Hey guys! It was brought to my attention in a review from the last chapter that in the prologue I made James about four and in chapter 1 I made it seem as if he was a baby. That was a mistake on my part 100, so I apologize hugely. To clear things up, James is about four in this story. I just wasn't thinking the other day and it didn't occur to me what I was doing. I'd like to thank Brutus for pointing that out to me! YAY BRUTUS!!! Anyway, chapter two……


Rachel Gatina pulled her new Range Rover to a stop outside Peyton's house and honked the horn three times. After receiving the news about the former Raven's coach, she had left her LA modeling career and headed back to Tree Hill. Finally after about five minutes, Peyton and Brooke emerged from the house, both in black dresses.

"Wow, for once you don't look like such a slut. Funerals must have an effect on you." Brooke said climbing into the passenger's seat. "How are ya, bitch?"

Rachel shrugged. "The same. Hot, single, and a hell of a lot better in bed than you."

"That's right guys. Get it all out now. Because if you act like this at the funeral quite a few people, Lucas and myself included, will have to kill you." Peyton said from the backseat.

"It's nice to see you too, Peyton."

"Hey Rachel, you dropped something."


"Your dignity"

Rachel laughed. "I never had any to start with."


"Hey guys." Bevin said giving them all hugs at the church later that day.

Brooke smiled. "Hello Mrs. Bevin Tanner. I hear you finally got hitched to that man of yours last summer."

"Yeah. We went to Vegas. It was awesome. But, um, maybe we should talk about that later."


"Hi guys." A familiar voice said coming up behind them. They all grinned and gave Marvin McFadden a hug.

"Where have you been these last few years?" Brooke asked after pulling away.

"I went to Harvard and got a degree in Political Science. Incase the whole sports announcer thing doesn't work out, I'll have something to fall back on."

"Congratulations, Mouth."


"Yo guys, the service is about to start." Skills said coming down the front steps. "We should grab our seats."


"And now we'll hear a few words from some of Brian's close friends." The priest said a few minutes later. "We'll begin with Ms. Karen Roe."

Karen nodded and took her place at the podium. "Most of you know me as Karen Roe, Lucas and Lily's mom; Or Karen Roe, owner of Karen's Café and Tric; Or even Karen Roe, the almost mayor of Tree Hill. But Brian Durham knew me as just Karen. I've known Whitey for…. more years that I can keep track of. He always had time to talk to me when I needed advice or just a few caring or inspiring words and he was always willing to help me out. He kept an eye on Lucas for me as he grew up and look at him now. He's an amazing young man and I know he wouldn't have turned out as good as he has if Whitey hadn't been there. As all of you know, he loved basketball. And I agree he loved the game. But I know he loved the players even more. From the face he had when his Ravens won the state championship four years ago, I could just tell he was happy about winning, sure, but he was proud that he could call each and every one of those guys his team. So today we honor Brian Durham. All of us. His true team." She stepped back down and the priest waited for the applause to subside before he introduced the next person.

"Next we'll hear from Mr. Nathan Scott."

"I didn't know you were writing a eulogy!" Haley whispered as Nathan stood up.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." He answered before walking up to the front. "Um, hi." He began nervously. "I'm Nathan Scott. I'm not really the best with speeches, so, you'll just have to bear with me. Brian Durham was many things. A coach, a husband, a mentor, but to most of us he was just…Whitey. That's it. Just plain old Whitey Durham. The strong, loyal, independent, and sometimes lonely… Whitey. I don't think any of us ever imagined this day coming so soon, much less imagined it coming at all. I mean, come on, we all thought Whitey would somehow outlive every single one of us." The crowd chuckled and Nathan took this as a good sign and continued. "I played for Whitey all four years of High School and I gotta admit, he put me though hell." More laughter. "But I know for a fact I wouldn't be standing here right now as the man I am today with out Whitey. He helped me through some pretty rough times. And I know he's happy now. He's with his wife who I know he loved more than life itself. So, as sad as this whole thing is, we have to remember that he's in a better place, looking down on us. And I think we can all agree that Whitey deserved the best."

"Nathan I can't believe you wrote that all by yourself!" Haley exclaimed quietly once he had returned to his seat. "Whitey would be so proud of you."

"Thanks Hales. It felt good."

"Lastly we'll hear from Ms. Peyton Sawyer." Peyton received many surprised looks as she took her place behind the podium.

"When I was little, I lost my mom and growing up my dad was always away with work. And for awhile I felt abandoned and ended up going to a pretty dark place. But a few special people helped me out. Whitey Durham was one of those people. We didn't talk often, but when we did it meant something. We had a lot in common, actually. We were both getting over the loss of someone very important to us and somehow, that brought us closer together. I'm pretty sure Whitey was the only one I'd ever taken to visit my mom. And I'm glad I did. Because, it helped, you know? He helped. He told me the truth and he gave me advice but he wasn't overbearing. Whitey Durham was truly wonderful man. Any while he may no longer be with us physically, I know for a fact that he'll always be with us. So, here's to Whitey Durham: The man who wasn't just a coach or someone who loved basketball, but who was an amazing friend with an even more amazing heart."

She stepped back down to her seat while blushing profusely from the applause she was receiving.

"And now, if you all will, please follow us as we put Brian to rest." The crowd stood up and headed to their cars to begin the drive to the cemetery.


Looking around the cemetery Lucas tried to take in his surroundings. He saw the priest and the mortician preparing for the second part of the service to start; Haley crying into Nathan's shoulder, not bothering to hide her tears. He noticed Brooke and Peyton holding each other and sniffling, a tear running down one of their faces every now and then; And surprisingly, Rachel being the shoulder for Mouth to lean on. So many people brought together for such a terrible thing. How come it took something like this? He wondered. Had they all grown so far apart as to needing a funeral to bring them together?

"Ladies and gentlemen, please join us as we say good-bye to our dear friend, Brian Durham." Everyone took their respective places around the freshly dug grave and listened as the priest said a few prayers, wishing Whitey a good life in wherever God chose to take him next. After the casket had been lowered into the ground and the grave had been re-filled, a large tombstone was place upon the soil. It read:

Brian 'Whitey' Durham

1941- 2011

You will be loved and missed, but never forgotten.


Lucas noticed the tombstone next to Whitey's and smiled as he read:

Camilla Elaine Durham

1943- 1995

May you wait here and then continue on with your beloved husband.


He nodded and realized Nathan was right. Whitey was in a better place and they didn't have to worry. His wife would take care of him now.


So there you go! I'm sorry Lily and James didn't make an appearance in this chapter but they're much too little for a funeral. I hope I wrote the funeral okay. To be perfectly honest, I've never been to one. So their may have been a few mistakes. But I hope you liked it anyway. I also may have gotten Whitey and Camilla's birth year, as well as Camilla's middle name and year of passing wrong. I couldn't find it, so I just made it up. As always, reviews are very much appreciated!