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It had been two months since he had left. The pain still didn't go away when I thought about him. Even the cold December snow didn't numb the sting. Anything that I saw seemed to remind me of his face, his voice. I stopped listening to music, I stopped reading, anything that brought up his name or his memory only made it harder to breathe.

When Renee had first come to take me to Florida, I had still been in shock. But when she said I was leaving the place that a piece of him still seemed to linger in, I couldn't bear to leave. I suppose I still thought it wasn't real, that he would come back. But these months alone have shown me the truth. He really doesn't love me, and he's not coming back. With this in mind, I walked downstairs into the living room where Charlie was watching TV.

"I'm leaving Forks." I told him, and I watched as the mix of shock and confusion crossed his face.

"What do you mean Bells? Leaving where?" He said.

"To Florida. I'm gonna go live with Mom and Phil." I told him. It wasn't a question or a guess. This is what was going to happen, and nothing he said or did could stop me. I needed to get out of this town.

He simply nodded and said "Does your mom know?" I nodded back; I had already emailed her and let her know I was coming. She had agreed wholeheartedly.

"When are you leaving?" he asked, and the fact that he didn't try to stop shocked me for a second. But I guess it wasn't hard to see that I wasn't doing well here. He probably saw this as a way to make me better. That's exactly what I hoped too.

"As soon as possible. I want to try to leave on the earliest flight tomorrow." Anything to get me out. When every waking moment of my life brought only painful memories, and I couldn't even sleep without waking up screaming, it's not hard to understand that I needed to get out of here quick. Charlie got out of his seat and walked over to the phone.

"I'm going to call Renee to make sure everything's okay, then you can leave tomorrow." He told me as he picked up the phone and started to dial. I smiled, for the first time in it seemed like too long, and walked upstairs. I packed my clothes and got my pajamas on. I didn't bother to call anyone to let them know I was leaving. This would be easier if I just left. I chuckled to myself as I thought of this a 'clean break'. But then that just brought on a new wave of nausea, because that memory was tied to him. So I turned off my light and went to sleep.

As usual, I woke up the next morning screaming.

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