Authors notes: This is part of a series of one-shots (and one chapter fic not yet finished) called Lizeverse. In this verse, Fred and Spike are married with a daughter (Elizabeth...hence the name of the verse), Buffy and Angel have a son named Alec Summers, Connor is on good terms with his family, the people from Sunnydale have come to stay in LA, and Lindsey MacDonald's younger brother is also joining the family with a position in the company now that he's done with college.

This story is pretty much fluff, which seems at odds with Faith and Wes, but this story does have it. This is a one shot, but I've broken it into parts because at the time being it's at least 17 pages and counting and I'm almost done so I'm thinking around 20 pages. So it's broken up for easier reading. When I finally post it to my website it will be one whole thing.

I hope you enjoy.

"Damnit!" Faith looked up from her catalog with an eyebrow raised. Wesley had been attempting to build the crib for the better part of two hours and as of yet only the bottom half had been completed. She hid a smile at his appearance. His hair was going everywhere and he was resorting to wearing glasses while he waited for his new contacts to arrive. His expression was one of frustration and determination.

It would probably be better if the AC hadn't decided to fail on them. If this kept up she was going to ask Wes to drive her to the office simply so she could cool down.

"You know, we could still call Xander." She said closing the catalog with a finger placed inside to keep her place. "I'm sure he'd be willing to help." Wes cast her a look. Xander had offered to help before but Wesley had stubbornly refused to have any help. She wasn't sure if it was because of his relationship with Xander or because of what hers had been that had been the problem.

"No, thank you. There is no reason to bother him. I'm managing perfectly well." Faith bit back the retort that came to mind, knowing Wes was having about as good of a day as she had bee having. There was no need to say something that would in all likely hood start a fight. They did not need that right now.

"It's nothing against you, Wes. He just wants to be involved. Plus with your back being the way it is, sitting on the floor is not going to help it any." She patted the spot beside her on the bed. "Take a break and come help me pick out some baby shit." He sighed but stood up, slowly to avoid the pain, and lay down beside her, accidentally knocking several magazines and catalogs on the floor. Neither of them bothered to pick them up. She reopened her catalog and settled down beside him so he could see.

To tell the truth, Faith still didn't quite believe she was going to be a mother. Even though Cordelia kept dragging her to baby boutiques and Fred was lecturing her on good diet options and Lorne discussing baby room plans it still didn't seem quite real.

Buffy had lots of advice about juggling being a slayer and being a mother to a young boy but considering the father was not a vampire, she really didn't really think she had to worry about her son breaking things with his supernatural strength. Gunn was filling the role of over-protective brother at the moment, taking turns with Xander and Angel. Spike was the least overbearing of the lot and treated her the same. He did have some good advice about tips when it came to slaying with a child in the picture.

Wes simply kept her from freaking out. When they had gone in for the first ultrasound he had calmed her down after she nearly hyperventilated at seeing the image on the screen. He also helped in some other matters as well.

She had no worries about Wes being a good father. She had seen him with Alec and Lizzie and knew he'd do a terrific job. She did however have worries about herself. Rehabilitated or not, she was still a murderer and she didn't think murderers became good maternal figures. Wes seemed to think she had gotten past that part of her life and would do just fine but she was still worried. She had only let that argument go after she made him promise to be the one to discipline their son. She didn't want to take any chances.

Sheila Wynham-Pryce did not seem to be bothered about her past. Strangely the woman had welcomed her with open arms and was ecstatic when she had learned about the baby. Her husband on the other hand did not seem as happy but then Faith had never really given a crap about his opinion so it mattered little.

"What do you think about a 'diaper genie'?" She asked, pointing to item H on page 20.

"I believe Cordelia is planning on getting us one as a shower gift."

"How'd you hear that?" She really hated surprise parties.

"Harmony." The undead queen of gossip and information.

"Ah, where else." Faith grimaced as the baby kicked. She was glad her due date was soon. The baby had been kicking up a storm lately and it was getting on her nerves. It was bad enough she couldn't reach her toes and felt like a whale, she did not need footprints on her insides.

"Baby kicking?"

