground for he was a bit too tired to put them up in their rightful spots. After all, Lex would pick them up and put them back anyways. He sighed and came over to the table where there was a small note ontop of it and so took it and read it, but the moment after he read the whole note he tossed the paper down and gathered all his weapons again and ran out of his home to tell his father.

Lex looked around and found she had no clue to where she was. She tried looking on her monitors, but they were broken as well. If there was anything dangerous on this planet she had nothing to defend herself and her baby with. She was not prepared to go into battle, but on vactaion and who would bring weapons on a vactaion?

She let Ra'Kar down and left his side only for a moment till she returned and placed herself on a the stump of some alien tree and just thought to herself. Ra'Kar could see his mother scared and very worried and aggrivated about everything that had happened. Lex covered her hand with her mouth to try and stop the tears that was swelling in her eyes and her body from shaking. She was so scared for herself and her child.

How would the others find them, what would Scar do? She certainly didn't know what to do and so wondered what it would have been like if she had just stayed home. She knew it was her own fault for being so homesick. Now, because of her stupidity, she and her son would have to pay the price.

Lex then looked over at Ra'Kar who was joyfully playing with some of the strange plants on the planet and saw that he didn't have a care in the world. This gave her a small smile seeing her son enjoying things no matter the situation he was in. She wished she could be like that, but she knew better. She could think for herself and know there could be no way they could be saved.

Ra'Kar then came up to his mother and gave her a strange pink flower saying-

"Here mommy."

Lex smiled and took the gift from her child. She then placed her hand upon his head and rubbed it a bit just wondering how to get the both of them back home safely.

"Mommy," said Ra'Kar as he pointed into the deep fog. "I see some'ing."

"What is it dear?" asked Lex trying to see.

She couldn't see anything and, but she could certainly hear it. It wasn't a pleasant sound either. It was the sound of a monster . . . a creature that came to devour them. Lex quickly took her child to her and held him close to her and looked around wondering if there were more.

She could hear the sound coming from all around them and ever she was afraid, not for her life . . . Lex then looked at her son who had soft eyes just looking to her for protection . . . but for his. Lex then pushed Ra'Kar to her shoulder and kept on high alert less they decide to show themselves to them.

Scar came into a meeting for the eldars and came to his father and said-

"Father, my wife has left me and taken our child!"

The eldar turned to his son and asked him-

"Will she come back or has she left you for good?"

"She will come back. She said she wanted to show Ra'Kar her homeworld."

"She is not sapposed to leave us," said the eldar taking Scar out of the meeting and speaking in private.

"I know that father. I MUST find her and our child. I MUST bring them back home so they are to never do it again," said Scar with a couple of growls and clicks.

"Very well Scar," said the Eldar. "I shall come with you. Gather some guards. You never know what could have happened to them."

"I shall father," bowed Scar as he turned and left.

Scar gathered the guards and warriors while the Eldar made ready their ship. It was a larger ship than the one Lex took and so it could take longer to get to earth if that is where they were. They decided to us somewhat of a tracking device to find where Lex and Ra'Kar was, but the tracking device on Lex's ship was destoryed and so they knew not where they were.

"Why is it not working?!" growled Scar wanting to find his wife and child as soon as he could.

"It could have been destroyed in a crash of some sort," said one predator.

"No!" gasped Scar not wanting to believe his family was dead.

"We can use the recording system to find where they last were according to the last entry from the ship's tracking," said another predator.

"Then do it," said the Eldar watching the monitors show where his daughter-in-law and grandson was last.

They went through the system and found the last entry made from the tracking on Lex's ship and found that it was last seen over two planets. One of the planets had a well civilized race and great friends to the predators, but the other planet was nothing but wilderness and contained nothing but monsters for them to go and hunt.

"There," said the Eldar. "They could have ditched and seeked refuge umong our great friends, but since they was closer to the other planet there is a great possiblity they ditched there and if so they could either be dead, or . . ."

"They'll kill her!!" cried Scar his eyes getting wide with the fear for his wife and child. "We have to land there!"

"But Scar we don't know if that is where they landed," said the Eldar.

