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Nin's at Hogwarts Chapter 1

Uchiha Sasuke sat panting in the grass. He had just finished training by himself, seeing that he couldn't find Naruto anywhere. Even when he went to ask Tsunade where he might have been, she just told him it was a secret. Why must everything be a secret from me! He's my fucking team mate for Christ sake! He's been avoiding me ever since he got back with Jiraiya and even before that. He still can't be mad about the whole Orochimaru thing can he? Sakura has forgiven me already. Yet, she doesn't want to marry me anymore, which is a slight bonus. It's been three years, why doesn't he just forgive me. I came back for him… Lost in his train of thought Sasuke didn't hear the Anbu captain come up behind him.

"Uchiha Sasuke." The Anbu said in a monotone voice as if he was bored. Sasuke jumped when the sudden voice brought him back to reality. Sasuke turned to see the legendary fox masked Anbu dressed in the regular Anbu attire staring down at him. The Anbu had bushy golden hair that didn't looked brushed and stuck in places gravity should have pulled down. The hair was familiar but he couldn't place it. He had on a pair of black pants that looked tight, but Sasuke knew when he moved they wouldn't look like it. His undershirt was black and looked like really soft material. Overtop of the shirt was a black vest that was only meant for safety. The getup was new this year, usually Anbu members wore dark brown cloaks and that was it. Though they still have the cloaks now, but they wear them over the new outfits.

"Yes." Sasuke finally answered the man who was now grinning underneath his mask.

"Tsunade-sama would like to see you." Before Sasuke could ask why Tsunade wanted him the Anbu disappeared from sight, using a teleport technique. Sasuke snorted before getting up and running to the Hokage's office. It took a few minutes, since the tower where the Hokage's office was, was on the other side of the village. Once there Sasuke took note that Sakura and Kakashi were both there, along with the Anbu who had informed him. After Tsunade looked them once over, making sure everyone was there, before saying anything.

"Thank you for coming I have a mission for you four. This is an A-class mission, but could very well turn to S-class." Tsunade said, but was faced with two confused faces.

"What about Naruto, Tsunade-sama?" Sasuke and Sakura asked in unison. Tsunade's eyes flicked over to the fox Anbu in the room, who didn't move an inch then, back to the three who were staring at her for an answer. Neither noticed the flick of the eyes, she was that good at concealing it. Tsunade sighed before answering the question.

"Naruto can't join you on this mission." Tsunade lied.

"WHAT!" Yelled Sakura who was thinking: if it was even a potential dangerous mission Naruto would be the first one here! Tsunade held her hand up at her student. Sakura was silenced immediately, as if a switch had been hit and it muted the pink haired girl.

"Now this mission will be a year long." Tsunade tried to continue, but knowing she would still be interrupted.

"What!" It was now Sasuke's turn to yell. A whole year on a mission without Naruto? Again Tsunade raised her, hand he calmed down.

"Now onto the mission details. Since Naruto cannot come, a member of Anbu will accompany you. But, since the mission demands it, I will have to promote both of you from, Anbu in training, to full members of the Anbu class." Sakura smiled big time and even jumped a few times. Sasuke couldn't believe what was going on, they had just started training and now they are Anbu all for one mission.

"If I may Tsunade?" Sasuke questioned her, who nodded for him to continue. "Why us, I'm not saying that it isn't great to be Anbu, I've worked very hard, as well as Sakura, but aren't there other people that are better suited for the job? Like Shikamaru for instance." Sasuke wondered.

"Yes you are right. But when I asked the Anbu captain what team he wanted, he insisted that it be you guys." Tsunade answered him in a calm voice. Sasuke and Sakura looked over to their now captain, who only nodded in agreement. No words, just a brief nod to let them know it was the truth. "Beside you guys are just as good as any of the Anbu, maybe even greater. And Kakashi, well he's already been an Anbu before and still does side Anbu missions when he doesn't have one with you guys. You all have worked together in some way or another so this will be perfect for your first Anbu mission." Tsunade persuaded.

"No. I'm sorry but I can't take this mission." Sasuke said and then went to leave, but Sakura grabbed him. Tsunade sighed; this is going to be troublesome… OH great now I'm being to sound like Shikamaru.

"Why?" Sakura asked, she thought she knew the answer, but she wanted to hear it from him. Sasuke sighed.

"Because what will Naruto do if his team took a mission without him. He'll be stuck as a Jouin and be doing nothing for a whole year." Sasuke said to Sakura only. The Anbu tensed a bit before giving a soft sigh, neither Sasuke nor Sakura noticed him though. Kakashi turned to Tsunade whose eyes were softened and she nodded to Kakashi. Sakura understood what Sasuke meant, she was hesitant, but before she could say anything the Fox Anbu stepped forward.

"You will go Uchiha." Sasuke turned, as did Sakura, to ague his point but before either could say a word, they noticed the Fox was undoing his mask and continued to speak. "I didn't go through all the trouble to ask you to be promoted to Anbu for you to disappoint me." As he lowered his mask, two large bright blue eyes stared at the two not gapping new Anbu members.

