After lunch was recess, taking the Predators outside was intersesting. They never seen so many human children. The Predators walked around looking and studing how the humans play games and how football is played. They loved watching the children play football but Laura was to interested in playing tag and freeze tag. Kil'oh sat down on a picnic table along with Gujram and the other guard.

"Watch little Oomans is fascinating. I wonder what Laura is doing, it's a strange game she's playing."

"You got that right. It looks like if that person touches you, you stop moving and wait until someone else touches you. Strange."Laura came running over, going behind the table as a fellow tag player came running over.

"You can't get me!" Laura shouted at him, he ran to her, she ran to the other side. Around and around they went. Laura suddenly bolts toward the soccer goal with the boy following. They school bell rings and they line up, Laura gave the signal and the Predators follow.

Now it's time for Show and Tell . . .

"Class it is time for . . ."

"Show and Tell!!" the whole class cheered, Laura was getting excited but she would be last, since her last name was Yonker.

"Andrew, what did you bring to show us?" Andrew ran to the front of the class holding a photo album.

"My trip to Spain and around the world!"

Twenty minutes later . . .

Laura's friend was up. She help up her AVP collection, showing the statues and figurines. Movies, shirts, shoes and books.

"I'm a big fan of AVP. I have a whole collection of it!"

After ten more minutes it was Laura's turn . . .

"Laura, your up."

Laura gave the signal to Gujram to go to the front of the class, no one noticed the Predators movements. Laura stood before everyone and smiles.

"I brought my favorite shirt of a Predator! They are my favorite being! Today I also brought a special guest with me, a real Predator!"

Mr. Teacher and some students snicker and laugh.

"A real Predator? That's funny Laura!" one of the students shouted.

"Now pay attention, for what I am going to show you is a real Elder Predator." She snaps her fingers and Gujram reveals himself behind Mr. Teacher. The students gasp at the sight, Mr. Teacher looks around.

"Where is he Laura?" All the students point behind him, Mr. Teacher turns around and falls back into his chair.

"A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a P-P-P-P-P-Predator!!!!!" The students scream and Mr. Teacher screams like a little girl as he hid under his desk.

"He won't hurt you, this is a Predator Elder and he has something to tell you." She nudges Gujram. "Remember what I told you." Gujram nods and holds up his hand.

"I come in peace."

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