The Making of 'Earth1939'

I started writing this story on June 26th of 2001. Two years and two months later, September 26th of 2003, it's finally finished. I didn't know if it would ever happen. It's so odd because I can barely even remember when I began the story. I do remember that it seemed like, as I was getting finished writing 'Earth1937', that it was open to sequel possibilities. So I intentionally wrote the ending that way. But then it came time to write the actual sequel and after a few chapters, I got stuck. I knew that this story had to distinguish itself from its predecessor, but how was I going to do that? Well, the obvious was to bring Indy to the GFFA this time. But what then? I didn't feel it would be right to just have him wandering around going 'woah, that's cool!' about every bit of technology he came across. So what was I to do.

Then it hit me: time travel! Sure, why not! The whole premise is Black Holes so it works in a cliché sci-fi way. So I got this brilliant idea for how they were going to be sent back in time in the GFFA when they went back. They could exit the Black Hole to find The Death Star looming in front of them. You can guess what comes next: they have to try to get out of there without their alter-egos from that time period catching on. Because that would be a Back to the Future-like rip in the Space-Time continuum. Who knows, we could have another alternate 1985!

It wasn't long before I decided that idea wasn't going to work. It would just be a reiteration of the 'Han and Indy are a lot alike' idea from '1937', only in triplicate. So what would be an interesting setting from the Star Wars past. and I just decided that no place would be better for Alderaan. But what were they doing there that was so vital? Of course it had to be something to do with Bail. The final piece of the story, though, I'll admit is definitely my favourite. I figured, hey, I'm writing this story, I can put young Obi-Wan in it too if I want to! My particular favourite aspect of this being the chance it gave for me to write the far too sparse Obi-Wan/Han hatred scenes a la ANH.

So here I have it- my opportunity to take my dream of combining Star Wars and Indiana Jones and take it one step further. Almost everything I love about Star Wars is in this story, and almost everything I love about Indy's character as well. It turned out being the most fun thing I've ever written. Unlike '1937', I was able to take liberties with things like history because there's not a real definitely history of Alderaan set up in the GFFA. So this was my chance to get a bunch of characters I love and give them a fun story. At least I hope it was fun. I tried to give each of them an important function in the story that was specific to their character's strengths and weaknesses. But most of all, I wanted to write something that people would enjoy. So I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. It's been a long road and I'm a little stunned that it's actually ending. Believe me; I was very sad writing those last few chapters. Yet I hope that everyone gets a sense of closure on the story from it, and mostly that you have fun reading it. Thanks for being loyal readers all these years. And finally, thank you to Greg for being the best muse ever. But I'm still not decapitating Obi-Wan, sorry.