"N-Naruto!" Sakura half stuttered half yelled. Sasuke just settled for staring. Naruto could only meekly smile at both of their reactions. Both Kakashi and Tsunade smiled at each other, than to their students.

"No wait. You can't be the fox." Naruto frowned. "I mean the fox was the youngest Anbu yet. You weren't even in the academy when the fox became Anbu." Sakura stated. Naruto's face became sad, which startled Sasuke and Sakura.

"I was holding back the whole time. The third had asked me to go back and pull up a mask. The villagers weren't and still aren't ready for me. They only see me as the nine tails. Please don't hate me for it. It was pretty much a mission I had and couldn't give out to anyone." Naruto started to feel his eyes water up at the thought of his team mates hating him. Tsunade stepped in when she saw this.

"Naruto's right if the villagers were to find out that he was or is fox, they would only fear him and hate him more. Sasuke you didn't see or hear anything, but after Naruto brought you back, the villagers wanted to punish Naruto for you leaving like that. They blamed him for the reason you wanted to leave, because he's the container of the nine tails. " Sasuke felt rage run though him. "The only ones who knew Naruto was Anbu was the last Hokage, and then I found out by reading his profile, Kakashi who just recently found out himself, and I think Shikamaru may have an idea, but I'm not sure."

"I don't hate you Naruto." Sasuke stated and then he looked to Sakura, who nodded in agreement.

"We could never hate you Naruto. You're our teammate and friend." She finished. Naruto smiled warmly at both of them. Sakura gave him a back breaking hug and Sasuke just gave Naruto a quick, but simple, smile that left Naruto speechless for a few minutes. Sasuke rarely smiled, even for him.

"Now back to the mission, like I said you all will be going in as Anbu, and will be guarding, so, there is no need to reveal who you are. You will be going to…" Tsunade got interrupted again which was seriously starting to piss her off a little.

"I can't go." Stated Kakashi, who seemed to back away from Tsunade's death glare he was receiving. But he stood firmly on his refusal.

"Why?" Sakura questioned. Naruto turned to look at him then slapped his hand to his head.

"Crap, I'm so sorry Kakashi I forgot." Naruto said. Kakashi smiled, at least it seemed like it, you could never really tell with Kakashi's mask and all.

"It's okay Naruto. You've had a lot going on lately." Naruto only nodded.

"You can go. I'll just get someone else. Have fun." Naruto winked at him and then went to look in the file cabinet for someone who was available.

"Thank you Naruto and I'll see you guys later then." Kakashi said. He then did a few hand signs and was gone. Sasuke and Sakura just stared, not sure what was going on anymore. They were still processing Naruto being the Fox Anbu.

"Naruto I think the only person who is available at this minute, is the one who just came back from a long term mission." Naruto tensed and shot a quick glance at Sasuke then back to Tsunade. Sasuke didn't notice.

"No, he won't work. He hasn't told a certain person he's back yet and explained a few minor details. If he had listened to me to begin with, then I would call on him in, but since he didn't, I can't." Naruto said as he flipped through the files shaking his head. Tsunade snorted and gave a small shake of her head. A few minutes later, both Naruto and Tsunade straightened and turned for the door. Just in time for it to band fully open and someone to step in.

"Tsunade I heard you're sending my brother on a yearlong mission! I haven't even talked…" The person stopped and back up some when he saw who was in the room. Naruto slapped his head again. Tsunade just settled for a slight amused chuckle. Sakura clutched her fist and Sasuke's eyes widened a mile. That's when it happened, Sasuke took off at his brother who stood in the door way, but before he got there he felt his feet go out from under him and a hand on the back of his neck. He fell face forward to the ground and groaned in pain. It happened too fast for him to be able to do anything about it.

"NARUTO, WHAT THE HELL!" Screamed Sakura's voice from behind him.

"YEAH NARUTO, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!" Came a harsh scream dipped in venom from the boy who was pinned to the ground under Naruto.

"Calm down and think racially Sasuke. You've trained and yet you still let your anger get to you." Said Naruto in a calm voice that seemed to have worked somewhat because the tension in Sasuke's body lessened for half a second.

"Naruto, you do know that this is the man who killed my clan right?" Questioned Sasuke in an icy tone, which sent shivers up Sakura's back. Naruto though, seemed unaffected; all he did was look up at Itachi with an angry face.

"I guess I shouldn't have barged in like that." Itachi admitted more to Naruto more than anyone else.

"Really now, what would give you that idea!" Naruto sarcastically said. "I thought I told you to go and talk to him when you got back!" Sakura was now confused and sat down in an empty chair and rubbed at her temples. Too much was happening too fast, it seemed like a year ago she had been sitting at home drinking tea. Sasuke just glared at Itachi with anger.