"Hell, yeah. He never stops." Wes placed his hand on the spot where the baby had kicked and smiled when he felt it happen again. He was more delighted then she was by far with their child's kicking. But she forgave him a little since as he didn't feel them as much as she did and it was worth it to see that look of perfect happiness on his face for just a second.

"We need to think of a name." He looked up at her face and resituated himself next to her. It was way too hot but she didn't mind.

"Yeah. I suppose 'Hey Kid!' won't cut it," she responded with a smile. "Just…let's not name him after anyone? I don't want him to have something to live up to or live down." He nodded, bringing her closer. She smiled. They gave each other another brief kiss and settled back to continue searching through the catalogs while throwing various names for the other to think about.

"You know Cordelia, I doubt Faith will appreciate a surprise baby shower. I'd let her know about it," Willow said as she watched her friend browse through a shelf of baby clothes. With Aunt Cordy around the newest addition to the gang would always be in style.

She didn't know why everyone was making a fuss about this baby more so then when Lizzie and Alec had been born. Of course there was the simple fact that it was Faith and Wes's child. The poor kid. He was going to be born to a rambling geek (albeit a now hot looking one) and a slayer (whose vocabulary was probably not fit for young years at any point). His godparents would be a vampire and a physicist. So there was some normalcy coming in from Fred. However, the women had married a vampire herself and had no qualms about it, maybe not. The baby would also have a werewolf, a witch, and several demons watching over it. He was not going to have a normal childhood.

She had been very surprised when the couple had announced that Faith was pregnant. Well, Wes had announced. Faith had been fuming about something or other at the time and just glared at him. She hadn't even known they were a couple till the baby. It seemed many of the others guessed it beforehand but she had been very oblivious to any love-vibes between the two. But she had observed later and figured that even if the two dolts didn't figure it out themselves, it was clear that they loved each other despite their violent past with each other.

"That would ruin the surprise, Will. Besides she probably knows about it anyway. Someone told Harmony."

"Oh, then she definitely knows," commented Fred with a laugh from where she stood a display away with the accessories. Who knew a two month old would need a cell phone carrier? "Harmony is the greatest thing to communication since they invented the cell phone," she joked. "She'll tell you anything you want to know.

"Oh, look at this!" Willow cooed as she found the perfect little outfit. It was a rock t-shirt and a tiny pair of black jeans. Faith would love it. Cordelia sighed, but nodded her agreement silently that it would be ok. She had probably been hoping for the baby the cutesy outfit Cordelia had picked out for every day wear.

Tonight was the shower and they had to hurry to help Xander set up everything. OZ was helping him right now but Cordelia didn't quite trust them not to mess up her carefully laid plans. She only trusted Angel (but only a little) and Lindsey (since he knew how important it was) but neither could help till much later on. Lindsey was out of town for business, expected to arrive back in LA at about 6:30 and Angel had to actually run his business from time to time. Till then they would have to face the wrath of Cordelia: Party Planner should anything go wrong.

Their relationship was quite different then before. While never had forgotten what had happened, they had learned to forgive. They had become friends and later lovers. The two years the Faith had spent in prison plus Angel's visits during that time had helped calm her and allow her to let go of what she had no control over and accept responsibility for what she did. She had settled down and become (slightly) less reckless. She had traveled a little closer to the grey line known as normal. Wes on the other hand had to fall to understand her and maybe even Angel a little bit more. She hadn't delved deeply into what had happened during her imprisonment, instead allowing Wes to tell her in his own time. Although, when he mentioned his relationship with Lilah Morgan, she had nearly growled with jealousy and anger. That Bitch. Faith had never liked her, even when she was still living it large on the dark side. Something about her just felt wrong and the thought that she had touched what Faith considered hers had made her angry.

Wes had found it amusing for some reason, even though he did reassure her that Lilah was in no sense competition. Which didn't really reassure her at all since the women was dead. It's harder to fight a ghost then a real flesh and blood woman. She did recognize the Lilah was important to Wes and she hadn't said anything to him about it.

They understood each other better now. What had cemented their friendship had been when she had helped Wes let go over his regret and guilt over Fred (although she never got the full story on that), and even what he had done to her with Angelus. After all, she could have said no. Wes had helped her with her own regrets and even more when they were searching for her half-sister Dana. They had helped each other find standing ground amongst the waters of regret, doubt and mistrust.

