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SUMMARY: Humanity. Who gets the privilege of defining it?

PAIRING: Kim/Shego So you've been properly warned.

RATING: M for language, sexual content and violence

A Warrior of Old

Kim Possible felt like she was a warrior of old. She had a newfound affinity for those soldiers who rushed into battle with nothing but a short sword and the faith in the Gods as company. For the umpteenth time she reminded herself that she wasn't crazy and that it was indeed possible for her to do anything. It was all she could tell herself as she walked deeper into the trap that had been especially designed with her in mind, her and what seemed a few thousand others.

She wasn't meant to survive this, and despite her conviction to remain optimistic she knew that she probably would end up dead. There were limitations in life that even she had to accept, and as someone who never ran away from anything she certainly wasn't going to let death scare her off. She didn't really have a choice in the matter this time. Although, she thought to herself, it wasn't like she had a lot of choices the previous times either.

But, this one stood out above the others, because she knew the moment that she arrived that she had already been beaten. There was no denying that at this point. Her previous convictions had been laid to rest and she had been forced to change into the person she had never imagined she could ever become.

A small part of her had always believed that since she was Kim Possible and since she did tend to save the world, that in a small way she was just a little bit better than the ordinary Joe's of the world that spent most of their time in selfish pursuits. It was a part of her that she hadn't fully acknowledged until she was dumped into the hell that now surrounded her, but it existed and she had only just begun to make her peace with it. Just like she had just begun to make her peace with the fact that she wasn't the person she had believed herself to be. She was more complicated than a teenage heroine who went around the world risking her life to save the innocents, while still making time for the normal trivial pursuits of life.

She tried to imagine what her family would make of her now if they somehow could see her with her bloody weapon in one hand and a small shield in the other, blood covering a fair portion of her body, and a bracelet made of human bone wrapped around her ankle denoting her rank in the demented game she had been thrown into.

Briefly, she lost herself in the memories of the day she was welcomed into this different world. She remembered her stubborn defiance and righteous words. "This is wrong," she had yelled at her invisible captors. "You won't get away with this."

So far, Kim shook her head ruefully, they had gotten away with everything. No one was coming to save her. No one probably even suspected that she was alive at all. The only way she knew she could get out was to let someone kill her or to take her own life, but that meant that she would kill Shego and she just wasn't ready or willing to do that.

Kim tightened her hold on her sword and took in a deep breath. She looked carefully around, knowing that her target was near. She had clearly heard his approach and was thankful that once again her opponent was weaker than she.

A wild battle yell was let out into the silence of the area Kim had been hiding. Her opponent jumped out at her with his sword raised, aimed straight at her heart. She quickly sidestepped his body, and with one swift motion cut off his head. With an odd sort of fascination she watched the head roll to its final stop, knowing that like the others her victim would always remain to her a nameless face that like the others were intent on seeing her dead.

Kim re-sheathed her sword and waited until the emotionless voice of her captor let her know that it was okay for her to leave the battlefield and return to her dorm.

3 Years Ago

It had been a normal fight, at least for them. Dr. Drakken had invented yet another devise that he had convinced himself would enable him to take over the world, and yet again his plans were being foiled by Kim Possible and her boyfriend Ron Stoppable. Shego and Kim were trading blows while Ron wrestled for a remote control with Dr. Drakken.

Shego threw a plasma bolt at Kim, which Kim easily dodged. They traded barbs and continued to battle each other until Ron announced his triumph at gaining control of the remote. Drakken ordered a retreat and Shego jumped to comply.

The whole scene was almost mundane really, since it had become so ordinary. It was like a regular scheduled double date sure to occur every other week or so. It gave them each a chance to catch up and fall into a comfortable familiarity of Good versus Evil.

None of them could have ever suspected that this time would be different. Everything had already gone according to previous well-rehearsed script, but sometimes the unexpected does happen. Kim dove for the hovercraft Shego and Drakken were trying to make their escape on. She caught hold of Shego's foot, forcing the hovercraft to rock uncontrollable.

Kim pulled at Shego's foot and they both fell just as Drakken put on the throttle thinking he was clear to make one of his many escapes. During the fall, they were each certain that they were tumbling to their deaths. Nothing was below them to cushion their fall except a deep ravine. And to the complete amazement of the world, that was the end of Kim Possible and her archrival Shego. They had died together, and no one was too dense to grasp the irony of the circumstance.

Kim's family held a closed-casket funeral since her body had been so completely mangled upon her landing. They had requested that only family and close friend's attend the funeral, but agreed to have it televised so that each person that wished to say their final farewells to Kim Possible could do so. The world went into a period of mourning; flags in several countries were flown at half-mast for months.

