"Hey girls, time to wake up!" came Mary's soft voice through the narrow slit of the open door.

Groans filled the small room as everyone slowly woke up and began to get ready for the day. Rosalie pulled a mask off her face before grabbing a large toiletry bag and heading out the door, followed soon by Kristin and Sarah, each clutching a plastic bag full of various facial products and debating the various activities they thought Mary and Andrew would choose for the first day. Tiny Alice grabbed her own such bag, almost as big as Rosalie's, and my hand and pulled me out the door.

"What are you doing!" I protested. I was not a morning person.

"To get cleaned up, silly. I saw how you and Edward were looking at each other last night. There seems to be a lot of that going around, actually."

"Huh?" I asked, dumbfounded. Edward and I had merely talked last night. We had both been the only two who didn't have a ride to the camp, so they'd had to provide transportation for us through Camp Seagull, the neighboring camp, and apparently CDL's rival. We hadn't been welcomed warmly by the all-boys group. "No, no, no. You don't understand. Edward and I already know each other. Sort of."

"Sort of." She stated, voice brimming with skepticism. I nodded. She started smearing a flowery-scented cream across my face. "Rinse" she said when she was done. "Well, sort of knowing each other doesn't ever make an excuse for a look like the ones you two were giving off. I know a crush when I see one."

"I don't have a—"

"Yes." She said, "You do." By this time, we had made it back to the cabin, where the others were waiting.

"Is that everyone?" Mary asked.

"No," Sarah said, "Rosalie's still in there."

"Were we supposed to change?" I asked her, noting that a couple of the others had.

"Naw," she said back, "We're just going to Morning Watch. And breakfast. Nobody really cares what you look like at seven in the morning."

"Morning Watch?" I asked, perplexed.

"It's like a short sermon. Farmer John does it. He usually tells the same stories though, and they get old after about two years." Said Kristin, grinning just as Rosalie emerged from the bathroom, fully done up and perfect.

"Gosh, Kristin, how many times do I have to tell you?!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Tell me what?" Kristin asked.

"His name is John Farmer, not Farmer John!" Everyone laughed, including Mary, and Kristin looked a bit sheepish.

We sat on some wooden benches arranged in rows like pews in a church, and listened to the steady, soothing lap of the water on the rocks below and the sharp chink of metal on metal as the small sailboats rocked with the waves. And then, the peaceful reverie was rudely interrupted by the blasting noise of a trumpet fanfare originating from Camp Seagull.

"And that is why everyone comes to Camp Don Lee." Came the voice of one of the guys from our group. A slow, murmuring laugh rippled through our row as the guys seated themselves on the bench beside us and in front of us.

The old bench bounced a bit as a tall figure seated itself next to me. I hardly dared to look up.

"Hey." The figure said, with a velvety voice I would recognize anywhere, even though I'd only heard it for the first time yesterday.

"Hi." I replied, my face going red instantly. I wasn't used to attention from anyone, much less someone as gloriously perfect as Edward. I looked up and his mouth opened to say something, but whatever he was about to say was drowned out by the overly projected voice of John Farmer (or Farmer John, however you looked at it).

I tried to pay attention to the words, but it was difficult, I wanted so badly to just reach out the two or so inches and grab Edward's hand. It became nearly unbearable when Andrew decided he wanted to sit down, and had the whole row scoot over a couple inches. Edward's warm side was pressed firmly against mine, and I loved it. Perhaps Alice was right before, but now, I knew it was true. I had a major crush on Edward.

Breakfast was a simple meal, served in the same fashion as the dinner we'd eaten the night before. Pancakes, biscuits, sausage, and a vat of southern grits were laid out on the table. As we had the night before, we stood behind our chairs and said the grace before the maddening rush of eight hungry teenagers turned our table into a rectangle of chaos, Hands flew out to grab spoons and platters, spilling occasionally, pitchers were passed and emptied, then refilled. It was like we'd turned into animals.

Without even realizing it, I noticed, we'd slowly integrated our tables. Rosalie and Emmett were wrapped up in each other, gazing into each others eyes and grinning like escaped loonies, and Alice and Jasper were trying to hide their interlocked hands under the table, but not quite succeeding. Even Sarah was talking to a guy at the table behind ours, blushing and smiling more even than I was.

And why was I blushing? Because Edward's arm was wrapped around my shoulders, in plain view of the counselors. They didn't seem to have too much of a problem with it, but I felt like every person in a ten mile radius, including Little Miss Matchmaker herself, was forming conclusions that shouldn't have been made. I liked him, sure. But the problem was that he didn't like me.

"NO way!" I jerked, surprised at the exclamation, and looked around for the source. I soon found it, in the form of a very ticked off Kristin. She was holding a small rectangle of paper.

"What is it?" Sarah asked craning her neck to look at the paper.

"Look at what they have us signed up for today." Kristin shoved the paper under her nose, and Sarah's quiet indiffernce turned into an angry incredulosity.

"Encounters?! Right after Archery and Crafts, which aren't that bad, but... ugh. I haven't done Encounters since that time Austin got so pissed at us for putting that bench under the doorknob so the guys couldn't get out."

"Uhhh, guys?" Alice asked the two girls. Their heads whipped around to face her.

"Yeah?" Sarah asked.

"What's Encounters?"

"Only the most boring activity ever. We just sit around in a circle and learn crap. It is so POINTLESS!" Kristin exclaimed. After a few quiet words from Sarah and a couple what-the-hell-is-that-crazy-girl-going-on-about looks from the other table, Kristin quieted down, but continued glowering at the sheet of paper.

"Well, at least we have Sailing after lunch." Sarah said, a smile spreading across her face as she glanced up at the blond guy, whose hand she was still holding.

"Hmmm…Bella?" Edward's voice came from right above my ear. I was surprised that I hadn't noticed him getting so close.

"Yes?" I asked, tilting my head up.

"Would you like to be my sailing buddy?"