Title: The RoyEd Collaboration of Shots and Drabbles

About the Collection:
Haaaaah. My friend (Riko-Chan AKA Tisa-Chan) and I came up with an idea to write a collection of RoyEd fics because we had managed to get hooked on the pairing once more AT THE SAME EFFIN TIME. Okay, maybe not the EXACT same time, but we still managed to get hooked. It's like this… twin telepathy thing… and we're not twins. Anywho, yeah, we each take turns posting here (it's on my account cuz we flipped a coin lol) so yeah. You can also make sure who's writing what by looking under the chapter title (always listed under the Author Note) in the posted chapter, and looking at the author under it.
I miss his voice.
Warnings: Shounen-Ai/Yaoi. DUH. Don't like it? Leave at once! (hits ground with pole) OH, AND SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE SERIES AND THE MOVIE. READ AT YOUR OWN DESCRETION.
Chapter Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Neither Tisa-Chan nor I own Hagaren, or anything else in this fic that seems to be copyrighted or owned or something by anyone else. The only things we own are the ideas, our love for RoyEd, and Tisa-Chan owns Roy and Ed key chains. Haaaah.
Author Notes: Totally based on the FmA doujin, "Kasumi." But only the parts where Ed is on the phone, most likely trying to call our favorite Colonel/General, but can't. AND IT'S FREAKY DEAKY ANGST!

By: finalfantasys-child

I stand there, holding the phone up to my ear, staring up ahead. I do not know what I'm staring at… either the phone receiver or the wall holding it up; I'm just staring.

Al is happy here, we're together once more, after these two years of being apart. I am happy as well, but I…

Despite feeling so empty, I stay strong for my little brother. I know he's not stupid and I know he's starting to catch onto my acting, but he does not say anything about it. There's nothing we can do about it anyway, we are stuck here, in this world, for the rest of our lives.

I continue to hold the phone up to my ear. The beeping sound coming from the ear piece has become mute to me. I hang up the phone, but do not remove my hand from it. I lift it up again to my ear and dial his number.

After a while, the beeping noise returns. I hate the sound, so I hang up again.

My eyes are starting to sting; I do not know why.

I pick the phone up again and dial his number once more. I hear the beeping noise.

Something wet slides down my cheek. I do not know what's wrong; all I know is that he is not here, with me.

I miss his voice. I miss him.

I hang up the phone and debate on backing away from it. Something in my gut is telling me to keep dialing his number.

I automatically reach up to grab the phone and dial his number once more.

Just one more time.

This time, I hear no beeping. Instead, it is ringing.

I feel as though I have just dialed the wrong number. It is not supposed to ring at all.

Someone answers.


His voice.

But it is not him; I know this. It's his other self, or someone else altogether.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" I speak out. "…I've got the wrong number…"

There is a long silence.

"It's all right." he says and I can feel him smiling. "well then, good bye."

"G-good bye…"

I hang up.

I want to see him, but I know this man will not be him. They are the same person, but not the same one to me.

I find myself sitting on the ground, covering my face. I do not know what made me do this.

I miss him so much.


FFC: There WILL be a part 2! I promise. But it will be after my darling friend, Tisa-Chan, gets her shot posted. So HAH! HAH FOOL! HAAAAAAH!!! (gets beaten)