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Hey guys! Another story! Horrah! I'm very excited to start this, but I have to warn you, I might not update quickly. Please don't hurt me! Anyway, here's the prologue…


"Haley! I'm home!" 23 year old Nathan Scott called as he entered the small two-bedroom apartment. The familiar scene of boxes, clutter, and toys greeted him. "Hales?" he called again.

"Daddy!" James yelled excitedly as he ran into his father's arms. He smiled "You're home!"

Nathan returned the smile. "Where's your mommy?"

"I think it was nap time."

"Huh?" James ignored his question and dragged his father upstairs to his bedroom where Nathan found his wife, asleep on his son's bed.

"Hales? Hales, wake up." He said gently shaking her awake.

Haley's eyes opened and she looked around. "What happened?"

"You falled asleep!" James said gleefully.

"Huh? Oh my god! What time is it?"

"Eleventy o'clock." her son answered.

Nathan chuckled. "It's almost six."

"Oh my god! I was just putting James' clothes away and I guess I sort of fell asleep." She looked as if she were about to cry.

Noticing this, Nathan turned to his son. "Buddy, why don't you go downstairs and watch TV? Mommy and I will be down to fix dinner in a few minutes."

James nodded and headed back downstairs. Nathan turned back to his wife, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. "Nathan, I'm a horrible mother. Anything could've happened! He could've… I don't know, eaten glue or played with matches or something!"

"Hales, we don't have any of those things where he can reach them."

"He could've fallen down the stairs or electrocuted himself!"

Nathan pulled her into a hug and kissed her head. "Its fine, Hales. You're just tired and stressed. Soon the move will be over and we'll be back home and everything will be calm again."

Haley smiled. They had finally graduated college last year from Duke. During junior year Nathan had injured his knee and realized he wouldn't ever be able to achieve his dream of playing pro-ball. But as much as it hurt him, his leg finally healed and he and Haley had decided then that after college they'd move back to Tree Hill. Lucas was now coaching the Ravens while working on his next novel, and had agreed to let Nathan be his assistant coach. Haley had gotten a job as an English teacher, after getting her degree in education.

"So I'm not a bad mother?" Haley asked wiping her eyes.

"You're a great mother. A tired mother, but a great one none the less."

She smiled. "Thank-you." She kissed him. "Now let's go fix dinner. I'm starving."

"I'll get the mail." He grabbed James and headed towards the row of mailboxes a floor below them. As the unofficial 'mail sorter' his son grabbed the letters in the box and plopped himself down on the ground right there, as he always did.

"This one is for the president." He said laying it down to his left. "This one is for me, this one is for nobody, one for me, another one for me, and one for the ice-cream man."

Nathan chuckled. "Wow. You sure get a lot of mail."

James shrugged. "Lotsa people love me." He said handing the letters to his dad. Nathan began to flip through them as they walked back towards the apartment. Bill, bill, junk, bill, magazine, letter from Luke. Once back in the apartment he stuck Jamie in front of the TV again and went in the kitchen with Haley.

"I wonder what Luke sent us this time." She said after he showed her the letter. "Open it, Nate."

Nathan obeyed and pulled out a letter ad a newspaper clipping. He looked at the news clipping first and his eyes went wide.

"What's wrong?" Haley asked coming to read over his shoulder. She gasped. "Oh my god. Whitey died."