Light had plotted out several scenarios as to what would happen when her family arrived. Most of them involved her father yelling, her mother crying, and her sister looking uncomfortable. None had taken Misa into consideration, so when she was pounced on by the blonde model after opening the suite door, Light fell flat to the floor narrowly avoiding smashing her head into the wall.

"Misa was so worried! She called Light a million times!" Misa babbled.

"That's nice Misa, I'm sorry you worried. However, though the hotel has comfortable carpeting I wouldn't like to spend the entire day on it," Light was sure if she had let Misa go on she'd have been laying there for hours.

"Oh!" she blushed and helped Light stand up. "That guy had my telephone number somehow. I hope Light didn't give it to him, idols need privacy you know, and that--"

"You mean Ryu--" Light started to interrupt.

"Ryuzaki!" Sayu finished as he came through the open door from the other room.

Light watched her father's face. He clearly didn't know what to make of L, though the tenseness in his body had eased a little when he'd first seen her. Her mother's eyes were a little bloodshot and it was obvious that she'd been crying, but she didn't seem to care one way or another about L as long as her daughter was fine.

"Does this mean... Is Ryuzaki, L?" Sayu said and Misa scowled realizing she'd lost everyone's attention.

"I am L," he confirmed, giving a pleased nod at Sayu. "I apologize but I need to speak to Chief Yagami about a number of things. Light will show the rest of you to where you'll be staying."

Light led everyone to the elevator and down one floor to the rooms L had arranged. It was a Japanese style suite with a large indoor private bath. Her mother had protested that it was much too extravagant and they couldn't possibly accept something this generous.

"Come on Mom," said Sayu," this is from your future son-in-law after all!"

Light made a choked sound in the back of her throat, "Do you have to traumatize Mom even more today?"

"Light wouldn't marry that guy anyway," Misa shuddered at the thought.

"Well, maybe not today," Light would let them take that however they liked. "I do need to tell you about some things, then we can try out the bath. Maybe you'll relax a little if you have less to worry about."

Light let her mother make tea since Sachiko Yagami was usually more at ease when she had something to keep her busy. Sayu sat out cups on a low table surrounded by cushions, while Misa did her best to snoop around the rooms while appearing to be uninterested.

Light took a seat on one of the cushions, "You know about the serial killer on the news? Someone high up in the NPA has been obstructing the case, and Dad works underneath him."

Sachiko filled Light's cup and motioned for Sayu and Misa to sit, "Soichiro has been under a lot of stress lately, but I thought it was more to do with the two of you fighting all the time."

"In a way it does--Dad has been being blackmailed. I'm on record with the NPA for helping solve a few cases, and knowing Dad he's probably mentioned my name even with cases that are off the record. Takeshi Tomoe can direct the NPA however he likes, but he doesn't have me under his control since I don't work for them. That eventually leads to setting our house on fire," Light sipped her tea and the others found their seats.

"I did wonder why your father sided with me all of a sudden. I've always been worried that wanting to be a detective would put you in harms way, and it has," Sachiko stared at the reflection in her tea cup.

"Did they find out about Ryuzaki or something?" Sayu asked.

"L is on the case and Dad probably wasn't sitting around idle no matter what he'd been threatened with. The serial killer's murders are on a schedule, there is always a pattern and the last opening was missed. These types don't just stop, so L and I think she must be being held at Tomoe's. Really I think it was just panic that prompted the fire, since no one knows what L looks like. Fortunately in this case it gave us the evidence to get a warrant, so hopefully everything will be over soon," Light wondered if they could think of a fire as 'fortunate', it had only been her room after all.

"Misa and Sayu seem to know L from somewhere," Sachiko said calmly.

"We've been dating a while now. Sayu met him when he came over to our house the night Dad took you out for dinner. Misa met him after our last show at the theater," Light explained.

"Chocolate stealing weirdo," Misa mumbled.