"Yeah I know. It just never seemed the right time. I mean, how do you walk to you're younger brother, who hates you and wants to kill you, then tell him that you're back and didn't kill you're clan?" Itachi asked and looked down to Sasuke, who now had confused clearly written on his face. Naruto looked down to Sasuke as well since he had felt some of the tension leave and not come back this time.

"If I let you up, will you stay calm enough to let us explain to you what's going on?" Naruto questioned and got a nod as an answer. Naruto released Sasuke and helped him up and into a chair. Itachi leaned back on the now closed doors and Naruto sat on the edge of Tsunade's desk.

"Well?" Asked Sasuke, Naruto nodded to Itachi. It was not his place to fill him in on Itachi's secret, if it had been, Naruto would have told Sasuke the moment he found out.

"Well, you see when the clan was wiped out by 'me'. I had just gotten back from a mission and was in the Hokage's office when I heard shouts saying that Itachi had killed the Uchiha clan. I snuck into the shadows as someone came into the room and told the third that the whole Uchiha clan had been killed except Sasuke by Itachi. After he had left the third asked me if I wanted to clear my name, I told him no. I knew we needed someone in Akatsuki, and I had a good feeling whoever had attacked the clan, had been from that organization. So, I joined Akaksuki to find out everything I needed to know. It was not the only reason I joined though, they had been asking too many questions about the jenjurikins. I found out that it was Orochimaru and his partner who had killed off our clan. When I joined though, Orochimaru quit soon afterwards." Itachi said. Sasuke took it in. It was something Orochimaru would do. Kill off the clan to put brother against brother and have the one who wanted revenge come to him in seek of power. But something wasn't right.

"Then how did they torture me? Then you give me the same vision the time we met when you and that blue guy were after Naruto?" Sasuke asked then glance at Naruto who flinched a little at the thought of torture.

"It was a high level Genjutsu, mixed with memory and time duration. Orochimaru's good with the time duration thing. Then, when I met up with you, I just pulled that memory out again and used it. I had to be heartless on you because I was already under suspicion since I would disappear every now and then to give a mission report to Naruto. I couldn't mess up and fail my mission, if I had, then everything would have been for not. I had just hoped that you could forgive me one day, when I came back." Itachi answered. Sasuke looked over to Naruto who nodded to reassure him it was the truth.

"I have a question?" Sakura spoke up and everyone turned to look at her, which made her blush a little then regained herself. "Why was or is Naruto the one you go to? I mean I know he's Anbu captain and everything but shouldn't the Hokage be the one doing that? It seems like a very top priority mission." Sakura looked at Tsunade who looked away sheepishly.

"I was also very surprised to see Naruto there when I went to report. At first I didn't think he was it, but it turned out to be him. It seems the Hokage's been giving Naruto some of her duty work such as mission reports and other things." Naruto again nodded. Sasuke seemed to accept this and nodded to show it, but it would be a little weird still. His entire life had been nothing but gaining power to kill Itachi. Learning that had been all for nothing felt like something had just been ripped out.

"Okay now back to the reason I was here. Why are you sending Sasuke away for a year? You knew I wanted to spend time with him!" Itachi glared at Tsunade who pointed to Naruto like a child. Naruto chuckled before turning to see the death glare was targeted to him, instead of the Hokage.

"You can come if you want." Naruto said. It was that or wait until Shikamaru got back from his mission. And that would take too long.

"What?" Both Uchiha's said and glared. Naruto laughed a bit at them.

"Wow, I always knew you two were a like. Anyway, Kakashi couldn't come because of… private matters that I'm not allowed to say. So, I need someone else for this mission and I know you just got back, and it's a year in a foreign country, but Sasuke's coming and if you want to spend time with him that's the only way you're going to." Naruto debated, no more like declared to the older Uchiha. There's no way I'm spending another year without Sasuke! Wait what?

Got a thing for the Uchiha huh kit?

Shut up! I do not!

Denial kit, I still would love to see the older…

OH god please shut up! I don't need to hear this today! Go back to sleep you old fox!

When Naruto didn't hear a response he turned his attention back to the stunned Uchiha's. Sasuke had a slight blush and Itachi was smirking. Naruto hated getting a smirk response from Itachi, it meant the guy found him amusing. Naruto didn't want Itachi finding him amusing right now.

"What? He's the only one who is available, and I can rely on for this mission, and so are you. So are you coming or what?" Naruto questioned Itachi who smirked even more. Sasuke's blush seemed to lighten a bit, but Sakura still noticed it and gave a small smile.

"Yes. It seems I have no choice." Itachi said. He turned his attention to Tsunade who was pulling a box full of different items. Out of the box she pulled a single scroll and handed it to Naruto, who read it out loud.

