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"What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas…Most of the Time…"


Jeff Hardy cracked open his eyes and immediately regretted doing so. The bright sun in the window glared in and made his head hurt even more. Squeezing his eyes shut, he rolled over with a groan. It was then that the strong scent of lavender and vanilla entered his nose. He opened his eyes again and blinked a couple of times before finally focusing on a head of beautiful brown hair. His eyes followed the strands to the smooth tanned skin of a shoulder sticking out from under the sheet, and then the lithe, hourglass figure outlined by white sheets.

From his tiredness and throbbing hangover it took Jeff a couple extra minutes to realize he was in bed with a woman and that he had no memory of the previous night. In other words not a good position to be in. He sat bolt upright, but was some what relieved that he was on top of the covers and his clothes were still intact. He looked down at the girl and was equally relieve to see the top of her dress under the covers and hair.

He reached down and gently nudged the girl. She mumbled incoherently and turned over to face his direction, although she did not appear to wake up. It was hard to tell since her eyes were hidden under a mess of hair. He carefully moved some of the hair aside and felt his heart jump into his throat when he realized who it was.

Maria Kanellis…

When Jeff nudged her again he noticed a glint of gold on his ring finger. Holding up his hand, he saw a pretty gold ring there. He felt a cold shiver run up and down his spine when he saw an identical ring on the same finger on Maria's hand.

The diva yawned and opened her eyes. "Hnn…?"

"Maria? Is that you?" Jeff asked nervously.

The brunette squinted at him sleepily. "Jeff?"

The young Hardy swallowed hard, suddenly feeling even more uncomfortable. Not knowing what else to say he just replied with the first thing that came to his mind. "Yeah...um...is this your room or mine?"

Maria sat up lazily, rubbing her head. She still looked half asleep. "I think it's yours…"

She yawned again and stretched, then suddenly her eyes went wide and her face went slack as the realization of Jeff being in the same room and in the same bed with her seemed to strike like lightning. "Jeff?!" She pulled the sheets up to cover herself, even though she was still fully dressed, blushing profusely.

"It's okay." Jeff held up a hand and spoke softly in an effort to calm her. "It's okay you still have your dress on."

Maria looked down sheepishly, peeking under the covers to see her dress and underwear still intact. "Oh, yeah…" She giggled, and then noticed the ring on her finger. "Jeff... if I didn't know any better, I'd say our rings were a matching set... like... ummm... the ones my parents have."

Jeff looks down at the ring a little panicked. "Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions…"

"Who said I was jumping to anything! I just merely pointed out that our rings match, like an old married couple's; that's all..." She smiled. "Maybe someone's playing a joke on us. We did party kinda hard last night... and we're both dressed..."

Jeff's tense body relaxed considerably at that notion. He hadn't thought of the prospect that this could all be a joke. "Yeah, maybe we were trying to help each other to our rooms, but we were both so plastered we just went to the nearest one."

Maria shrugged. "Yeah... I'm sure someone came in to make sure we were alright before leaving. So who were you supposed to room with last night? Maybe they're annoyed they had to sleep in the lobby, so they got the idea to trick us into thinking we got married."

"I was sharing a room with Matt, I wouldn't put it past him to pull a trick like this," Jeff laughed.

"Yeah... although I don't he'd mind sharing a room with Ashley..." Maria giggled. "You know we're sharing a room. I wonder if she put him up to it... she's been teasing me about you lately."

"Yeah? What's she saying about us?" Jeff was amused by that and he quirked an eyebrow at her, hoping she would tell him more.

Maria blushed again and shifted uncomfortably. "Stuff like how we make a cute couple... and because we've been like sisters since I joined the WWE, it's adorable how we're dating two of the cutest brothers... Sometimes she'll ask me when we became so serious, you know, stuff like that."

The young Hardy's brow furrowed in confusion. "She thinks we're dating? Doesn't she remember you're with CM Punk?"

"Well…CM Punk and I have been having some problems…It's a long story…" Maria looked down, a little bit of sadness edging into her voice.

"And this incident probably doesn't help anything," Jeff let out a heavy sigh as he got up from the bed.

Maria bit her bottom lip and began to knead the sheets bunched up in her hands. "He'll be so angry with me for drinking myself into a blackout last night. Jeff, you won't tell, will you?"

Jeff smiled. "Nah, What do you say we just pretend this never happened. at all?"

Maria nodded vigorously. "That's a deal!"

Jeff nodded back and started heading toward the bathroom, but he stopped when he noticed a piece of paper on the table.

"Everything okay, Jeff?" Maria quirked an eyebrow when she saw Jeff pick the paper up and his eyes went wide as his jaw dropped.

"What's wrong Jeff?" She got up and walked over to him. "What is it?"

It took a few seconds for Jeff to find his voice again, and even then it was shaky.

"It's…It's a marriage license…"


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