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"Bla"- Talking

Bla- Thinking- FYI

I looked out the large window of her and her brother's house to see large flakes falling onto the already 2 feet of snow, not including the 3 inch thick slab of ice under that. Sighing I turned back to the TV.

"Well today were supposed to get another couple of inches. This storm is amazing, Jo Ann. It started just yesterday and we've already got enough snow to last us through the winter. And this storm shouldn't stop for another 3-4 days." The weather man said.

Ah damn, more snow.

Hey don't get me wrong, I love the snow but after never ending snow fall that doesn't even allow you to board sux. The phone rang and almost instantly Sokka picked it up from up stairs.

Must be expecting Suki

After a few 'punny' jokes exchanged by the weather man and anchor woman I changed the channel to the food network were they were having one of those cake challenges. The theme oddly enough was 'Winter Wonderland'.

How perfect

"Hey, Katara!" Sokka shouted from his room.

"What?" I yelled back sipping my hot chocolate.

"Gran-Gran just called and asked for one of us to go and deliver her some days worth of soup before this weather gets worse." He said sticking his head out his bedroom door.

"And you can't go why?" I asked him as he came down the stairs.

"Well Suki just called and said her plane was canceled and asked me to pick her up." He said attempting a puppy dog face. "Please?" He asked making his stupid puppy face even worse.

"Fine but you have to take Mudd Pie." I said nodding to the large Bernesemountain dog on the couch. Mudd Pie was supposedly Sokka's dog, but in the end I was the one that took care of her with my Alaskan malamute named Nakia.

"Deal." He said quickly shaking my hand and running to his Toyota Tundra parked in the garage, Mudd at his heals.

Mudd and Nakia had been the 3rd and 4th additions to our family, not including Aang and Toph who were sophomores at our high school. I was a junior along with Jet, Haru and Azula. Sokka was a senior with his friend Zuko. I stood and let all the popcorn pieces fall onto the ground. Slowly going upstairs I looked at all the pictures I had put up over the years. The first was a picture of our late mom, Sokka, and I laughing at Sokka. The second was the picture of our father's marine picture. He had left for Iraq 3 years ago

and still hasn't returned. We still don't even know if he is still alive. The next picture was a group of all of us together. Toph was sitting on Aang's lap looking at the camera with Sokka and Suki on there left. Sokka had his armed wrapped around Suki's waist and Suki had her head on his shoulder. I was right next to them with my current boyfriend at the time; Jet. He was behind me and had both his hands wrapped around my waist with his head on my shoulder. And then there was Zuko with his current girlfriend at t

he time; Mai. He was giving her a piggy back ride. This was taken a few months ago during July, but now two of those people were gone. Mai had dumped Zuko when Azula told her to and Jet ended up cheating on me with this girl Jun who was a senior. In the end Sokka got Zuko and Aang and beat Jet pretty badly. I think he had a couple of broken ribs, a broken nose and a broken limb. Jet was my second boyfriend. My first was Haru in freshman year. He had the looks, the brains and the bronze. Everyone said we were

a match made in heaven, that is until he moved to Cali to become an actor, but his career didn't take off as planed and he winded up coming back to Colorado. Since he left we haven't really talked much. I haven't really dated anyone since Jet, but don't get me wrong. There are some really cute guys at my school. Take Zuko for instance. He is really hot, but he's one of my best friends. If we were to go out then brake up our friend friendship would be all fucked up. But hey, he is still super hot. Bellow that were just little

pictures of Zuko and Sokka, Sokka, Zuko, Toph, Aang, and I boarding on Copper, and Sokka, Zuko, and Aang skateboarding. I ran up the rest of the stairs into my room where I changed into some jeans and a hoodie. Before going downstairs I saw that Sokka had forgotten his cell, again.


I put on my snowboarding boots, I don't own any snow boots because I'd rather save my money and have to boots in one.

"Come on Nakia." I called to her and held the door open for her as she entered the garage. I hopped into my Navy Chevy Avalanche, with Nakia by my side, and blasted the heater before driving into the snow. Parking in a spot at the store I grabbed my cell and saw it was almost dead. "Better hurry." I told Nakia who looked up at me with her blue eyes. I jumped out leaving Nakia in the car, rushing into the store. Emerging 10 minutes later, bags in hand, I saw it had snowed an extra couple of inches. "Crap." I

mumbled under my breath and took off running to my truck. I put the soup in the back and saw the everyone's snowboard was in the back. My Feelgood Es board, Sokka's T6, Zuko's Air, Toph's Punch, and Aang's chopper. I remember last weekend we had all gone snowboarding; Toph and me in my Avalanche and Zuko, Aang and Sokka in Zuko's BMW M6. I had to load up all the gear there and back and everyone must have forgotten about it. I grabbed the shovel and shoveled some of snow away from my tires.

After deciding the tires were good I returned the shovel and hopped in the car to see Nakia wrapped up in a blanket.

Probably from the emergency kit

I always had a emergency kit in my car incase of a brake down. Just some simple stuff, like a good jack, some water bottles, an extra jacket, hand warmers and blankets. Most of the items were heat oriented due to the fact that we lived in Colorado. I roared the engine to life and set off to Gran's house. She lived in Bennett which was about an hour away. Gran new that that was a long drive

for us and only called when necessary to come down. To add to this 'fun' day nothing good was on the radio. The National Weather service kept playing that stupid warning saying we were in a blizzard.