Dear Tsunade-sama,

I'm sorry to hear my old friend has passed away. I should come and visit sometime soon to pay my respects, but sadly I cannot get away from anything at this moment. I am willing pay as much as needed for four of your best ninja. They will be guarding my school Hogwarts of Witch Craft and Wizardry and a special boy named Harry Potter. This mission may end up becoming dangerous, because of the most powerful dark wizard of this time is targeting my school and Harry. I thank you for accepting this mission, even though it's something you and you're village knows little about. That is why I have put together more information for those who you have picked. The way they will get here is by a port key, it is in the shape of a boot that was included in the material that I have sent by owl. Tomorrow at midnight (your time not ours) have them touch the port key and they will be sent to the Leaky Cauldron. There Mr. and Mrs. Weasley will be waiting, they will help them get to and on the train, so they can get to the school. The Weasley's will also introduce them to Harry Potter. I have four earrings that will allow the four you pick to speak and understand English; they will still be able to speak in Japanese if necessary. Thank you again.


Albus Dumbledore

After Naruto finished reading the scroll he handed it to Itachi who reread it and passed it along. Naruto on the other hand pulled out four scrolls and the earrings, then handed one to each.

"These will fill you in on the mission at hand. There is also a layout of the school in there as well. We will keep our Anbu masks on at all times around the students and most of the teachers. Now I want you to leave, read up on what the mission is, and then report back here by midnight tomorrow all packed and ready to go. Make sure you put that earring on and not lose it." Naruto stood and walked over to two boxes and gave Sasuke, and Sakura one. "These are your Anbu uniform. Sakura you are an eagle, and Sasuke a black cat. Itachi I hope you still have your Anbu uniform." Itachi nodded, while Sasuke and Sakura stared at the demanding and serious Naruto. It was strange, but in a way comforting to know he can be serious. Naruto smiled at the three of them as they all stood and headed for the door.

"Just to tell you Sasuke, Sakura, I can still be a prankster and loud when I want to be. Not all of the Naruto you knew was a façade." Naruto gave them a foxy grin before disappearing in a puff of smoke with his things for the mission.

"You three, may I talk to you for a minute please." Tsunade asked before they left. Sasuke, Sakura, and Itachi all turned to her and were surprised by the seriousness of her face. You don't see that very often, and when you do, it's a scary thing.

"I know he's you're captain, and higher rank then you, but treat him as an equal. Don't start treating him differently just because you know now, that's what he's afraid of. Plus he's right; when he gets bored he'll start to mess with people. Watch him and keep yourselves safe from any danger." The three of them nodded then left wordlessly. Outside the two Uchiha's gave their goodbyes to Sakura who was going to tell Lee that she wouldn't see him for a year.

"Good luck with that one Sakura." Was what Sasuke had said to her before heading for the Uchiha mansion. Itachi close behind him. It was odd to have Itachi so close and not want to hurt him.

Scene Break

"So…" Itachi asked when they had entered the Uchiha mansion.

"So, what?" Sasuke muttered. Itachi leaned forward to become eye level with his brother.

"Do you like Naru?" Itachi asked and got his answer when he saw the pink blush cross his checks, and black eyes glanced off to the side.

"N-no! I-I don't like N-Naruto!" Sasuke yelled and started to walk away. He mentally smacked himself for stuttering.

"Then why are you stuttering? Uchiha's never stutter, nor do they blush like a school girl." Itachi moved away from a vase being thrown his way.

"I don't blush like a school girl damn it!" Sasuke stormed up the steps and slammed his door. Sasuke slid down onto the floor and hugged his knees. Everything was happening to fast. Naruto the fox, then being on a mission with him for a year Sasuke could understand. Then finding out his brother is innocent, and it was really that snake bastard that Sasuke was going to leave Naruto for that had killed his clan, he could comprehend somewhat. Now, his brother coming on the same mission to be with him for a whole year and pretending nothing happened got to Sasuke a little. Sasuke could feel the room start to spin and become dark. He tried to stop it, passing out was what weak people did. Uchiha's weren't weak, but he couldn't stop it. The last thing his mind registered was his check hitting the softness of his blue plush carpet.

When Sasuke awoke, he was laying in his bed. There was a bright light in his eyes coming from outside. He turned to see that it was six in the morning the next day. He rubbed his head and sat up.

"Ya' know, you scared me." Sasuke jumped at the voice and glance over to see his brother in the doorway with a worried expression. "Next time you go to pass out, you should warm me, I came in to ask if you wanted food and found you passed out, on the floor no less."

"Hn" Was all that the young Uchiha said and let his eyes trace the blanket.

"I had Sakura come over and check on you. She said you're fine, but Naruto was pretty worried and stayed up the whole night until I told him to sleep, he ended up crashing on the couch." Sasuke blushed deep and looked up to see the amused expression on his brother's face this time.

"I'm just kidding with you, I knew you were alright. Just a lot of things happened last night, right?" Sasuke scowled before he pushed the blankets off. He got out of bed and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him. Itachi winced and then smirked. He walked back down the hallway and into the kitchen, where a blonde sat at the table with worry written all over his face.

"He's fine. But you should leave, unless you want him to know you spent almost all of last night up worrying about him." Itachi said. Naruto looked up at him and blushed slightly before nodding.

