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"It's getting late Lily, I really think we should-"

"Don't say it Sev, it's just so beautiful out here." She took in a deep breath and lazily dropped herself to the grass. I sat, watching her from the base of a tree. Above us the sky was shaded with smoky purples and blues.

Lily and I had found a courtyard, our own way out of everything. It was closed in on all sides by tall, faded grey walls with only one entrance, a small door that could easily go unnoticed.

It was late fall and the air was taking on its annual sharpness, it had been almost a month since Lily and I had reconciled and I was over stammering around her.

Her eyes were closed and a look of peace had settled over her. The ends of Lily's lips curled upward in a delicate smile, and her hair spread out around her head in a wild display. Besides her usual Hogwarts uniform, she wore an oversized, black sweater that completely hid her hands and reached past the end of her skirt, it was undone in the front, revealing the button down white shirt and loose Gryffindor tie.


"Yes Lily?"

"What are you thinking?" Her voice was lofty and only had a faint tone of curiosity; it was a question she asked often.

A gentle smile emerged on my lips as my tenebrous eyes continued to soak up her appearance, "I'm thinking about how radiant you look right now… with the evening setting in all around you, and yet you're unaffected by it, it's like the sun is still shining on you, just you." I finished quietly. I was becoming bolder as the weather got chillier, more and more I found the nerve to tell Lily these things. I paused momentarily, "What are you thinking?" I was obviously more curious than she had been.

She sat up, her expression was unreadable, but pleasant, she wasn't upset. "That you aren't supposed to make me feel like this."

I felt my heartbeat start to race but I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up. "Like what Lily, how am I making you feel?"

She was still looking in my eyes, I knew from where I was sitting that my face was surrounded in shadows, probably better that way. "My heart pounding against my chest, my thoughts spinning, my stomach fluttering, a best friend isn't supposed to do that to you." She didn't seem to have the least bit of trouble saying these things, for that I was envious.

"But, I do?"

"Yes, you do." She smiled, her features illuminated by its presences among them, "I think…" she trailed off.

"You think what?" I urged.

"I think we should head back in." Her eyes quickly darted away from mine; even in the shadows I knew she could see my face fall.

"Oh, yeah, of course." I said, trying to hide my disappointment. I got up and started walking to the door, my heart feeling heavier with every step.

"Severus!" I heard Lily cry from behind me, her voice almost desperate.

"What is it?" I was somewhat concerned; she was normally calm about everything. She bit her lip and rocked back and forth on her feet some.

"I-I think, I think I like you… as more than a friend." She stated the last part strongly. I'm sure I had an expression of pure amazement, but she didn't let it last long. She ran towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and then, she did what I couldn't have even dreamt of, Lily Evans kissed me. I can barely describe it, it wasn't anything close to aggressive, but it wasn't really gentle either. I guess the best word for it would be passionate.

It didn't last too long, but it could have been forever as far as I was concerned. When she pulled away she had a broad smile plastered across her face, as did I.

"Well, goodnight Sev." She said breathlessly before walking through the door, leaving me to contemplate what had just happened.

I don't even remember how long it took me to get to the Slytherin common room that night, or when I got around to actually leaving the courtyard. For once nothing else in the world mattered, I was completely and utterly happy and nothing could change that.