Pulling his hand away from her mouth a bit, he seemed to freeze, his hand in the air, his eyes on her lips, as if considering his next move. She had seen him look at the meat this way as well, and she knew he wasn't seeing her, just a piece of female flesh. Well, she'd take what she could get with him. He'd learn to love her.

She snapped her teeth at him—a seemingly impulsive act, but in truth, of course, she calculated everything—and then grinned when he looked over at her. Wiggling around in the tub almost imperceptibly caused her full breasts to bob in the water, drawing his attention once again. This time she grabbed his hand again and pulled it to her breast, so that his hand was half-submerged, his palm over her nipple and his fingertips underneath, touching her ribs lightly. For a moment he looked uncomfortable and turned away, but she stroked his wrist where she still held him with her index finger, softly, drawing his eyes back down, and she felt him relax just a little.

"Mmm, don' that feel nice, Mr. T?" she murmured, raising herself out of the water with her arms so he could feel the full weight of her breast in his hand. "How long has it been since you've felt a woman? Bet it's been way too long, eh love?"

"Yes," he muttered distractedly, his thumb tracing the outside curve of her breast up and down. She felt her nipple rise hard against his palm and smiled when she saw the recognition of the phenomenon on his face. He rotated his hand into a less awkward position, his fingers now on top of her breast and his thumb resting on her sternum, and he idly drummed his thumb on the bone a few times, making a dull, soft noise in the dead quiet of the cellar. He then pulled all his fingers up to the peak, grasping her nipple and rolling it between thumb and fingers.

She took a quick, wobbly breath. This was lovely, but her arms were getting tired of pushing herself up in the tub. Letting herself slip back down a bit into the tub, she reached out to his other arm and pulled it into the water to her side. She then grasped his elbows and hoisted herself out of the water so abruptly that he took a step back. She daintily raised one dripping foot over the edge of the basin, placing it purposefully on the hard dirt floor, and her other foot followed. Slowly, seductively, she took one step, then another, swaying her hips deliberately. Two steps was all it took to be close to him again, and one soaking wet hand reached out and took a rough handful of his shirt, instantly turning the white cotton transparent. "C'mon, Mr. T.," she growled hungrily, "we both know everything goes down better when I do all the plannin'."