Chapter 1 The Wish

It was a normal day in Station Square and Sonic was enjoying some brotherly moments with Tails. They were watching a Boy Meets World marathon. "Man sure is boring I wonder what could jazz things up?" Sonic asked himself. He saw a poster for a Battle of the Bands concert and decided to go to it. There lots of great bands including Crush 40, Beastie Boys, Fall Out Boys, Green Day and others. Sonic was still unsatisfied.

"Hey Sonic!" yelled a familiar voice. It was Amy. Sonic ran out of there quick. He knew that Amy wanted to go out with him but he didn't want to.In fact he's been avoiding her for some time. Eggman hasn't come up with any schemes. Sonic went to see Hairspray and even met the stars. "So Nikki, how was it to be in Hairspray?" Sonic asked. "Well Sonic,it sure was fun," Nikki said. "And Zac you must of loved to play Link Larkin," Sonic said. "I sure did. It was my theatrical debut," Zac said. "John how did it feel playing a woman," Sonic asked. "Well, it did take some time to get used to and there were some screw ups but I managed to get into my character," John said. "Well,I got all the opinions I need. Time to juice and cut it loose," Sonic said as he left.

Sonic continued to look for interesting things going on. He saw Rush Hour 3 and met up with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and took some photos with them. He went to a go-kart race and other things anything that could help him with his boredom. He participated in some broadway musicals and even ran up and down Mt. Everest. Sonic voiced some characters in the new ABC Family series Slacker Cats.

Sonic met up with his friend Ryan Drummond and had a chat with him. "Hey Sonic how ya been?" Ryan asked. "Eh, not so well Ryan. It's been awful boring and Eggman hasn't come up with a new scheme to take over the world," Sonic said. "Well, I don't know what to tell ya. After all, you musta done a lot things by now," Ryan said. "Yeah, think I'll go see what Jaleel's doing," Sonic said. And with that he left.

"Hey Jaleel what's happening?" Sonic asked. "Not much. Have you talked to Ryan?" Jaleel asked. "Yeah," Sonic replied. "Well,I don't know what to tell ya either," Jaleel said. "Well I guess I'll go back to Station Square. There must be something happening by now," Sonic said. He headed now for Station Square.

On the way Sonic managed to find a little excitement. Some Eggman robots were scouting for Chaos Emeralds. Sonic managed to destroy them with his style and flair.

Sonic wandered around Station Square. Eventually, he came deep underground and deserted ruins-like place. He came to a very old wishing well, quite possibly the oldest one in the world. Next to it there was an old, blind black guy (74 years old) with an empty can for coins. He was playing some nice jazz music. "Hey, you're famous jazz musician Louis Barry," Sonic said. "Damn right," Louis said. He continued to play his jazz music. Sonic took out a quarter and flipped it. It was supposed to land in the can but instead landed in the wishing well. Sonic went up to it and said "Well, it has been quite boring and I have always wondered what it'd be like if I was a human. I wish I was a human." "Oh no, you didn't just make a wish in that well," Louis said. "Yeah, so?" Sonic asked. "So, this is the Vellilacier Wishing Well, quite possibly the oldest wishing well in the world, and you won't find it on the internet. I once made a wish at this well that I could relive the good ol' days and I did, but something unexpected happened. I kept on living my career from beggining to end over and over again. I managed to find this wishing well and unwish the wish. Now, I warn people who are going to make a wish at this well," Louis said. "Yeah right," Sonic said. He didn't believe Louis. "It's true, haven't you heard the saying be careful what you wish for?" Louis asked. "Haven't you heard a little thing called REALITY!? I'm outta here," Sonic said leaving. "Man why doesn't anybody heed a brotha's warning? A white guy warns people about something everybody listens to him but when brotha does nobody listens. That's just messed up," Louis said.

That night, Sonic found himself in place completely covered in darkness. He could only see the area around him and there was nothing there. He got taller and his legs got thicker and human-like and his feet and shoes grew to a mens 10 1/2. It stopped at his crotch where the fur there turned to the middle part of pants. They elongated and covered the rest of his legs. His chest got human like and the fur around it turned into a blue vest-jacket. His face human and his quills turned into very spiky hair. His arms got thicker and his gloves turned blue and had holes for his fingers. "Cool," Sonic thought, but something unexpect happened. He grew boobs and they were nearly as big as Rouge's. "What's going on?" Sonic thought. His legs got skinnier, his hi-tops tore off, and his feet turned into a womens size 5. His shirt started to connect except where it's show some nice cleavage and his stomach, and his pants started shrinking and turned into blue panties. His gloves tore off, his arms got skinnier, his hand became lady's hands, and his nails grew feminine. His face is now girl-like and his spiky hair got less spiky and fell straight down. I will now be referring to Sonic as she in the next sentence. She was shocked at she transformed into and collapsed.