She grimaced, partly because of the poetic nature of her last thought and partly because her son once again tried to remind her of his existence. She rubbed the spot, hoping that would calm him.

"Baby kicking again?" Wes asked, half asleep on the bed beside her. They had stopped going through the catalogs and had decided to take a nap before going back to working on the crib or in Faith's case, looking for the stuff they still needed to get for the baby.

"Yes, pretty hard too. Either he's going to be a soccer player or he's confused on how to get out." Wes laughed lightly and she felt it more then heard it.

"Either that or maybe he just takes after you," he teased. She rolled her eyes at him and then glared to no effect since his eyes were still closed.

"You're lucky I love you," she responded. And she did. Granted she hadn't handled it well at first. She had woken up beside him one morning and suddenly realized she loved him. As par for the course when it came to something that scared her, she had freaked out and had alternately avoided him or acted like a complete bitch. Cordelia, oddly enough, had been the first to realize there was something behind her returning to acting that way. Queen C knew how to chew someone out. She and Fred had cornered her one day and called her a coward for what she did, causing her to admit to loving Wes out loud to them. Fred had actually squee'd, and Cordelia had responded with a 'Is that all?' They convinced her to talk to him about it.

She found him in his office, talking on the phone to one of his contacts about a recent case of a demon ritual disturbing the peace. He looked up at her and watched her while finishing his phone call, never loosing eye contact. She remained silent, staring right back at him. He didn't look too happy to see her, which weakened her resolve to tell him.

"Faith." She didn't like the tone; it was cold and gave a very clear 'leave me the hell alone' vibe.

"Wes," she responded, finally moving to take a seat on one of the chairs on her side of the desk. He continued to watch her, not speaking. Finally she had enough of the games. "Look, I just wanted to come and say I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately." Ok, she was a coward. But at least she had apologized. He should know how hard it still was for her to do that. However, he remained silent. It made her nervous. Finally after a few minutes of the silence (she and silence never went good together) she stood up to leave. "I'll leave you alone now."

"Faith, wait!" She stopped as he grabbed her wrist and the combined effect was her nearly falling as he pulled her to him, expecting her to still be moving. She turned to find him standing close to her. "I'm sorry too."

"For what? You haven't done anything."

"Yes, I have. Or perhaps it is what I haven't done that's the problem. I know something's bothering you and I never stopped to ask what it was. I'm pretty sure it has to do with me in some way."

"You could say that," she responded taking the honest route. "Well, it's more me then you really. I don't really want to talk about it here though. Can we talk about this at home?"

"Sure. Who's though?" She blinked. She hadn't thought about the fact that while she spent most of her nights at Wes' apartment, she technically lived with Cordelia. She was referring to his apartment as home since it was their common ground. She rarely went back to her own. Cordelia probably liked it that way anyhow since she was used to living on her own.

"Yours, of course."

"Alright." He let her go finally and she left. She realized that he didn't move and watched her leave his office. Somehow that gave her a little more confidence to do this.

Faith's trip down memory lane was interrupted by another shot of pain. This time however it was clear that it wasn't the baby kicking. Her eyes widened as she realized that those extra strong kicks could have just been early contractions. As she sat up she tried to shake Wes awake.

"Babe, wake up!"


"Your son has decided it is time to make an entrance."

"Oh." She waited a few moments for her words to sink in as she struggled to lift off the bed. Movement like that was difficult when one was the size of a beached whale. If she hadn't been in pain she would have found how Wes reacted when he finally realized what she had said humorous. He began to go around and collect the things they needed to take with them. For the most part he was oddly calm, but she could still tell he was anxious about the situation.

Frankly she was terrified. In a few (hopefully) hours she was going to be responsible for another life. She started to hyperventilate and Wes tried to calm her down, finding only mild success. She managed to get downstairs (they lived on the second floor) and out to his car with the help of their neighbor Christine Harris. Wes tried to calling the cell phones of the girls with little luck. Neither could he contact Xander. Oz didn't have a cell phone.

After that he just concentrated on keeping Faith calm and getting her to the hospital.