Out of Mind (Part 1)

I'm going to get married!!! Jack proposed just last night, and I said yes of course, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should have suspected something when Teal'c and Drey'auc suggested that it would be a good night for a walk up on the mountain. I was going to wave them off when Drey'auc mentioned that they probably should have an escort and preferred not an Airman coming along. It was a last minute desire and I really didn't want to go through the hoops of getting one just so those two could enjoy what should be a simple walk out in the night air.


Except it was all part of the devious and romantic mind of one Jack O'Neill. Looking back I can see his hand with Daniel 'suddenly' dumping some work on me about Jaffa culture that would keep me at the base late. Daniel would normally just do it himself when it came to cultures and finding minutia. But he gave me those 'Daniel eyes' you just have to do what he says, you don't want to disappoint him, and he appeared so flustered with his own work that no, I didn't really see it coming. Which was all part of Jack's 'cunning plan' I'm guessing.

So here we are, making like the proverb three's company, not the sitcom fortunately. This sends bizarre images through my mind substituting the three of us with the stars of that show. Anyway I was hanging back to give them the illusion of privacy when they stopped and beckoned me ahead of them.

There Jack was in a tuxedo, with a table, white table cloth, candles, bottle of wine, and Daniel acting as a kind of waiter. One who spoke genuine French which added to the whole ambiance of the night. I'm ashamed to say I don't know when Teal'c and Drey'auc retreated, but soon it was just a new threesome, and then it was just Jack and I.

He opened the box, told me I was his mountain top experience, and that we've been living in the valley of death too long now and he'd love to climb out of it with me as his wife.

Of course I said yes.

I think the squeal, no other way to really dignify the sound I made, echoed all over the mountain. Then there was lots of hugging, kissing and likely more would have happened if Daniel hadn't come back up after us.

There was a mission for SG-1, there was always a mission at times like this. It was a cliché, interrupt the couple who just announced their engagement, one of them goes off and doesn't come back, leaving the other to morn for them. I wasn't expecting the cliché to go through so completely.

Chris pretty much lead the charge to go see what happened to SG-1 over Colonel Makepeace's head, not that I cared which one spearheaded the rescue, just that they brought back Jack to me. Well Navy-Marine relations didn't impact at all what SG 3 and 7 found. They brought back Teal'c alone and then he was near death, likely left for dead.

I stayed by his bed for most of the three weeks he was unconscious. Teal'c was all I had of Jack right then, so there I remained across from Drey'auc who didn't sleep as often as I did. Vaguely I knew that teams went out to search for the rest of SG-1. I understand even Will and Robby went out on some of the searches. They even took K-9 with them.

It was Rob's first time off world since he came to the SGC, I'd like to say that General Hammond was getting desperate to let him go, but I heard the Doctor say that he should trust Robby. I suppose a time traveler's word counts for something. Which would also cover K-9's going with them, all three unofficially apart of Lou's team, SG-2. It was one of the few smiles I had in this time hearing Ferretti having picked up Jack's habit of calling K-9 'Toto' as they left.

Claire was nearly at bedside as much as I was as Teal'c was the link to her son as he was my husband-to-be-again. Cassie popped up when they let her, Sam was also missing and it was not that any of us didn't miss her too, or me Daniel, or Claire Jack or Sam, it was just we each had our reasons to want Teal'c to wake up and let us know what happened. Somehow, and I guess unlike Drey'auc, I expected Teal'c to get well again. It's Teal'c, with Junior inside of him, he would always get well eventually. A conceit that wasn't fair to him, and certainly not to Drey'auc who was really concerned.

Briefly I wondered where Rya'c must be, and knew there wasn't anyone to go get him. Drey'auc wasn't leaving her husband's side and no-one else really know how to contact Rya'c or Bra'tac for that matter. All of this was pushed aside when Teal'c woke up. We moved aside and let Janet and the General take charge.

The worst shock was to come soon after that.

Teal'c was leaving the SGC, and that also meant Drey'auc was leaving with him. I don't think either considered anything less, and after I realized why they were leaving, I wanted to thank them both. They were going to continue to look, to find out what happened. They weren't going to give up, to leave Jack and the others like Frank did Jack in Iraq. He was going out there and Robby was going to go with them.

Toto however was staying here at the SGC. K-9's 'Prime Directive' is to wait here for the time General Hammond would need him and a prolonged search for SG-1 conflicted with that. I wanted to beg him to on, yet Lou mentioned K-9 wasn't great with uneven terrain, and in all fairness he did do a lot by assuring me he thought SG-1 was still alive. He couldn't give me specifics, nothing I would really understand about forensic evidence if they had died, but it was enough to feed my hope. Thanks Toto.

Now as to why Rob volunteered, I didn't know, Will didn't know, nor did he tell anyone other than he wanted to help continue the search and thought he could do so with Teal'c and Drey'auc. After his help with the Re'tu I was glad he was going along. I told him to look after Drey'auc, Teal'c, and himself.

I know that sounds strange, and Jack would think I was nuts to say it to Robby. To Jack, Rob's only a machine and that's all he ever will be. I can even hear his exasperated 'For crying out loud, it's only a machine' in my mind now, which puts another rare smile on my face. I suppose with more than a year at SGC, you learn to care a bit more about whom someone is rather than what they are. From a crystal Jack and Charlie, to robot duplicates to a child fast-grown by things looking -really- alien, I learned it's really only just people.

There are those who don't think Jaffa are real people, just the enemy. Me, I am going to miss my friend Drey'auc, and Teal'c too of course. All of her odd questions, learning about her culture, language, the star trek convention, driving lessons, even the teasing I think she does deliberately to get a rise out of me. Sometimes I think I've sprayed more of my first cup of coffee in the morning than drank it.

So I hugged and held Drey'auc a long time at the base of the ramp when they were ready to go. The gate glowed with its event horizon and Robby was already nearly up it, waiting for his Jaffa escort to follow. I let her go and she went up the ramp a bit, leaving Teal'c with General Hammond, who saluted and Teal'c returned it. I watched them leaving, believing I was going to see them again. That they would bring Jack, Daniel and Sam with them and that they wouldn't give up until they did.

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