Shego's death wasn't quite as celebrated. Her brother's claimed her body and held a small service for their lost sister. None of them could have guessed that their super-powered sibling would ever die in such a simple fashion. They thought that Shego's end would involve rockets and fireworks, drama and intrigue. They could never have guessed that all it took to take their sister from the world was a simple fall.

Both Kim Possible's and Shego's body were caste down to the earth and time didn't even bother to stand still. Petty wars still continued and every disrespectful opportunist still tried to take over the world—somehow thinking that it would be an easier quest since Kim Possible was dead. The only things that did change were small changes that the world hardly even took notice of.

Dr. Drakken retired from his evil pursuits, proving once and for all that he had a heart somewhere under all that blue skin. Ron Stoppable also retired, knowing that he would be unable to maintain his desire to defend a world that Kim Possible wasn't in anymore. Kim's brothers thought about taking up where their sister had left off, but understandably their parents wouldn't allow them to.

What not one single person noticed—what no one could have noticed—was that when Kim Possible and Shego were buried it was only their coffins that went into the ground and not their bodies. Each body had been stolen from the morgues—a clone-like mannequin left in their place. The bodies were submerged into a liquid gel that over a period of only a few hours infused life back into where it had previously been stripped away.

Shego had been the first to awake. She slowly stretched out her aching limbs, not recognizing where she was and unable to remember anything that had happened past her fatal fall with the teenage superhero. She thought that she might remember dying, but knew that was impossible since she was now obviously alive.

She looked over to her right and saw Kim's nude body lying on a bed next to hers. She reached out and shook Kim's shoulder. "Kimmie?" Shego whispered. "Kimmie, wake up."

Kim reluctantly stirred and forced her eyes to open. "What….where?"

Before Shego could even begin to guess at an answer to Kim's jumbled question a screen slowly lowered down the wall across from them. A shadowed image filled it. "Let me explain," a cold robotic voice took over the room. "You may call me Animatus. I have brought you both back to life to take part in my study on humanity."

"That's impossible!" Shego yelled at the cloaked figure.

"Improbable maybe, Shego, but not impossible," the voice calmly replied. "I have developed a method in which I can infuse life into dead tissue, dead cells, dead blood, death itself. It has been my life's work."

"You need to find new work," Shego snappily replied.

"Like I said, you are each now part of my research on humanity. I wish to understand that which is denied me, and I have chosen the both of you to participate."

"You can't," Kim whispered.

"I have. Your part in the study is simple: you must survive. I advise you to feel along the pulse of your left wrist and take notice of a small object imbedded under your skin. If your pulse happens to stop for any reason, the other dies."

"This is wrong!" Kim's voice had gained strength. "You won't get away with this!"

"And who will stop me, Kim Possible? Everyone thinks the both of you are dead."

"I'll stop you, you bastard," Shego stood up and then advanced towards the screen.

"Doubtful," the shadow coolly replied. "Momentarily a door will open and you will go to the room I have assigned you both. You will receive further instruction before your entry into the first level tests." The screen switched off and moved back up into its hiding place on the wall. A soft hissing sound filled the room and a hallway was revealed.

"We've got to get out of here, Princess," Shego said as she slowly moved towards the newly revealed passageway. This whole situation was beyond making her nervous and although a part of her wanted to deny the possibility, she was relatively sure that Animatus had somehow raised them from the dead. This was way worse than anything Dr. Drakken had ever managed to come up with.

"Do you even know where we are?" Kim looked around, hoping that she would find something to cover her body up with. Shego took no notice of her own nudity, but Kim didn't have the ability to ignore her lack of clothing or Shego's either for that matter.

"I don't know any more than you do," Shego stopped herself from unleashing her frustration on Kim. She was smart enough to realize that the two of them would have to work together in order to survive whatever Animatus had planned for them. In the past, they had been put in situations in which they needed to collaborate and had been successful in every adventure. Both of them, now, could easily admit that they worked well together and if circumstances had been different than they might have even become close friends.

Giving up on trying to find something that would cover up her nudity, Kim got up off the bed she had been placed in and then walked over to Shego. They both stared at the open hallway in front of them, each knowing that they didn't have much choice but to go down it. The room they had awoken in held nothing but the two beds and a small camera that recorded all their words and actions.

Kim took the first step out into the hallway, intent on doing her best to ignore the effects the cold air was having on her nude body. Shego stepped in behind her and together they carefully walked down the only route that was available to them.

"Do you think we really died, Shego?" Kim couldn't help but eventually ask once the adrenaline in her body stopped pumping so hard through her veins as she slowly realized that no one and nothing was going to jump out and attack them. They were completely alone in whatever place Animatus had decided to store them in after their resurrection.

"What's the last thing you remember, Kimmie?" Shego stopped walking, part of her hoping that Kim would remember things differently than she did. For all the bravado that she normally immersed herself in, she had never wanted to die, and she certainly never wanted to be responsible for Kim's death.