"It is our best shot and if she didn't then at least she's safe, but if she did then we are wasting, perhaps, time for their lives!!" cried Scar. "Those monsters can smell our blood . . . it actracts them, but they cannot smell humans and if I know Lex as well as I think I know she would rather die then let those creatures eat her child."

"Then we must go!" said the eldar turning. "I pray they are well."

"As do I father," sighed Scar his stomach on edge. "As do I."

The growls got louder and louder till it was nearly behind Lex. When the creatures finally showed themselves Lex screamed at seeing a giant worm looking thing with razor sharp teeth and rough skin just ready to swallow them both in one gulp.

"Mommy," said Ra'Kar digging his head into her shoulder.

"Don't move dear," gasped Lex holding Ra'Kar ever tighter. "I think the react to movement and smell."

"What do they smell mommy?" asked Ra'Kar poking his head up.

But then one of them attacked soon after following the other one, but Lex dodged them both, but just barely. The other one just followed the other two as they attempted to follow Lex and have their dinner. Lex ran as far and as fast as she could, but only more came and she could not get rid or our run them all. What was she going to do?

"Mommy what are they?" asked Ra'Kar ever holding tigher onto his mother.

"I don't know," gasped Lex looking around for some place, any place to hide, but it was too foggy to see anything.

Lex then had tripped over a uproot and dropped Ra'Kar. She was about to get up but her legs felt the rough worm rub her leg and so she turned to see it rise above her. She covered her body waiting for the teeth to seek in, but she saw that it could not smell her, but smelt another . . . Ra'Kar. Lex looked past her and saw Ra'Kar standing up standing as still as possible as a worm rose behind him he then stuttered with fear saying-


"RA'KAR!!!" cried Lex trying to get up as fast as she could.

She then grabbed him before the worm could sink its teeth in him and took off on a sprint. She couldn't keep running, but knew they would follow her for she moved and they could smell Ra'Kar, but not her and so she wondered why. She then placed herself next to a tree and made sure they were still a fair distance. She then turned to her son who asked-

"We lose them mommy?"

"Not yet son," gasped Lex as she took off one of her shoulder plate and placed Ra'Kar down for a minute.

Lex then took the plate and pressed down as hard as she could to get blood coming out of her palm. It did and so she began to rub it all over her son. Ra'Kar kept quiet as his mother did this to him. Lex soon ran out of heavy blood on that hand and so she cut her other hand and wiped Ra'Kar down with all her blood from her hands that she could spare.

It hurt her alot, but she would sacrifice anything for the safety of her child . . . even her own life. She then took some clothes and wrapped them around her hands and then looked at Ra'Kar and said-

"Now you have to promise mommy something alright?"

"Okay," smiled Ra'Kar shaking his head like any small and young child would.

"Now mommy is going to be away fro a while chasing those things off and away from you okay? So be a good boy and stay right here till I get back, promise?" asked Lex.

"I pr-promise," swallowed Ra'Kar shaking his head.

"Good boy," smiled Lex as she kissed him one last time on the head and them left.

Ra'Kar looked around and only saw that the fog had began tolift a bit off the ground to where he could be able to see where he was at. Later he heard the sound of running water, or at least a pond of some sort. He then looked and found that he was indeed near a pond and so he decided to go and check it out as his curiosity took hold of him. He bent down and decided to toss some things by the pond side into the water just for fun, but soon it wasn't so fun to him.

He sat down and so picked up a hand full of water and then dropped it back in the pond. He then began to splash up the water and let it fall upon him beginning to wash the blood off him that made the worm creatures not be able to smell him, but he was too little too young to care.

"Alright, we are right over the planet shall we go down?" asked the guards.

"No," said Scar stepping forward ready for battle. "I shall go down and if I find them I'll will bring them back."

"Be careful my son," said the Eldar.

And so Scar turned, placed his mask on, and then left to go to the planet to find his family.

Ra'Kar had pretty much gotten all the blood off him as he played in the water, but soon he wanted to try and swim in the pond, but he found he couldn't swim so good and so tried to get out, but he was deep in the water struggling to get out. He moved his body towards the shore, but it would take him a while with his short little legs and all, but he didn't need to use them as soon as Lex came back and picked him up and ran. She had no time to ask why he had wipped all her blood of him for the worm monsters close on her tail were too distracting. Lex glanced behind her and saw the creatures nearing but when she looked back she found her body falling towards the ground . . . she had tripped and so causing her to drop her child.

