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When I moved to La Push the last thing I expected was this. I know most people would love to be in my position… if only they really knew, then they would run. But the whole them being a monster thing doesn't really bother me the way it would with others, no that's not what bothers me it's what comes with what they are that makes this so hard and has made me fall in love with two people. To make something that has never happened before, to make the unimaginable a reality. Of course this would only happen to me, this just proves that I'm stranger then what I originally thought. This will not end well. Someone's going to get hurt… a lot


Love at first sight but more powerful, more powerful then the connection between soul mates.

You have no control over it you and that person are made for each other; destined to share the rest of existence with them

You could only begin to imagine.


AN: Ok I know I shouldn't be starting another story but after reading eclipse the ideal just came to me and it's been bugging me so I'll just have to find the time update both, if u like this one that is.

Well if you haven't caught on yet Edward and Jake are both werewolves and everyone is going to be living in La Push well for the most part. Bella doesn't know anything yet because she just moved there.

I know it's confusing now but it will make senses soon. Also just to let you know a lot of things will be different, as u can already tell but I want his to be original. Any questions just ask me in a review or PM me and let me know if you want me to write this or not. one last thing; tell me if u would like some of the Forks HS kids there or not and who ever picks the most of one I'll do that, basically a vote (don't know why i just didn't say vote in the first place) and if there are ones you want there more then others. k?

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