"He's odd no doubt about it, but L is the best at what he does. Sayu might have been kidding earlier, but L and I will probably be married someday," Light's face was flushed.

Sachiko blinked in surprise, "You've never seemed serious about anyone before."

"I doubt my sister would settle for someone who isn't as smart as she is," Sayu said, "and that's a pretty short list!"

Misa made a gagging sound and Light smiled at Sayu. L must have made an impression on her. "Personal relationship aside, even after this case I'm going to be working for L. That means you can't tell anyone who doesn't already know that I'm alive, it's safer that way."

Sachiko looked distressed but it didn't show in her voice, "What about school?"

"My high school diploma will be taken care of. I could also have doctorates in Criminal Psychology, Behavioral and Forensic Science, and more in only a few years if I want them. It doesn't matter to L as long as I can do the work," Light drained the last of her cup. "If it makes you feel better L always works though intermediaries, so there won't be a fraction of the risk as there would be if I worked on my own." This was almost a lie as there were a ridiculous number of people out to get L, though they wouldn't find him unless L wanted to be found.

It was strangely quiet as the women took their bath. Misa looked grim and Sachiko seemed to be mourning the loss of her daughter even though she was fully alive. Sayu was making the best of things, using the expensive bath salts, enjoying the hot water, and hogging the towels. Light tried to relax, but the truth was she'd rather be with L. Hopefully her father and L weren't antagonizing each other too badly.

L and her father had gotten plenty of work done, Light discovered when she returned. Teams had been established and would soon be dispatched. Ide and Aizawa would detain and question Tomoe at headquarters, Mogi and Matsuda would go in on the ground with her father acting as a go between with L, the teams, and eventually the NPA. Light would, of course, be assisting L. Soichiro Yagami looked worriedly at his daughter for a moment, before resigning himself to this particular arrangement.

Watari had installed cameras in the supplied body armor, enabling L to watch and direct the action. Light joined L with a new laptop and headset in front of a wall of monitors. The house was empty when the team arrived and broke down the door. The unlighted corridor was dim on the enhanced screen, and must have been even more obscure in person. Light appropriated the blueprints of the house from the public records archive on the internet, and compared them to the layout as the team searched.

The sweep of the first floor came up empty, though there were a few interesting documents in Tomoe's office L would review later. The second floor seemed much the same as the first as they came to a dead end in the east wing.

Light looked up from the plans, leaned forward and strained her eyes at the monitor, "L, do you see on the wall there?" Light pointed to an indistinct mark in the wood.

L nodded and spoke to the team, "Do you see the gap in the crown moulding on the far right? Slide it to the left and see what happens." A barely audible click and the wall slid back revealing another stretch of hallway and a locked door. "Break it in, but be careful."

When the door was opened, a dark skinned woman was slumped against the wall opposite them. Matsuda sat one of the portable lights down on the floor and switched it on. From the looks of things she had been using something to slash her skin and write cryptic signs on the white walls in her own blood. Noticing the intruders the woman began to scream and tear at herself, and whatever she was saying seemed to be unsettling L. It was moments like these Light wished she was fluent in Spanish. Light and L both wondered at the effort that must have gone into restraining her with handcuffs if she was able to make this much of a mess with her hands tied behind her.

"People like that are the reason the human race has believed in demon possession for so long," L shifted slightly in his chair. "If you could check our friend for sharp objects," he directed to the team.

"She couldn't have been very sane to begin with. Being locked up and left in the dark like this can't have helped," Light watched L snort and take a mouthful of tea. "Her features do look a little familiar under the filth, I'll check those scanned pictures."

Mogi restrained her while Matsuda searched. He found a key caked with dried blood, worn on a black cord around her neck. L rocked back and forth, elated at the discovery. Light tapped him on the shoulder and directed his attention to a picture of a woman in a maid's uniform.

"I think this is her. Did you ever find out who these people are?" Light asked.