No shit, Sherlock

At one point I got to listen to "The Great Escape" by Boys like Girls but it was interrupted by the warning, so I put my Good Charlotte CD in. After listening to each track at least 3 times and "Girls and Boys", "The River", "The Anthem", "Little Things", and "I don't want to be in love" 7, I finally got to Gran's ranch. With Nakia's help I shoveled up to Gran's door, soup in hand.

"Oh Katara! Thank you so much! I was completely out of food!" She said after opening the door.

"Oh it was no problem." I told her filling up her barren waste land, she called s a pantry.

"I am surprised to see you though." She said sitting down.

"Oh, why?" I asked putting a pot of soup on.

"Well, Sokka never lets you out of his sight, especially in these dangerous conditions." She said.

"Well the other woman in his life was in distress so prince charming had to go and rescue her. And I being the sister got short changed." I joked. Gran know Suki and I were great friends; it was just fun to make fun of Sokka. After light conversations for a half an hour I announced my departure. When Gran opened the door I saw it had snowed an additional 6 inches.

"Are you sure you want to leave? I mean your welcome to stay here." She offered.

"I'll be fine Gran, besides if I'm not home without cell service and the phone dead over here because of the storm Sokka'll probably have a cow and come chase me with a stick." I said starting to dig my way out.

"Very well dear, but please be careful." She said. I turned to give her one last hug and saw Nakia having a hard time with the snow and her paws.

"Hey Gran, is it ok if Nakia stays here? This snow is bugging her." I asked her.

"No problem." She said as I hopped into my truck. "Here take my shovel; you'll need it more than me." I said pointer to her beat up shovel.

"I see your point." She said taking it and running inside. "Give me a call when you get home!" She yelled as I backed up.

"Can do Gran, Take care!" I yelled back before driving off. About 35 minutes later, I was driving on a road trying to see through the blanket of snow. And by the time I saw the Dodge Durango it was to late. With a quick swerve The Dodge hit the passenger side of my truck. My head was thrown back and I was thrown into unconsciousness.

Suki and I had just walked in the door from picking her up from the airport.

"Hey Kat, were home!" I yelled setting Suki's bag down. "Kat?" I yelled again not getting a response. "She must be still and Gran's house." I told Suki while picking up a phone. She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I called her cell and got no answer.

She must have forgotten to charge it

I called Gran-Gran's house and because of the storm her phones were dead while heading into the kitchen to make some popcorn.

"Shit, shit, shit. Sokka you better get your ass in here. Oh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap." Suki voice came yelling. I ran into the living room thinking she was hurt, but her pointing to the TV screen and tears running down her face showed she was fine. On the screen was the anchor woman standing in a horrible accident.

"This storm has caused a ton of awful crashes, but this so far has been the worst. Apparently the Durango, whose driver was driving under the influence, got into the opposite lanes and charged into the Avalanche. The driver of the Avalanche seeing the Durango swerved and was hit from the passenger's side. The Durango had so much power that is pushed the Avalanche down the street where oncoming cars hit it. The driver and 3 passengers of the Durango died upon impact. Currently we don't know the location of the Avalanche. We are still getting the plates checked out. In the bed of the truck we did find 4 snowboards. We are also unaware of who's they belong to. The other cars who hit the Avalanche are fine and were sent home with minor injuries." She said through the blowing snow.

Oh, my god. Oh my fucking god. There has to be other blue Chevy Avalanches in that area. We went snowboarding last weekend and everyone took their board's home, didn't they? Please, Please, Please. Anyone but her.

"Do the officials know when the crash happened?" The anchor woman in the studio asked.

"From what we can tell it happened about an hour ago. Oh wait; we have confirmation of the driver of the Chevy Avalanche. Apparently the owner is a 17 year old girl, named Katara Zala." My world died. It just died completely.

"Fuck, dad is going to kill me," is all I could say before the phone rang.

"Hello?" Suki asked shakily, still crying. "Hold on I'm putting you on speaker." She said.

"Sokka are you watching the news?" Aang's worried voice asked through the speaker.

"I told her to go, it's my entire fault." I said sitting down.

"Yeah, were watching it right now." Suki replied, but I barely heard it.

My sister might be dead, because of me. I should have made her stay home. I could have dropped the soup off. Oh my god. Oh my fucking ass god.

I just leaned my head back and let the tears come.

"What does he mean 'it's my entire fault'?" Aang asked into the phone. "

I told her to go! It's my fault. I…I" I yelled before collapsing back onto the couch tears falling. "My sister is dead because of me." I yelled.

"No Sokka, it's not your fault." Suki said giving me a hug while staining my shirt with her tears.

"Hey I'll be right over." Aang said before hanging up. Immediately after the phone rang again. "Hello?" Suki asked answering the phone for me again.

"I'm putting you on speaker." She said.

"Snoozles, ya there?" Toph asked, you could tell she was angry.

"Damn it, Toph shoot me now. Please!" I yelled to her. "Snoozles, I just got word that Katara was in an accident." Toph said, she had a job at the news station.

"No duh Toph!" I yelled at the phone.

"Sokka it isn't her fault. Toph is just concerned." Suki said trying to calm me down.

"Yeah, Sokka maybe I shouldn't tell you what we just found out." Toph said.

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