"I remember falling," Kim even remembered her frantic screams as she tried to reach out for something, anything to stop her rapid fall towards the dark ravine below. But, there had been nothing to grab onto. The only thing, only person close enough to her was Shego, and so she had grabbed onto her enemy perversely glad that she wasn't going to die alone. "I remember a blinding flash of pain, but…" Kim sighed. "I don't remember anything else."

"Yeah," Shego started walking again, "that's all I remember, too."

They continued walking in silence until they reached the end of the hallway. In front of them was a plain white metal door with a plaque that read: "Test Subjects Kim P. and Shego (enhanced)".

"What do you suppose the 'enhanced' means?" Kim gently ran her hand over the engraved plaque, the metal cool to her touch.

"You know these mad scientist types, Princess. He probably did something to us while he was…" Shego wasn't quite sure what to call what had been done to them. "Let's just go in," she abruptly changed the subject unwilling to let loose the slew of emotions that were running around within her.

Kim lowered her hand to the door knob and was unsurprised when it twisted easily in her hand. She pushed open the door, even less surprised that they were lead to into a room that for all intents and purposes didn't much differ from the dorm room Kim had taken residence in at Middleton University. The only difference was that this room contained a small kitchen and lacked any windows.

"Well," Kim stepped into the room, "it's not the Hilton."

"Kimmie," Shego stepped in behind the shorter woman, "it's not even the Holiday Inn."

They closed the door behind them, and once they did they heard the soft hum of an engine as their room was quite literally rotating to the left. It wasn't an abrupt shift, designed specifically to not dislodge any of the room's contents. It was only a transition from one position to the next.

"You will be given twenty-four hours to rest," Animatus's voice was heard over the hissing of the air pumps. "After that time, your trial will begin."


Kim was debriefed in the same way she had been every time before. The blood was removed from her body, her weapons were taken away, she was given clothes to replace the ones that had so recently been ruined, and another small bone chip was added to her bracelet. She was asked all the standard questions: What was she thinking during the trial, what did she feel when she slaughtered another person, how much longer did she want to survive.

Then, as a cruel reminder of all that she had done, her warden gave her the most recent statistics available. "You have been personally responsible for over four-hundred and fifty deaths, Kim Possible. As a reward for your success, Shego will not be terminated."

The door releasing her back into the maze of hallways that would lead to the room she shared with Shego opened. She walked out into the hallway where Shego, as usual met her after a trial's completion. Shego wrapped an arm around Kim's waist and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Let's go back home, Princess" she whispered.

"Tomorrow's your turn," Kim callously reminded the woman who held her. She had not yet managed to completely subdue the beast that now took over the moment she was released onto the battlefield. It was getting harder each time to tame the angry monster that had long ago acquired the taste for blood, but so far she had managed and most of her success she owed to the woman who stood with her.

Shego gave a slight nod, well aware that her companion hadn't completely calmed down from the trial she had just been put through. This had, perhaps, become the worst part of Shego's life. It disgusted her to see what Kim Possible had been forced into becoming, and she cursed herself for being unable to stop it.

Shego, at one time, had ignorantly believed that nothing would ever change the fundamental parts that compiled into Kim Possible's identity. She had believed that Kim was too stubborn to change, but she quickly realized that the circumstances they had been thrown into could and would change anyone. It had irrevocably changed the both of them and continued to do so in way neither of them were completely willing to admit.

With her arm still wrapped around Kim's waist, Shego led them back to their room. She wasn't at all surprised when Kim slammed her against the door as soon as she had managed to close it. Kim's lips roughly took possession of Shego's flesh. She nipped at Shego's neck as her hands tore away the meager clothing that Shego had been forced to wear.

Soon, Kim's fingers found purchase into Shego's inner core and she thrust wildly in and out, giving into the beast's call for one last hoorah before it was buried once more. Shego wrapped her legs around Kim, knowing that Kim could easily support her weight. She closed her eyes and dug her fingernails deep into Kim's back. She released a small yelp from the pain of Kim's thrusting hand, but soon after was lost in the pleasure that always managed to overwhelm her senses.

Kim's thrusting only stopped once the beast was satisfied. She carried Shego to their joined beds and laid the taller woman gently onto their surface. Shego unwrapped her body from around Kim's and opened her arms so that the younger woman could climb into her embrace.

Kim laid her head against Shego's breast, completely exhausted now that the beast had left her. Tears welled up in her eyes and then slowly made a trek down her cheeks and onto Shego's chest. She wanted to apologize for what she had just done, the guilt finally settling in, but she knew Shego would dismiss all her apologies like she had so many times before.

So, they held each other in silence knowing that when they woke up the nightmare they were in wouldn't yet have ended. They had convinced themselves that it would never end, no matter how many trials they succeeded in. So, they had learned to take these moments of silence and hold tightly onto them so that surviving wasn't a death sentence.

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