"Thank you. Come and get me before you guys head over to Baa-Chan's." Itachi nodded as he watched Naruto do a few quick hand signs then he was gone. Itachi shook his head a bit at the blond, before moving through the kitchen. Sasuke had to be hungry, so, Itachi took the time to fix the guy some breakfast.

Naruto got home quickly, he still hadn't packed and spent last night reading through the stuff that Dumbledore had given them, while watching over Sasuke. I still can't believe he passed out like that. It worries me. Naruto slowly made his way over and packed what he needed for the mission. He ended up using three large duffle bags, and a small back pack. With everything in order and set near his door, Naruto made his way into his bedroom and crashed onto the bed. His face it the pillows and that was the last thing he remembered. His mind barley registered that there where knocks at his door, he just wanted to go back to sleep. Naruto slowly got up and rubbed at his sleep encrusted eyes. He walked over to the door and opened it to reveal the eldest Uchiha smirking at him. Naruto let him in and walked back into his room.

"Let me get dressed, then we'll leave." Naruto called to Itachi.

"Take a shower Naruto. We still have a while. I knew you would sleep all day, seeing how you didn't sleep at all last night." Itachi called from the living room where he sat on the blonde's futon.

"Okay." Naruto's hyper mode started to kick in as he turned the shower on. Cold was what met his body and woke him the rest of the way up. He quickly finished his shower, pulled the Anbu uniform on, grabbed his mask, and walked back into the living room.

"Did you get any sleep last night or today Tachi?" Naruto called as he made his way into the living room. Itachi just 'Hn' then walked outside, one of Naruto's duffle bags in his hands. Naruto shook his head. I take that as a no. Seeing as he's Mr. Grumpy. The blond grabbed the rest of his things and pulled them onto his shoulders, before making his way out of the apartment. He made sure the door was locked behind him before jogging to catch up with the Uchiha. The guy was pretty quick when he wanted to be.

Yes, but a hot Mr. Grumpy.

Kyuu please don't start on how hot Itachi is. When we get to Hogwarts, I'll let you out and you can go and ravish Itachi all you want, okay?

Now who's Mr. Grumpy?

Got to sleep! Naruto felt his eye twitch a bit at the fox; they had gotten to Hokage's office already though. Kyuubi made one last comment, but Naruto ignored the fox and made his way up the stairs and into the office. Tsunade sat behind her desk. Both Sasuke and Sakura stood in front of the desk, their Anbu outfits on and the mask on top of their head. Itachi stepped into line, as did Naruto. All four had bags over their shoulders, Naruto gave Itachi a small glare for have stolen his duffle bag. He wasn't weak, but Naruto knew Itachi just liked to mess with him.

"Just don't mess with the student's too much, okay. If anything happens send me a scroll through summons. I want mission reports every week, and don't forget to not reveal your name or this country. Otherwise, have some fun; this is new for you guys, so enjoy it as much as possible. Now grab a hold of the boot." The four of them slid their masks down; Itachi had to tie his weasel mask in the back and then held the boot tight.

"Try and stay out of danger. I want all four of you back here in one year. Good luck." Tsunade said just before they all felt as if their whole body was being pulled through a glass tube.

When everything came into view, they were all standing in what looked like a pub. It had tables with not many people around and a bar. There was a lady with red hair, that sat in one of the chairs, along with another red headed male who sat next her. Their hands were inner twinned together. The girl's eyes almost pop when she glanced up at them and a word escaped her lips, but then she looked more carefully and gave a small smile.

"You must be the four guards that were to show up here sometime soon, right?" The woman spoke first. Naruto stepped up to the table and bowed his head.

"Yes that's us. You can call me Fox, and the others Cat, Eagle, and Weasel." Naruto spoke and pointed to each person in order that he named off, each bowed their heads in greetings. The woman and man stood up together.

"I'm Molly Weasley and this is my husband Arthur Weasley." Naruto shook her hand.

"You may call us Mr. and Mrs. Weasley." Mr. Weasley said to Naruto as he shook his hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Naruto said back. After the greetings were over, Mrs. Weasley clapped her hands together and smiled at the four of them.

"Well we have to wait for the children to get back here, which will be soon. Then we can head off to the train. For now, let's all sit down and relax." The four exchanged glances before taking their seats.

"Mrs. Weasley. Who did you think we were when you first saw us?" Sakura asked the lady.

"Ah yes you probably don't know. Death Eaters, they are subordinates to you-know-who." They all nodded knowing who she was talking about, since it was one of the things Dumbledore had mentioned.

"So, why do you guys where masks?" Mr. Weasley asked out of curiosity. It was Itachi who spoke up first. Naruto let them ask and answer the questions; he took the time to see their surroundings, as did Sasuke. It wasn't often they got to travel so far, and by a boot!

"It's part of our custom, and the masks show what rank you are. It also enables the enemy or anyone who we wish, not to know our true identity." Mr. Weasley nodded.

"Well most muggle's aren't use to seeing four strange clothed people walking around in masks." Mr. Weasley commented. Naruto nodded his head.

