Five Things that may or may not have happened to Yvette under the Mistletoe at the Café René.


Yvette was cleaning the table in the back room at Madam Edith's request, in preparation for the dinner all the staff at the café were planning to have the following day and for once, the waitress didn't mind that she was uninterrupted. René and the others were attending the midnight mass, surreptitiously to barter for some black market vegetables, due to the fact that the German's had commandeered theirs that very morning. Quite kindly the Colonel had invited the staff to join them for Christmas, but the General had put a stop to the plan when he discovered the staff included the owners as well as the waitresses.

Ten minutes later she was so focussed upon setting the table perfectly that she didn't notice the tapping on the window that signified the arrival of Michelle, the Resistance and, more often than not, trouble. Eventually even Yvette could not feign ignorance about the visitor and, hoping that this wasn't going to ruin Christmas, she opened the window.

She was glad to note that Michelle was alone so the likelihood of a scheme involving the airmen was significantly less and Michelle didn't seem to move with her usual urgency.

"Yes, can I 'elp?"

For the first time in the waitress's memory Michelle smiled.

"Do not worry Yvette, I 'ave no plan. Even the Resistance rests at Christmas."

Yvette returned the smile and then faltered. Not once had she spoken with the other woman about anything that did not involve René, the airmen, or the Resistance. She realised for the first time how little she knew Michelle and wondered whether she had anywhere to be the following day.

"Would you like to join us tomo-?"

"Oh, no no. It is kind of you but I 'ear Madam Edith cooks as badly as she sings."

They both laughed and Yvette was surprised when Michelle pulled a small, box, wrapped in brown parcel paper.

"This is for you."

She was shocked to say the least but took the present with wide eyes and eager hands. It had been so long since somebody had given her a present.

"Can I open it?"

Michelle laughed again.

"Of course, but I'm afraid it may be predictable."

Curiosity and glee overtaking her Yvette opened the parcel, the act itself minding her of the Christmases she spent with her mother when she was very young, but Michelle presence gave her a constant reminder of the danger they were in. Thus she wasn't overly surprised when she found herself with a small pistol in her hand.

"I know it is not very seasonal but I wanted you to 'ave something in case the Germans tried something after drinking too much."

"Thank you very much Michelle."

She put her new weapon on the table, pointedly avoiding her arrangements for lunch the next day and pulled Michelle into her arms, kissing her on both cheeks.

"Would you like some wine? It's nearly midnight and I 'ate being alone at the beginning of Christmas."

For a moment Yvette thought Michelle was going to leave, vanish as she so often did and then both of them would be alone at the beginning of the festival. The woman in question pulled back slightly, Yvette realised she still had her arms wrapped rightly around her, looked somewhat apprehensive before smiling again.

"That would be lovely."

She sat at the carefully arranged table, being cautious not to disrupt anything and Yvette had the feeling, as she fetched the wine, that Michelle understood how much effort had gone into it. She wondered briefly how long Michelle had been stood at the window. She served the wine and sat, thinking it was probably best not to think of the motives of the Resistance.

They sat quietly for a few minutes silently sipping their wine, all the while listening to the clock on the wall count them closer to the new day. Yvette found her eyes glued to Michelle's and they exchanged small smiles as they waited. Eventually the clock struck midnight and they both stood up simultaneously, without really meaning to, and Yvette said the obvious.

"Well Merry Christmas I suppose."

Encouraged by this Michelle walked towards her and hugged her again, and Yvette was suddenly saddened by the thought that Michelle was going to spend the rest of the day alone. She knew the other woman would refuse any offer to company though and settled for reaching for the mistletoe artfully placed on the table. She held it over their heads and grinned.

Shocked slightly Michelle seemed to recover quickly and smirked back.

"Merry Christmas Yvette."

And Michelle, the ice-cold head of the Resistance, kissed her. Lightly but sweetly and it was a long time in Yvette's memory since she had been kissed like this. It seemed to last a lot longer than was logical but with great regret they pulled back and smiled wickedly at each other, knowing that, innocent as it was, this would be their own secret. With a quick wink Michelle kissed her on the cheek and vanished out the window.

And Yvette placed the mistletoe back on the table arrangement.