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I know every child thinks of their parent's as bigger then life, action heroes or movie stars. But I know my parents are. They are the talk of the town; the tough as nails lawyer and the mobster...and match made in Heaven...though it took them through hell to find their way to each other.

Today they celebrate their 10th anniversary. I like to think that fate...and me played a huge role in what got them back together. You see it was me that kind of tore them apart once (though my mom will deny, deny, deny) so it was only appropriate that I bring them back together again. It wasn't exactly my choice but one freak car accident, a near death experience and bam they realized they belonged together. I still remember the day I found out that they were back together...talk about the happiest seven year old imaginable.


Sonny lay in bed; Alexis tucked safely under his arm her head lying over his heart.

"I love you" he told her.

She was happy it was dark so he couldn't see the smile that brought to her face.

"I tolerate you" she quickly replied.

Laughing he brought her up to him and looked deeply in her eyes before tilting her chin to place his lips on hers. Almost immediately came an, "ewwwwwwwwwww" with Kristina perched there.

Alexis brought the sheet up to her neck, "Kristina, what did I tell you about knocking. Go back to your room"

When the little girl left Sonny got up chuckling and Alexis poked him in the ribs, "so not funny"

He smiled pulling on his pants, "a little funny"

Glaring at him she grabbed her robe, "what are we going to tell her?"

"That mommy and daddy love each other"

Rolling her eyes, "oh Mr. Smart Ass"

Walking to their daughters room they walked in and she sat in bed giving them the look her hand propping up her face.


"Are you guys getting married"

"Yes" "No" came simultaneously.

Alexis looked at him wide eyed and he smiled then looked to his daughter, "not right now...but in a little while your Daddy hopes that your Mommy, you and Molly could come live at Greystone with daddy"

She felt out of breath; this was something they hadn't discussed and the idea made her heart leap and her stomach feel like emptying it's contents at the same time.

"YAY!" Kristina yelled; bouncing happily.

Smiling at her daughter even though she felt faint she kissed her and walked out to the living room as Sonny tucked her in.

When he came out, "what in the hell was that?" she asked the moonlight illuminating her beautiful face.

"What was what?"

"Marry, moving in" she rambled.

"I.." he started and then got down on one knee.

"What are you doing; get up...get up" she yelped.

"I've been carrying around this box for weeks; waiting for the perfect time" he said playing with the box.

She tried to sputter but nothing came out so he continued, "I want you to be my wife Alexis Davis...I want to wake up with you every morning...and go to sleep with you at night. I want you and the girls running around Greystone eating popcorn and driving me crazy. I know you may not be ready, but I want you to know now that I want to spend forever with you Alexis...now that I have you back; I can't let you go"

Biting back the tears a part of her was scared, marriage wasn't her most successful venture...but as she looked into his eyes only one word came out...more like a squeak, "yes"

Jumping up he pulled her to him, and slid the ring on her finger, "I promise Alexis...that I will be the man you believe I can be" he said before kissing her.

The guests are coming in to the Metro Court ballroom. My idea that Carly has put it all together...the theme is old Hollywood. Mom wasn't too thrilled with the idea until she saw the Katharine Hepburn picture; my mom is a feminist from way back. Although I see my parents more as Bogey and Bacall but they can sell Hepburn and Tracy too.

I watch the Jacks family enter. Carly has a stunning red number on, Jax is dressed impeccably as usual. Even my brothers Michael and Morgan are donning suits. And then there is little Maya in her pink dress looking like a modern day Shirley Temple. I vaguely remember Maya's birth...I know that Carly had a really hard pregnancy, and Maya was born with a heart condition much like mine. It kind of bonded my mom and Carly together; I wouldn't say they are friends...but they have each other's back when necessary.

I see Sam come in after. She is one of those women that was made for a pin up calender...and her black cocktail dress and finger roll curls exemplify it. Lucky walks in after Little Lucas Lorenzo Spencer; affectionately nicknamed Luca, in a miniature version of his suit. Completing the McCall-Spencer family is a small pink bundle. I fight the urge to run and claim Natasha Danielle as mine for the evening. Instead I wait from my balcony and take in the ambiance and wait for the guests of honor.

People mill in and I don't really notice anyone until Jason comes in tugging at his shirt. My "Uncle" Jason has never been comfortable dressed up. I tease my dad that I know he was in the mafia because I have tons of Uncles that I have no idea how they are related to me.

Four boys mill in after him. I smile at the sight of Cameron in a suit; I know that must have took some heavy bribing. Jake follows his big brother playing some hand held game, Steven tugging at his shirt to let him have a turn, and then there is little Alan toddling along; with Liz following behind him and trying to keep him from running off.

I smile at the scene, the most eclectic group of people milling around. It's appropriate I guess; my parents being so different; merging two world's.

Turning I notice them before anyone else; and they never cease to take my breath away. My mom looks like a Princess, and my dad looks like the lead man in a romance novel. In a moment Molly is running to him crying out, "Daddy!"

Molly is almost more of a Daddy's girl then me...when Ric died; Sonny made a vow that Molly and I would never feel a difference from him...that he loved us the same. It must I have worked I mused as I see them mutually beaming at each other.

Making my slow descent down the staircase I smile and meet my mother's eye, "Krissy" she says smiling.

"You like?" I ask raising my arms and doing a twirl.

"We love Princess" my dad says as my parent's hug me.

Later in the night as I sit at my balcony perch I watch them as they dance...swaying gently across the floor like no one else is in the room. I can't help but look at them starry eyed...love conquering all, fate intervening...,my parents have one of those love stories that are passed down generations.

The story of the mob boss and the lawyer...and the little pink bundle that became a little girl and changed their lives forever.