-1What You Can't Say Sober

By F. W. Bourdillon

There were these small things you couldn't say with a sober mind.

Warning: Contains Shonen-ai / Yaoi and contains sexual situations

Word Count: 1035

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and all rights belong to Kishimoto

Chapter One

A/n: Yet another story started a long time ago, about 4 or 5 months ago. I just decided to finish it, so ignore the poor writing.


Hidan let out a loud laugh leaning against his partner, "I'm so happy to be here with you…." he slurred, the smile on his face clearly saying that he was way too drunk for his own good.

Kakuzu merely rolled his eyes figuring it was about time he took Hidan back to their room.

Even though Hidan was being more obnoxious than when he was sober (the man just wouldn't stop talking! At least he wasn't complaining) Kakuzu still found the his behavior quite amusing.

"Come on Hidan, I think its time we head back." Kakuzu said standing up in his chair.

Hidan also stood his body weaving back and forth but as soon as he took a step forward he tripped on himself and ended up pressed against Kakuzu's back.

The silver-haired man was too drunk to notice the stitch mans muscles tense at the contact, instead Hidan looked up only to see the back of Kakuzu's head.

Letting out a drunken laugh and a smile to match, Hidan nuzzled his face into the taller mans back affectionately, Kakuzu flinched, "Ehehehehe…Kakuzu, has anyone told you how-how totally sexy you are…?"

One of Kakuzu's five hearts practically had an attack at that moment, okay, Hidan was a lot more than he had thought, "Lets go." he grumbled grabbing a hold of Hidan's arm and dragging along the religious drunk.


With almost an hour gone by Kakuzu had finally managed to get his partner to their room.

The only reason that it had taken so long was because all along the way Hidan had continuously snuck away when Kakuzu had, had his back turned.

So with all the detours, the stitch man had never been more relieved to have a bed to sleep in (he was thankfull for Hidan's bitching earlier that day to get a hotel room).

Kakuzu ignored Hidan as he stumbled across the room to get to his own bed, instead focusing on throwing his Akatsuki cloak onto a nearby chair and readying himself for sleep. Only to stop when he felt weight dip into the side of the bed behind him.

Though he automatically knew what drunken zealot was there.

"Hidan, what are y---" he stopped in mid-sentence to see Hidan clad in only boxers and….posing in a very suggestive manner.

"Hey Kuzu…" Hidan drawled now crawling to the man in question on all fours, "We should…" he interrupted himself by falling into a small fit of giggles, "…We should have s-some fun." he laughed pulling himself into Kakuzu's lap and wrapping his arms around the strong neck.

Kakuzu stared at Hidan with a mixed expression of disgust and shock; last time he would ever take Hidan drinking, he decided to himself, "Hidan go sleep." he said simply trying to push the other man off but the others arms only tightened around his neck.

Hidan gave a pouty face, "Dun be like that Kuzu…" Hidan said before reaching up and pulling down the black fabric covering Kakuzu's face.

And before Kakuzu could react he felt Hidan's lips pressed up against his own, his eyes widening considerably in response.

The religious mans tongue slid over Kakuzu's lips for a brief moment before beginning to trail along the stitching on his cheek, his tongue pushing a little harder along the slit while doing so.

Kakuzu made another attempt to shove the silver-haired man off but stopped when he felt Hidan's tongue making small delicate circular motions along the slit and stitching, in this making a low grunting noise escape from Kakuzu's throat.

This Hidan's intoxicated smile widen, he pulled away for a second and Kakuzu could tell those eyes staring into his own had less than half a clue what was going on.

And before he knew it Hidan's lips were pressed back to his and tongue demanding entrance into the stitch-mans mouth, Kakuzu actually obliged parting his lips ever so slightly and in allowed Hidan to hungrily twist his tongue in Kakuzu's mouth.

Kakuzu could feel Hidan beginning to grind his lower body into his own growing arousal.

In reality, Kakuzu was shocked by his own actions, he really couldn't believe this was happening; he couldn't even think about what was so very wrong with this (but why did it feel so right?) in between Hidan's hot mouth and the rock that was forming in his pants.

But just as Kakuzu was ready to respond to Hidan's actions, the religious mans head slumped against his shoulder and his body fell limp suddenly.

Looking confused Kakuzu slid his hand under Hidan's chin and lifted his face only to growl in annoyance as to see the silver-haired man passed out a snoring lightly.

'Idiot' he though to himself before letting out a sigh and picking up the smaller figure bridal style and making a short walk to lay the man in his rightful bed.

Kakuzu tried to rise after laying Hidan down but found Hidan had made his arm a nice pillow as he nuzzled into Kakuzu's arm and let out a content sigh.

Kakuzu groaned in aggravation, even drunk the religious zealot liked to make his life a living hell, he sighed in annoyance. He looked at Hidan for a moment and his eyes softened, 'I don't think I've ever seen Hidan this…peaceful before.' he thought with another sigh and laid down next to the religious man.

Kakuzu knew he wasn't going to get much sleep his thoughts were too busy drifting to the incident that had happened only moments ago, he wanted to know why his lips were burning with a strange sensation and everywhere Hidan had touched him sent sparks through his body, he also wanted to know how the man got him that damn aroused.

'Asshole' he thought in a more caring way then intended as his fingers brushed over Hidan perfect facial features, he laid a gentle kiss on the mans forehead.

In this the sleeping form moved closer to Kakuzu resting his head on the mans arm, Kakuzu could feel Hidan's chest rise and fall against his own.

Kakuzu put an arm around Hidan, closing his eyes hoping to get at least a small amount of sleep.


Next Chapter:

Hidan had been noticing these small changes in Kakuzu; they were fighting less and less, Kakuzu let him go about his rituals without a single complaint, and so forth…and it was pissing him off to no end.