(A/N:All characters belong to stephinie meyer.)

I woke up by an very disturbing noise

beep beep beep.My stupid alarm clock was going off.My lord it's a Saturday,and it's only 7:00.

"Ugh.Stupid Alarm clock".I mumbled.I hit the sleep button.I heard a low chuckle come from the corner of the room.I looked up to see Edward in the corner sitting in my rocking chair.He held a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"Hmph"I said and turned my back to him.He just let out a low chuckle.

"Bella,please don't be mad at me.It was funny.You almost or thought about tearing up your alarm clock.I've just never seen you like that before.It's funny."I still didn't turn around.Two can play at this game.

"Bella I'm sorry".But I still didn't turn around.That was enough for him.He snuck up behind me picked me up bridal style and walked over to the rocking chair. When I still wasn't talking to him he nuzzled my neck.God I hate when he doe's that.But yet I love it.

"Am I forgiven yet".He asked with a sly smile.

"Ye-Yes".My voice craked.Great.He just let out a low chuckle.I turned to galre at him,but that didn't quite work out.He was dazzling me again.

"What"He asked with a sly smile.

"Your dazzling me again".I said

"Oh really".He asked.

"Yes Really".That's when I looked up at him.

"Edward".I asked as I got up from his lap and started to back up."Hmm...strange he let me up.But why"?.I wondered.

"Yes".He asked as he got up from the chair and walked toward me very,very slowly.

"Edward"I asked.I could see a playful glint in his eye."Edward"I asked again.All of a sudden I was airborne,and being laid on my bed where Edward was hovering over me.He bent down and gave me a kiss.I shoved him away a little.He looked hurt and confused.

"Is Charlie gone"I asked.He just nodded.I just looked up and smiled.He just raised an eyebrow.I caught him off a gaurd,and shoved him off of me and ran for the door.He was still in a daze until he finally snapped out of it.He then ran out the door after me.I was already in the bathroom before he caught me and I locked the door.

"Bella open this door or I will bust it down".He threatened.Okay he wants to play it that way.FINE."

"You do and I'll tell Esme that you broke down our door to my bathroom."

"Isabella Marie Cul-.He trailed off."Swan you wouldn't".I slowly unlocked the door.

"Yes I would.And what did you just call me Edward Anthony Cullen.?"I asked him.He looked a little taken a back since I used his full name.

"Sorry,Bella.I was just thinking about how one day you will become Mrs.Cullen,and I like the sound of of it".He said.If he could've blushed I'm sure he would've.

"Yes,and Yes I like the name too."I said.Edward just looked down at me.

"Is that Yes to what I think it is".Edward asked.

"Yes as in I'll marry you."I told him.He looked hopeful."Then yes that's exactly what I meant".After I said this Edward had me picked up me up bridal sty;e and careing me out to his car while kissing me.He had me buckled in and in the driver's side within a half a second.He then started to drive to his house.We reached his house within 5 minutes.WHen we walked in I was surprised that Alice hadn't came down and tackled me yet.When she did she came down gave me a hug and headed into the kitchen.

"Hey Alice.You,Rosalie,and Esme want to go shopping."I asked her.She came running back into the room.

"Edward is she sick or something."She asked.He just shook his head no.

"Then what's wrong with her,she wants to go shopping."

"But do you know what kind of shopping"I asked her.She just shook her head.

"Well what about wedding shopping"As soon as the word left my mouth she screamed.Everyone came into the room.

"Alice what's wrong".Esme and Jasper asked at the same time.

"Girls it's shopping time".

"For what".Esme asked.

"Bella and Edward ar getting married".She screamed again.

"Oh dear that's wonderful"Esme ran up to me and Edward and gave us both hugs.Carlisle walked through the door just then.

"Esme dear what's wrong".Esme eyes were the brightest shade of yellow I've ever saw.

"My babies are getting married"She screamed.It didn't surprise me that Esme called me that.She already excepts as her daughter.

"Well that is good news".Carlisle eyes were brighter then Esme's.Emmet came running down the stairs.

"It's about time.My what took you so long"Emmet asked a bit of humor in his eyes.Rosalie just slapped Emmet upside the head.

"Oww Rose what was that for".He asked rubbing the back of his head.

"Sorry babe,but that was for acting like an idiot.Not that you are babe,but just saying".Ever since I saved Edward from the Voltori and exposing himself me and Rosalie have been on better terms.I just nodded my head in thanks.I decided to embaress Edward like he did me the other day.

"Hey Esme.I have something I need help with".I said pointing to Edward.She raised her eyebrow.

"What is it dear".

"Today when I first got up Edward had laughed at me,because he set my alarm clock on for 7:00 when it's on a weekend and he kept me up half the night.So I wouldn't talk to him and he came up behind me and took me back to the rocking chair,but then he let me up and I was curious,because he never hardly lets me up and I backed up.He got up and started to walk toward me very slowly..."I trailed off while Esme raised her eyebrow at Edward and motined for me to continue.

"So he then had me picked up at vampire speed and over to my bed where he then kissed me,but then I caught him off gaurd and pushed him off of me and ran to the door,and was in my bathroom before he snapped out of his daze.When he did he ran to the bathroom,but was to late because I had locked it."I heard a snicker come from Jasper and Emmet.

"So he then threatened me that if I didn't open the door to my bathroom then he would bust it down,and now one of the hinges is tore off".I heared another snicker come from Alice and Rose.

"So then he asked me what I would do about it,but he never thought he could get in trouble.So he didn't think about what you could do since you r his mom.So now he won't even fix the door.Oh yeah and Esme can I start calling you mom.And Carlisle can I start calling you dad."I asked both of them.Their eyes lit up.

"Of course you can".Carlisle answered for them.Esme spoke up next.

"And as for you Edward.You get to go and help bella with the house cleaning and fix her door.Do you understand me".His mouth was open and he just nodded.Edward just shot me a sneaky glance,and came and pick me up to take me to his room.The where howls coming form downstairs they stopped when they got hit upside the head.Edward kicked open his door,closed it with his foot,and laid me down,but it wasn't his couch it was a king sized bed wit a canopy.Edward then hovered over me and started to kiss down my neck.

"Edward what time is it"I asked.

"hmmm...6:45".He said with an evil grin.

"Edward I need to get home" I said but he wouldn't let me up.

"No you don't.As far as your dad knows your here having a sleepover with Alice and Rose".He said.After a while I let out a low yawn.

"I think it's time for Bella to go to sleep.Don't ya think."I just nodded.He lay me down on his right side and starts to hum my lullabuy.And then I was out.

"Finally.I'll Finally be Mrs.Edward Anthony Masen Cullen."