"We'll use Henge until we get on the train." Naruto said in Japanese which fascinated Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. The rest of them nodded, made a few quick hand signs, and then a puff of smoke came around them. When it cleared, it revealed the four different people. Naruto's hair once bright blond hair was now a dark brown and his sky blue eyes were now amber. His whisker marks were gone as well, the skin where the marks should have been, was just smooth pale skin. He wore black cargo pants with a red short sleeve shirt, and a black light unbuttoned jacket. Sasuke removed the blue tint from his hair and turned his eyes to a medium blue shade. He wore blue pants with tennis shoes and a black long-sleeved shirt. Sakura's pink hair was now brown with matching eyes, she had on a pink and white dress that came past her knee's and brown boots with a black trench over top of it. Itachi's hair was the same at Sasuke's, but longer he also added glasses to cover his eyes. His eyes were a brown and blue mix. He had on blue jeans with a white muscle shirt and a light brown jacket over top. The two adults stared wide eyed at what had just happened.

"This isn't what we really look like, it's just an illusion, for what did you call them... muggles." Naruto said, even though he knew they were gapping at how they had transformed without a potion or wand.

"How? Without a potion or wand, all you did was something with your hands!" Mrs. Weasley stated. She looked impressed though, as did her husband.

"Where we are from that's simple, we draw our chakra from our bodies while you draw your chakra into a wand and are able to cast spells." Naruto explained, even though it was still amazing, they stopped gapping as soon as six other people came up to the table. They stared at the four of them before starting their greetings.

"Hi I'm Fred." "I'm George Weasley." "Or is it the other way around?" Two tall red head boys roughly a year older than three of them both spoke at the same time. Pranksters. All four thought. Naruto gave a small grin; at least he knew he'd have some fun.

"I'm Ginny Weasley." Another red head said. He hair was long and wavy, but pulled back into a low pony tail. She was short compared to everyone in the area, but she didn't seem to care or notice. She gave all four of them a smile, but still confusion was clearly on her face, as well as all the new people.

"I'm Ron." His hair was short, curly, and the same shade of red the other four had. All four of them had green eyes to go with the hair, and the four Anbu knew they were related. It wasn't hard to notice it anyways.

"I'm Hermione Granger." A curly haired brunet girl said. She had the look of determination on her face. A smart one all four Anbu notice, Sakura usually had that face on all the time. The last one who had come up to the table, looked them over a few times before adjusting his glasses.

"I'm Harry Potter." All four of them narrowed their eyes and got a better look at the boy they were there to protect. No wonder he needs protecting he looks weak. Thought all four of them simultaneously, before Naruto stood up. Naruto didn't say their names nor did he pay attention to them. Since Naruto didn't pay attention to them neither did any of the others.

"Okay. Well children they will be going with you to Hogwarts." Mr. Weasley spoke up trying to relieve the tension in the air.

"Are they students?" Hermione asked and eyed them curiously.

"No Hermione, they are guards." Mrs. Weasley said. Harry looked shocked and looked them over once again. Nothing seems so special about these guys. They look like plain old muggles. Harry thought.

"Anyway, we should be going." Mr. Weasley said before walking the group out of the pub and into a car. The ride wasn't anything interesting besides the fascination of the four guards of what a car was. When they got into the station and down to platform 9 ¾ the four guards immediately noticed the magic or chakra on the wall. Or they didn't notice it as much as feel the chakra emitting from the wall. They watched as Fred, George, Ginny, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley enter the wall and disappear. Soon Harry, Hermione, and Ron entered as well.

"Okay on three. One, two, three." They all walked through and found themselves staring up at a red train. The horn blew and they saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley waving towards them. The four guards moved over to them and entered the train.

"Be save and please keep them save." They waved goodbye and the four of them moved inside the train. They quickly found the compartment that held Ron, Hermione, and Harry along with another. They entered and sat down across from the others.

"Can we release it now?" Sakura asked seemingly irritated by the dress she had on. Naruto nodded in agreement and then a puff of smoke erupted in the compartment. They could hear the other's coughing until it passed and then they gasped.

"Death Eaters!" The other boy said.

"No Neville, their masks are different and uniform is also." Hermione pointed out to the boy, who was having a hard time breathing. Neville shook his head and regained his breath. Harry on the other hand was surprised.

"So, what do you look like?" Harry asked.

"That's for you to find out, if you ever do." Itachi answered. Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Bloody hell, you scared me." Ron who was still finding it hard to breath gasped out. Naruto chuckled slightly as Sakura patted Ron's back to get him to breath.

"Sorry about that." She said to him. Ron blushed and nodded. Hermione turned away and looked out the window. The train ride was really uneventful after that, Sasuke fell asleep on Naruto and vice versa. Sakura and Itachi kept glancing over at them, and Hermione, Ron, Harry, and unknown boy kept staring at the four ninja's.

"You should wake them up, we'll be there soon. I'm going to go change." Hermione said as she left the compartment.

"Hey wake up." Sakura pushed Naruto a little. Blue eyes blinked and stared up at her through the slits in the mask.

