"Hello Arthur" said Heather in a over perky voice. "Hey Heather. Well, I prepared the wine. Care for a glass?"
Arthur was a scientist at the Academy Of Law in New York. That's how he made the potion.
"Mmmm. I love wine Arthur." Arthur shown a fake smile. "I do to." and at that moment, Heather's mood changed from perky to flirty, then flirty.. To erotic.
Many minutes passed, and after being to physically tired to move, Arthur rolled off of Heather's body. Both panting, Arthur said "I'm sorry, I have to stop Heather. I'm tired." heather smiled at him after rolling back on, and said "I know your tired honey. But I'm just getting started. I feel like doing this over, and over.. And over again." then once again, they made love.
Everything had gone perfect in Arthur's mind. Heather loved him, and to top it all off, they even had a sexual relationship. But was all truly well between them? Heather had grown more and more sexualy active by the day, and she just couldn't get enough "love" from Arthur. She smothered him, and wanted to be with him every moment of the day. Rather it was just to be kind, or to have sex. She was driving Arthur crazy, and it got to the point, where she became very sad when Arthur would go to work.
Heather yelled in a disturbing voice "Oooooooooooooh honey, your finaly home! Why does your job have to take so long?" This time Arthur didn't smile, because he noticed the pictures of him taped all over their bedroom wall.