She looked and saw the worms pass her and go to her child. They surrounded him and he was defenseless and she could not protect him with nothing.

"NO RA'KAR!!" cried Lex as the largest worm jabbed down to eat Ra'Kar.

But then it was stopped as Scar implanted his combi stick in the side of it's forehead just like he did with the alien queen. Lex got up as Scar landed before her and then charged in the circled worms to get his child out of their way. He then used his smart disk to get free from the circle and so ran to Lex and gave Ra'Kar to her. Lex took her child and then looked at the worms coming for round two.

"Scar!" she cried warning him of their atacks behind him.

Scar turned and so took out his nagita staff and jabbed two together making the others halt behind them. Scar then held them firmly there to make sure they were surely away from his wife and their child. He then turned his head to Lex and roared at her crying-


Lex stood there for a moment seeing Scar in an aweful situation and it was all her fault. He was just protecting them. After another roar from Scar Lex turned and ran back the other way soon running into a yautja ship. Lex boarded the ship and was greated with the Eldar.

"Here, take him!" said Lex handing Ra'Kar to his grandfather.

Lex then ran to get some weapons. She suited up and readied for battle. She was ready to fight along side her husband. She then ran back outside to join her husband and fight those monsters.

"Lex wait!" said the Eldar, but it was too late she was gone.

Ra'Kar seemed fine though he was just interested on the device on his grandfather's wrist. The Eldar saw him toying with it and so took it off and threw it to the ground saying-

"Alright you can play with it . . . what's the worst you could to."

And so he put Ra'Kar down and he just happily played with the wrist bomb pushing every button he could, but if he couldn't press the right buttons then he couldn't activate it and the Eldar knew he was just a child so everything would be well.

Lex ran back to help Scar and found that his whole right arm had been engulped by one of the worms and so Lex shot blades right at the monster's brains and knocked it right off Scar setting him free. He was thrown to the ground and so Lex ran to him and helped him up. He was terribly hurt though.

"Oh Scar I am so sorry," she cried as she hugged him a bit.

Scar looked at her and then at the other monsters they needed to fight off . . . together. Lex knew what he was thinking and so nodded and placed her mask down and readied for a battle. She took out her combi stick and jumped before them slicing their raw hide everywhere. She was glad to be rid of more for they gave her quite a pain running from them trying to protect her child from them.

Now she could be the warrior she was trained to be. To protect that which she loved. Lex had impailed one of the creatures straight through the mouth as she slid under it and it tried to bit her. Scar then jumped over her and brung his nagita staff down slicing the worm in half making guts and slim fling everywhere.

Lex didn't care though for she was more concentrated on the others trying to kill her and eat her husband. Lex then used her plasma caster to blow most of them up to nothing but buckets of slim and guts. They then had enough to to get themselves together and run and so that is what they did. They made it onto the ship and just as the ship began to take off Ra'Kar had pressed a few more buttons till he grew bored with it not doing anything and so tossed it out while his parents came in.

Lex helped Scar sit down and then came to pick up Ra'Kar, but as she did the ship tossed and turned like a blast of something had hit them or nearly hit them.

"What was that?!" gasped Lex as she looked out the window.

All then saw the blue lights of the wrist bomb's explosions. Lex sat next to Scar as they gazed outside. They then looked at each other then at their child then at each other again and last out the window wondering would have happened if Ra'Kar hadn't had tossed the bomb out. After they were heading smoothly back to their homeplanet Lex felt bad making them come after her like some stray horse.

After her wounds were healed she came to the Eldar and told him how sorry she was for getting them all into that mess back there on the planet. The Eldar inclined his head towards her in understandment and then he tilted his head towards Scar's room and said-

"I believe Scar needs to hear your apologizes the most Lex."

And so Lex bowed a bit and then came to Scar who was sitting on his bed seeing how well his arm had healed in the last half hour. Lex cupped her hands together as she came to Scar who had his back turned to her. How was she going to say this?

"Scar?' she said coming nearer to him.

