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Oh hell no Zuko thought as he stormed to the front door. Today was not the day to irritate him and he was going to prove it to the rugrat who was currently pushing his temper to the limit. With great, unnecessary force he ripped the door open, the brisk cold outside hardly affecting him.

"What do you want?" He bellowed out to the empty street.

Only silence answered his question. He was about to turn and slam the door shut when a piece of cloth fluttered in the wind near his feet. Looking closer to the ground he saw that the cloth was part of a shirt sleeve which covered a hand that was connected to a sleeping Katara. Or what he hoped to be just a sleeping Katara. Looking at her body, the unnatural blue hue of her skin. The way her face was completely blank but serine, almost as if she was in a deep, deep slumber.

The initial shock faded quickly until he felt fear and concern fill his body. His instincts kicking in, he grabbed the small girl into his arms and carried her inside, slamming the door shut with his foot. Her skin was eerily cold, but he tried not to think of it...but death couldnt' help but pop up in his brain. Shaking the morbid thought from his mind he hastened to his living room where he cautiously placed her on the couch. Frantically he grabbed her wrist and placed two digits on the pulse point there.

Ignoring his racing pulse he desperately searched for any sign of life. Getting impatient he reached for her other wrist again fighting to find her pulse.

No, no, no, no, no he said Unaware if he thought it or if it had echoed through he empty house. He could feel the tears start to form in his eyes, blur his vision, and slowly start to crawl down his face as the seconds ticked by.

"Anyone but Kat. Anyone but her." If he thought was panicking before it was soaring now. He realized now was not the time to panic, but he couldn't help it

This was Katara. The girl he'd love since forever. The one who not only looked out for his ass but everyone else's. She was always taking care of everyone. She always stood by your side thick and thin. Even when her world was on thin ice she would be standing stronger than ever, to ensure that everyone else's didn't crumble. She rolled with the punches. She took what life gave her and made lemonade out of it.

And he was sure as hell wasn't going to let her slpip through his fingers.

He placed his fingers over her pulse point in the grove of her neck. An hour could have passed without him knowing as he stayed frozen as her lifeless body trying to search for her pulse. He felt his lungs burning for air and released the deep breath he hadn't realized he'd taken. As he exhaled he laid his heavy head on her chest.

His head felt foggy. As if he wasn't able to accept the truth. And really, he couldn't. He closed his eyes. His mind hadn't registered him reaching and taking her hand in his. Softly stroking her thumb with his, almost trying to calm her down, or visa versa.

He let his mind wander. Probably the only thing he could do right now. He couldn't help but smile as his mind went to the memory of the day he first laid eyes on Kat. She was in the park, running around laughing. Too busy to notice a guy like him staring at her. Which might have been a good thing considering he was there with Sokka to beat up a kid who had a crush on her. Of course, he hadn't known they were siblings at the time, although he did know Sokka had a little sister. Earlier that day Sokka had called him and asked if he was buys. With a bored reply of no, Sokka mentioned beating this guy up- who for the life of him, Zuko couldn't remember his name. While Sokka's intentions of pounding the kid didn't interest him, the thought of beating the shit out of the guy that was currently occupying the lines of Azula's diary was just too compelling. Without questioning Sokka at all on his rash decision to attack the poor kid, they met up at the nearby park awaiting the arrival of their pray. They were sitting on a park bench to what Zuko thought had just happened to be in front of this cute girl playing tag with her friends. Sokka was continuously fighting and glancing around in every direction.

"Hey man, not that I mind kicking this guy's ass, but what's with your beef with him?" I asked sensing my friend's tension.

"Guy has a crush on my sister," Sokka replied while his head continued to swivel.

"A crush? A harmless little crush? That's it?" I asked trying not to laugh. I'd pity any fool who was crushing on his sister, not kick their ass. Maybe smack some common sense into them but that's it.

"Yes," Sokka growled. "I heard him talking about her. She's only 12. She doesn't need a boyfriend and I'm going to end it before anything starts. I'm not forcing you to be here. YOU can go home." he stated without emotion. One thing was for sure. He was dead set on not letting his sister have a boyfriend, and I respected that. Any guy this protective of his sister had to be loyal and a great friend to have.

"And you know he'll be here how?" I asked ignoring Sokka's comment of going home.

"He has soccer practice right over there. Was gonna confront him after and...explain that Kat is off limits." The poor kid. Never had a chance. The few minutes before they saw him, I thought about Sokka's sister.

She must be amazing. Not only to have such a over-protective brother but to have someone from our grade crushing on her. Impressive.

The pummeling itself was quick and rather dull. Maybe the guy was a wimp or maybe he was exhausted from practice but the second Sokka's fist connected with his gut and the cute girl ran over yelling at him it clicked.

"Sokka! What are you thinking?" She yelled at him trying to swipe at his head.

"Kat, get your stuff we're going." He told her dodging her pitiful swings.

Well, technically two things clicked. First the cutey playing tag was indeed his little sister. Second that meant she was off limits. Especially to me. Not like I could play the innocent, I-didn't-know-she-was-off-limits card since I helped remind this poor guy he couldn't have her.

Damn, I just royally screwed myself over...

True now she wasn't just cute. She was fucking gorgeous. He remembered growing up and watching her do the same. Saw how she matured, in more ways than one if ya catch my drift. He honestly wasn't a pig, but he just couldn't help think about how she filled out her shirts so well, or how cute her ass was when she walked...ehm...

Waking in the present, he didn't even need to lift his head to realize he was still laying on Katara's chest. He could feel her shirt material was damp. Probably from the tears, that he felt their track dry on his face. It took him a second to remember everything. The crash, the storm, Katara...

He closed his eyes wishing he could fall back into the dream world where everything was perfect and joyful. Where he could make up anything he wanted, and didn't have to suffer any consequences. He closed his eyes again trying to ignore the fact that he'd never see her beautiful eyes anymore. His mind was just about gone when he froze.


It couldn't be...

...could it?

He didn't really just...


Did he really?

He could have sworn...

But no.

He couldn't bring himself to believe it.

He'd spent so long thinking it wasn't true.

Almost what seemed like a life time.

And yet he did...

...Did he say he loved her?

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