"So you wanna know how I got these apples?" Space Ghost laughed as he was juggling several apples.

"...Tell me, how did we get here?" Escargoon asked as he glanced around the studio.

"Yeah. I got better things to do with my time!" King DeDeDe boasted as he had a large amount of food surrounding him.

"Yeah, like doing nothing." Zorak scoffed as he blinked his eyes several times.

"This feels like us doing nothing." Moltar commented as he began reading his green book.

"No, you're not doing anything until we do something with these apples!" Space Ghost snapped angrily.

King DeDeDe kept on stuffing his face with food as Space Ghost was tempted to blast somebody, with Escargoon deciding to go for a walk. And on that note...

One day, it was such a nice day in Cappy Town, that Escargoon decided to take a walk.

"I'm going for a walk now! See you in a bit, Your Majesty!" Escargoon shouted to King DeDeDe (who was watching Dr. Phil on his small, red TV), as he slithered out of the throne room.

Going down the hallway, Escargoon exited and headed off for the dirt-paved path. Meta Knight then bumped into him.

"Ooof!" Escargoon screamed falling backwards, and getting up, growling. "Hey! Watch where you're going, you tin can!" He snapped at Meta Knight.

Meta Knight got down on his knees. "I am so sorry, Escargoon. I'll watch where I'm going next time." He got up, picked up his sword, and walked into the castle.

Escargoon muttered to himself, before continuing to slither down the path.

On the way, he noticed Rick, who was holding a rusty, old and pail bucket of apples.

"Hey, hamster brain, what's with the apples?" Escargoon asked, picking up one of the bright red apples in the rusty, old and pail bucket and taking a bite out of it.

Rick smiled. "Oh! I'm delivering these apples to my buddy at the sea! He likes them in this rusty, old and pail bucket, yessiree!"

Escargoon's eyes were wide open, and he spat out the apple in disgust, throwing it at Rick's head. "Yuck! Next time, warn me about the food next time before I eat it!" He slithered off in disgusted.

Rick rubbed his head, confused. "Was it something I said?" He asked, heading for the shore.

Escargoon continued his walk, passing by Kirby's house. Kirby got out and ran up to Escargoon.

"Eh?" Escargoon turned around to see Kirby. "What do you want, puffball?"

Kirby waved his arms crazy, smiling.

Escargoon's right eye twitched. "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that." He pushed Kirby aside and continued down the path.

Little did the snail know that Kirby was following him.

Escargoon turned around, to see Kirby again. He groaned, and turned around, putting his hands on his hips, er, sides. "Listen, you! Stop trying to stalk me, because it's not working!" He pushed Kirby back towards the puffball's house, and Escargoon turned around and slithered down the path.

Kirby jumped up and down excitedly, and he ran towards Escargoon, jumping at him, which knocked the snail down.

Escargoon moaned, having Kirby hugging him on the ground. "Ugh...this is so wrong..." He screamed, "Look! I don't know what's up with you today, but leave me alone!" He got up and started slithering as fast as he could.

Kirby tilted his head, and he started running right after Escargoon.

Escargoon looked behind him to see Kirby, and screamed. He started to slither faster, which caused Kirby to run faster. Escargoon turned around again and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"STOP FOLLOWING ME!" Screamed at the top of his lungs Escargoon, as he ran through Cappy Town, being chased by Kirby. The cappy townspeople watched in disbelief as Escargoon and Kirby ran around the tree in the center, and then Escargoon ran out of the town, towards the Whispy Woods. Kirby wasn't too far behind.

Escargoon moaned, with Kirby continuing to pursue him. He cried, "What did I do to deserve this!?" He slithered behind the tall Whispy tree, trying to hide from Kirby.

Unbeknownst to him, Kirby was right behind him, smiling widely. He screamed joyfully, waving his small arms, "HI!"

Escargoon screamed, hearing Kirby and crashing into the Whispy tree, falling on the ground, unconscious. He moaned in pain, and Kirby drugged, grabbing Escargoon by the tail and heading back to Cappy Town.

...until the Phantom Cruiser came crashing down on Kirby, killing him in the process as Space Ghost stumbled out, noticing all the apples around.

"Hey! Look at that! Apples!' Space Ghost exclaimed as he rubbed his hands together with glee.