Dear readers,

I'm so very, very sorry! -hides from objects- I really am sorry. I thought with summer here I'd be so bored out of my mind, I'd be writing like crazy. Seems I was wrong. I've been more busy this summer then I was during school. At the moment things have cooled down. I have part of Beyond Worlds done, but haven't finished it completely. I'll be working on that this last few days of my summer. My Vampire story may take me just a bit longer to get to, seeing as I don't think I'll be able to keep two stories up this school year, at the same time. But I will get back to it, promise. Just give me a bit of time, I've been so swamped with stuff lately, I've forgotten about writing. And then when I finally had some time to sit down and write, Breaking Dawn releases! So I had to go and buy, read, and read again. All you Twilight lovers can't hate me for that!

Now, I will be writing, and I will try to get BW's chapter 26 out as fast as I can. But rushing is the last thing I really want to do. I think I rushed the chapters too much, because I'm starting to run out of Ideas. As far as Nin's at Hogwarts go, that's again going to have to be put off. -hides again- SORRY! It's just I have too much on my plate as of lately. And again, if someone wishes to continue it, message me and we can talk about it. Other then that, I've got nothing else to say. Again I'm super sorry, and I'll try and write as fast as I can, but no promises here. I really should learn about rushing stuff. Also this note will be deleted after I update, I hate having Author notes in the middle of the stories.

Thanks for reading.