"Hermione says we're going to be there soon, and the boys still have to change into their clothes." Naruto nodded and Sakura stepped out of the compartment as well. Harry, Ron, and Neville started to change as Naruto woke up Sasuke, who was still leaned on his shoulder. He hesitated for a second then shoved him. Sasuke suddenly found himself on the floor, he looked up to see Naruto trying hard not to laugh.

"What the hell was that for?" Sasuke got up and sat back down on the seat. Naruto shrugged before answering.

"We're almost there, so, you needed to wake up."

"So you push me off the seat?" Again Naruto just gave him a shrug. Sasuke glared at him and them mumbled under his breath.

Harry and Ron we're laughing slightly, they had changed and were now listing to the two guards fight. Neville tripped on his robe and went flying to the ground, he braised himself for the fall, but nothing happened. He looked up to see a weasel mask staring at him.

"Are you okay?" Itachi asked. Neville nodded slightly, masks freaked him out. Itachi helped him to his feet and sat him back down.

"Thank you." Neville found himself saying.

"You're welcome." Once Sakura had come back in and Hermione too, the train stopped and they could hear everyone trying to get off the train at once. Harry and Ron were having trouble with their luggage so Sasuke and Naruto carried them off the train and into the carriage without a second thought. It surprised Harry that they were able to carry everything, including their own stuff, without breaking a sweat. When the last carriage pulled up to them, Harry freaked out by the skeleton horse that pulled it. When Hermione and Ron tried to convince Harry there was nothing there, Itachi, Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto all said they saw it too. It was a girl named Luna had explained that they were Trestles, and can only be seen by those who have seen death. Through the entire ride, Harry stared at them, wondering what kind of death they had seen before. As Hogwarts came into view the guards gasped at how wonderful it looked. The ride wasn't long and soon they found themselves in front of the school. A lady that had brown hair that was pulled up into a bun on top of her head stood in front of the steps leading up to the front entrance. She stopped the guards and hurried to them.

"Welcome I'm Minerva McGonagall. If you will follow me and the rest of the first years we can introduce you with them." Naruto bowed his head in greeting, and then nodded. They quickly followed her and she told them to wait outside the door until Professor Dumbledore called their names. After the hat had sung, and the first years had been sorted into the houses, Dumbledore stood at the front and started his speech.

"To the first years Welcome, to the others welcome back. We have a few new people joining us this year, first is your DADA teacher, Professor Umbrige from the Ministry of Magic." Dumbledore was interrupted by the pink frog like women who made a comment about the dark wizard not being back and another long speech that most of the students had toned out. Then Dumbledore spoke up again, brining the half asleep students back to awareness.

"Thank you Professor Umbrige. Now as many of you have seen them on the train, we have four new guards this year. They should not be messed with, for if they think of you as a threat to them or the school they will not hesitate to attack. May I introduce the captain of the four?" Naruto walked in and down the hall. Naruto walked up to Dumbledore and bowed his head in greetings.

"It's wonderful to see you again Dumbledore." Naruto said with a smooth voice. Dumbledore's small eyes twinkled a bit as a large smile spread onto his face.

"As to you, you sure have grown haven't you?" Dumbledore replied. "When Hokage-sama told me, I was relieved that someone I knew was coming to look after my school and my students." Naruto chuckled before turning around to face the students.

"It's great to be back at Hogwarts, although the last time I walked these halls I was only six. Anyways, let me introduce you to my squad, I will not be revealing our true names, so you will have to go by the nicknames. I'm Fox, and then there is Cat, Weasel, and Eagle." The three of them walked down the rows of tables in the order Naruto called them, and then right next to Naruto, they each gave a bow as well. "We will guard the school and you students as well as the teachers. Please treat us with respect and we will treat you with respect as well." The four of them retreated to the wall behind the table full of teachers, as Dumbledore once again stood to face his students.

"Now we eat. Enjoy!" With a wave of his wand food was along the tables. The students dug in and kept glancing at the guards who were not eating. Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, and Sakura each let their eyes map out the entire room, and most of the student's faces. Before long, they would know everyone who sat in the room eating, by their face. They also took the time to look over the teachers as well. Each noted that Umbrige didn't look too happy that Dumbledore had hired them, since she was glaring dagger at them after every bit she took.

Once everyone was done eating and retreated to their rooms for the night, Dumbledore walked through the halls with the four guards behind him. He stopped at a painting with a small woman at a table reading. She looked up at Dumbledore and smiled.

"What bring you here today, Professor Dumbledore?" She questioned her voice was soft and smooth, almost seductive.

"Ah Marian, it has been awhile hasn't it. Would you mind housing four guards for the year?" Dumbledore asked. The girl became very hyper.

"Yes that would be just fine. What will the password be?" She asked in a high voice. Dumbledore looked back at Naruto. Naruto looked to his three companies.

"Konoha" He said to the painting she nodded and opened. Once everyone entered Dumbledore sat on the couch.

