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She is running as fast as she can, the heavy rainfall making sight difficult, footing even more so. The petite woman keeps going, not knowing how much further she has to go or why she is running, nobody is following her. She can feel her heart pounding in her chest, such intense pain. Thunder roars in the distance, and lightening strikes the ground far ahead of her, outlining a temple.

The rain is mocking her, falling faster now; she can feel it trying to pierce her skin with every drop that falls. She knows that she must get to the temple or the rain will rip her apart. Another bolt of lightning strikes in the distance, and she sees the temple outline is closer. 'I must get there' she thinks.

She is alone in the clearing; her only company is the trees looming on both side of her and the temple ahead of her. The sheer lack of lighting is alarming, it seems even the stars decided to hide in the sky. The only sounds heard are the strangled breaths from her mouth, the heavy footfalls as she runs, and the rain beating its way into the ground surrounding her, her heartbeat roars through her ears, almost drowning all other sounds from her ears. Yet something about this scene is intensely familiar, playing with her memory, forcing her to fear more than she would normally. The feeling of complete and absolute loneliness grabs at her soul, tugging her fears to the surface.

Someone grabs her arm from behind 'that's weird, I know there was nobody behind me just a moment ago' she thinks, suddenly worried.

Knowing the only escape for her is the temple, she pulls at her arm, yelling "No! I must get there!" to no avail. She turns to strike the person holding her back. "Who are you? Let me go!" She yells.

She's about to see the persons face but she a strong hand pushes her to the ground.

Strange laughter fills the air around her, along with a strange buzzing.

"Lady Kagome!"

She hears a familiar voice in the distance…

Chapter One

"Lady Kagome! Lady Kagome, are you all right?" It was one of the younger mikos, concern evident on her face.

Kagome slowly pushed herself up, leaning heavily on her elbows, her eyes slowly focusing on the young girls face. Her room is sparse, containing only a futon mattress on the floor, a small table with her alarm clock next to it, and a low desk in the corner with a lamp and several papers strewn across it. Looking to her side she shut off the alarm clock buzzing in her ear 'that was the buzzing at least' she thinks.

"Yes, yes I'm fine." She says, wiping the remaining sleep from her eyes. Smiling at the young girl, she stands and begins to gather her toiletries saying "Hurry along, I will just wash my face and follow shortly." The younger girl turns and starts to run off with a wave.

'Why do I keep having that dream?' she wonders as she walks into the washroom. Walking to a sink and turning on the tap, she splashes some water onto her face. She looks into the mirror as she begins to brush her teeth, noticing the changes of the past six years. 'So few changes on the outside' she thinks, "But it still hurts, knowing I meant so little to him…" she mutters around her toothbrush. Tears well in her eyes 'I can't think about this now' she scolds herself, suddenly remembering the night of the final battle with Naraku.

The battle had been going on all night, and as the sun slowly broke over the horizon, I thought Naraku was going to win. Sango and Miroku were fighting to my left, their backs to each other as forces were surrounding them. Koga and I were fighting in the same fashion, surrounded also. Inuyasha was fighting solo, taking out waves of demons at a time; trying to get closer to Naraku.

Outlined by the rising sun, there was a huge dog demon on the hill. 'Oh no,' I thought to myself, 'what is HE doing here?' A loud growl filled the air, and another group of demons came running at us.

"Kagome! Run away, save yourself!" Inuyasha yelled as he jumped in front of us, pushing me behind him.

Before I had a chance to run, I noticed the new demons were fighting with us, not against us.

"Inuyasha! Look, they are attacking the demons not us!" I yelled back to him with a smile. Suddenly, I knew we would be victorious. I don't know why Sesshoumaru was helping us, but it seemed as if the tide was finally starting to turn in our favor.

Blinking back the tears, she continued brushing her teeth. 'This is not the time to have such thoughts, I have only 1 week left until I return home to the shrine, I MUST forget the past and get on with my life' she thinks, finishing with the morning ritual.

Later that day, Kagome sat under a tree silently, about to begin her daily meditation. The tree was just beginning to shed its blossoms, a few were decorating her unbound hair; the wind gently blew a few strands of the raven hair to caress her serene face. A monk slowly approaches her; he is a shorter man, with bright violet eyes and short brown hair, tied securely. He wears the customary eggplant colored robes, with white and silver embroidery to dictate his station as a high monk of the temple. His face has concern on it and his eyes show fear.

"Lady Kagome, may I have a word with you please?" he asks. While his eyes show fear, she notices his voice is strong and carries neither the concern nor fear she is reading from him. 'Strange…' she thinks to herself as she stands with a nod and follows him.

He leads her to a small room, filled with artifacts. She bows to the Buddha statue to show respect, and then sits on the cushion the monk indicates is hers.

"Lady Kagome, you've been with us for some time now," he starts, his voice wavering slightly. She keeps her head slightly bowed and remains silent to show him respect to continue his thoughts.

"I know you have been through things, s- seen things..." at the slight catch in his voice, she glances at him. His eyes on her face, she notices a single tear running down his cheek. She lowers her eyes, sensing he needs to speak without her interrupting.

"Lady Kagome, I have something here…I did not know if it was meant for you until recently, I'm very ashamed to admit that I did not want to believe it was truly meant for you. Wh- when you first came to us, I believed the name was purely coincidence. Y- you see…" He reaches behind him, pulling a box from a shelf and placing it before her. "This has been handed down from monk to monk for over 400 years now. The story with it, I thought it was just a legend." He begins to speak faster, 'what is he scared of?' she thinks to herself.

"Lady Kagome, the story asks that if young girl comes to visit us, going by the name Kagome, and possessing strong miko powers – she is to be given this box. She will come to us, with the strength and knowledge of a trained miko, and we should regard her as such. I am ashamed; I did not want to believe that anything about this legend could be true." He begins to cry gently "The story tells of this young girl, trained in the ways of the Miko, and possessing the powers to purify the- the …" he sighed, and gave her a tired look, "La- Last night I had a dream, of a monk. He told me the time has come, and you were ready…" she glances at him again, noticing more tears falling from his eyes. He stands, "Your training is complete now, tomorrow you shall return to your shrine, as Miko." He bows to her, and turns stiffly to leave the room.

'That was strange' she thinks, looking at the box, 'I wasn't to return home for another week…' She shrugs, and opens the box. Inside, see sees a rolled up parchment and a stack of thicker parchment with drawings of herbs and writing on them. 'This…this is from Kaede!' she smiles brightly, tears beginning to shimmer in the corners of her eyes. She gingerly pulls everything out of the box, looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions of the various herbs.

'It must have taken her years to write all this out for me! That was so sweet to leave it to be passed down' tears begin to roll down her cheeks as she reaches to take the rolled up parchment

'I wonder what she wrote to me here.' As she unrolled the note however, she noticed it wasn't from Kaede only…

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