But still Scar paid more attention to his healing arm. Lex bowed her head as she stood next to him so to be seen out of the corner of his eye. She stood there for a moment not saying a word till Scar would at least look at her. When he did Lex tried to speak, but it took her a couple more moments to say anything at all.

"Scar I want to say I'm sorry for putting you and everyone else through this. I know I had no right to leave and take Ra'Kar with me just to see my home planet . . . but I wanted him to see it and I at least wanted to see my old friends . . . how ever many you and the others didn't kill."

Scar still had his mask on so it was hard to tell what his face was expressing, but Lex still continued anyways-

"I know you must have been worried . . ."

"I feared you had left me," said Scar turning his head from her.

This caught Lex off-guard as Scar spoke again like he hadn't in a long time. She sort of smiled at hearing how much Scar cared for her. She then shook her head a bit and said-

"I would never Scar. You are just as much as everything to me as I am to you."

Scar then stood up to Lex and just starred at her silently for a moment. He then looked at her marriage mark and said-

"I remember when you got this . . . you were so scared."

Lex then grasped his hand and looked up to him as she came inches away from his chest as she said-

"But I learned to love you and let go of that fear . . . for you . . . and our son."

Scar then began to carress the side of Lex's face. Lex just closed her eyes to capture in the feeling of his soft touch on her face. She then realized how much heartache she had put him through.

"I am so sorry," she sighed softly her heart fluttering every time Scar would touch her like that.

Scar then pushed Lex gently down on the bed and placed his body ontop of hers. He starred at her for a long moment again remembering why he loved her so much. She was a tough as a warrior but as gentle as a spring breeze. Armor upon armor was very uncomfortable but Lex erased that from her mind as Scar's body fit just right into hers.

Scar then took off his mask to look at Lex with his own eyes and whispered to his wife-

"Tell me how much you're sorry Lex."

Lex just smiled and shook her head. She smiled and whispered back to him-

"I will Scar."

As the morning came and the light of the sun filled the ship all knew they had arrived back to their home planet. They were glad they made it there so quickly but there were some people that didn't mind the long ride. Ra'Kar had entered his parents' room and came up to Scar who was sleeping peacefully till what Ra'Kar did.

"Daddy, daddy," poked Ra'Kar hitting his father over and over on the head till he woke up and looked at him.

Scar didn't get much sleep last night so he really wished Ra'Kar would not do this. He woke up and said-


"Shhh," said Ra'Kar placing a finger on his mouth. "Mommy's sleeping."

"Well she ain't now," sighed Lex as she placed an arm around Scar's torso looked over him to see her little boy/living alarm clock.

Lex just smiled as she leaned her head on Scar's neck just gazing at Ra'Kar. Lex then gave Scar a kiss on the neck as they sat up and Scar took Ra'Kar in his arms.

"How's my baby huh?" smiled Lex tickling the little fella a little.

Ra'Kar gave out the cutest childish laugh when the Eldar came in and saw them.

"Oh, I am so sorry," he apologized. "I lost track of him . . . the boy's a wanderer."

He then came and took Ra'Kar in his arms and headed out.

"And I thought you called yourselves the hunters," smiled Lex teasing one of Scar's dreadlocks.

The Eldar just turned to her and smiled a bit. He then said-

"Ah, but it is hard for a hunter to hunt another hunter."

"True I guess," said Lex laying back down. "But my boy is not a hunter."

"But it is in his blood," said the Eldar. "He'll be one soon enough."

He then began to leave when Ra'Kar looked out the window and said-

"Wait, wait."

"What is it Ra'Kar?" asked the Eldar looking at his grandson who had his eyes fixed on the city just outside the window.

"We home," he smiled as he hugged his grandfather.

Scar and Lex just smiled at hearing how smart their child was.

"He's a smart one he is," smiled the Eldar.

"Yes he is," smiled Lex as she gazed at Scar next to her.

Now all knew their lives would get back to normal. Even for Lex. She figured living like she did was as close to normal as she was going to get living with the yautja. And ever Lex was glad that she took that chance and got onboard the ship with her beloved Scar. For where would she be if she hadn't?

Hot Shot's girl: The End. Okay I will write a sequel so be on the look out guys for you never know when it will pop up:) So until the sequel, bye;D