"This room is the closest to the Gryffindor rooms. There are four rooms for you to pick from. Also I will have elves send up food to you during the morning and dinner. Lunch you can go and get on your own from the dining hall. Enjoy yourselves as much as you can. And again thank you for accepting this mission." Dumbledore stood and Naruto took off his mask as did everyone else.

"It's a pleasure to be back here. Although it does look like you're school is smaller than the last time." Naruto laughed and gave Dumbledore a smile.

"I don't think it is my school that has shrunk; I think it's you who have grown Naruto. Although I still think you are too young to be an Anbu." Dumbledore chuckled then left. Everyone picked a room and sat their stuff inside then came back to the main room.

"So how are we going to do this?" Sakura asked as she was trying to figure something out.

"One person must be inside and outside at all times during the day. At night two people will take the shifts while the other two can stay in the room if they want, the two people on shift will patrol outside and inside, they can stay together or split up. If you want to train or at night when you need sleep, use a clone to keep your post. Another person will have to trail Harry and his friends who seem to get into the most trouble. We will alternate so you won't have the same position either all day or the next day. I don't want you becoming too bored with this mission." Naruto explained as he sat down next to Sasuke.

"Okay so what about the last person during the day?" Sakura asked who had positioned herself against the wall. Itachi had chosen the chair.

"Well the last person will alternate. Walk through the class rooms; follow students who look like they're up to no good. I also want to point out that we all need to keep an eye on that Umbrige person, she looked like she was up to something, so the fourth person can keep an eye on her as well. Understand?" Naruto said.

"Well then who is at what post for tonight?" Sasuke asked he turned himself so he could see Naruto.

"Well seeing as Sasuke and I fell asleep on the train, we'll take the night shift until we get tired, then I'll make clones. Tomorrow I'll trail after Harry, Sakura I want you inside, Itachi outside you two can switch every now and then if you want to, and Sasuke will alternate. If you want to take a break or need to rest or just want to train, find Sasuke and he'll take over or if he wants to train with you. Is that fair?" Everyone nodded. Sakura stretched and yawned.

"Alright well then, I'm going to sleep, goodnight everyone." She said as she walked to her room.

"Goodnight!" They said in unison. Naruto stood and put his mask on again.

"Alright let's go Sasuke." Naruto said as he went out into the hallway.

"Have fun Sasuke." Itachi said. The older Uchiha gave a wink to his younger brother then a chuckle and retreating to his room before Sasuke had a chance to throw something at his head again. Sasuke blushed, slipped his mask on as well, and walked out behind Naruto.

"I didn't know you fell asleep also." Sasuke said to Naruto as they walked the halls.

"Well you pass out on my shoulder and since I couldn't move I fell asleep too." Naruto answered.

"Oh." Sasuke was thankful for his mask, because he was blushing for finding out he had moved to Naruto's shoulder and slept. Naruto glanced over to Sasuke and thought he saw a tint of pink on his ears but it quickly faded.

"Wait how did you sleep?" Sasuke asked. Naruto blushed and mumbled something.


"On you Teme." Naruto said clearly.

"Alright let's go dobe." Naruto hadn't even noticed that they had stopped. He looked at Sasuke who was already a few feet away, Naruto jogged up to him.

"Why am I still dobe when I'm a higher rank then you?" Although Naruto was happy cause he had thought that Sasuke was going to start acting differently around him.

"No matter what rank you are you're still m-a dobe to me." Sasuke had almost slipped and said my dobe instead. Sasuke only hoped that Naruto didn't catch it.

"Teme." Naruto shot forward and laughed. Sasuke gave a sigh of relief and shot forward after Naruto. He slowed down when he saw him talking to one of the teachers. The teacher wasn't very tall; he had black shoulder length hair and an ungodly large nose. Sasuke caught up and heard the ending of the conversation.

"I don't care if Dumbledore hired you guys, if you don't use a wand and use weapons then you will be useless against the dark wizard." Snape sneered at Naruto.

"Well you should be telling this to Dumbledore, not me. I'm here do to a job and I will, and no one will stop me, not even a big nosed teacher such as you." Naruto sneered right back. Snape pulled his wand out and pointed it at Naruto's head.

"You know it's not nice to point things at the people who are here to protect you. Like Dumbledore said, if we think of you as a threat, then we will attack you." Sasuke said as he appeared behind Snape. Snape looked at the two before lowering his wand and passing Naruto.

"You know, this is going to be fun, if I get to mess with him." Naruto said when Snape was out of hearing distance then walked forward again. Sasuke smiled although no one could see him and followed Naruto. Sasuke was really starting to love this mask of his. After that, the night went uneventful. They were currently sitting outside on one of the towers and it was getting pretty late.

"Alright let's head in. We need sleep." Naruto said as he yawned. Sasuke chuckled.

"Yeah, come on." They made their clones and then headed off to bed. When they got there, they noticed it was only three in the morning. They then retreated to each of their rooms and let their clones do all the work.

Chapter 1 end

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