"The service was a front for a prostitution ring headed by the yakuza, so the paperwork filed wasn't exactly accurate," L added another sugar cube to his tea.

"I can guess that all of this has been about Tomoe not wanting to be implicated in being involved in such things," she looked to L for confirmation.

"The records say Tomoe was looking into running for the Diet, maybe ending up as Prime Minister one day," L said acerbically. "Blackmail, arson, and attempted murder don't look much better on a candidate."

Light smiled at him, now it was all over except the explanations.

In the end, Light thought her family had been more than decent about things. It wasn't unreasonable to want to attend the wedding of their eldest daughter, especially as she was about to disappear and they had no idea when they'd see her again. Now that Takeshi Tomoe and the serial killer Eugenia Rios had been convicted and jailed there was no sense in putting it off.

It seemed to L that the world was conspiring against him. It was a western style wedding, and this led to a concerted effort from all involved to make him wear a tuxedo, dress socks, and dress shoes. Adding to his horror, Misa had hired a makeup artist/stylist as his wedding present. Unfortunately the man had passed security clearance so he couldn't refuse, or that's what Light said anyway. Watari urged him to take solace in the fact he got to choose the caterer, and the free samples this involved. It was almost a fair trade, almost.

L twitched uncomfortably in his custom-tailored suit. It was hot inside the botanical garden they had rented for the ceremony, and the outfit he was wearing didn't help matters. It took an amazing amount of willpower not to tear his clothes off and throw his shoes into the fountain as he waited to take his position at the Iris Garden further inside.

"L," Light's voice whispered.

"What--," L was cut off by Light holding a hand over his mouth.

"Quiet, you're not supposed to see me yet," she let go and walked in front of him.

Light was wearing makeup and her short hair had been styled and decorated with tiny flowers, but she was wearing an old pair of jeans and a shirt she had probably borrowed from Sayu. Light raised a hand to his hair, it had been practically shellacked to his head to keep it laying down, it looked very stylish but felt stiff beneath her fingers. She brought up her other hand and used them both to cup his face. The bags under his eyes had been covered in a layer of heavy duty concealer, blended in with his pale skin tone by an expert. Coupled with his petulant expression he might as well have been a photograph opposite of Misa in a magazine.

"Poor L, what did they do to you?" Light teased gently, and he gave a scowl in response. "You really do look wonderful, but I'll never ask you to do anything like this again." She got a half-hearted smile, then let go of his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Most brides don't spend the honeymoon night scrubbing gunk out of their groom's hair."

"Is that what love is then?" L said with a thumb at his lip, looking more like himself.

"I'd hope so. Try to look a little happy about being married would you? I have to go and put my dress on before someone comes looking," Light gave him her best smile before running back towards the bridal area.

Time passed quickly for L after that. Light and L exchanged vows under an ivy covered trellis, surrounded by irises of every color. The wedding party was small with only Light's parents, Sayu and Misa on her side. L had surprised Light by inviting people other than Watari. There were three boys and a girl who were a few years younger than Sayu, and an older man about Watari's age. The marriage certificate was the only place Light's married name existed, as far as anyone but L and Watari knew she was still a Yagami, and not Light Lawliet. It made her father happy to have 'Ryuzaki Yagami' in the family, Soichiro probably thought it had been a large concession on L's behalf. As dead people were off the family register, Light couldn't see how it mattered either way.

The reception after the wedding had more food than twelve people could possibly eat. L didn't even make a dent in the cake or candy supply, though he made a valiant effort. Light had taken to serving him pieces herself so L could take off his shoes and use his toes to wiggle off his socks under the table without anyone knowing. Instead of indulging in the feast like the others Misa spent time staring at L like she'd never seen him before. Everyone else had given him a second look when he walked down the aisle, but Misa was obvious in her disbelief--maybe her gift had been better than she intended.

Light wasn't sure what to think of the people L invited. The girl, Linda, was nice enough. She'd drawn a lovely wedding portrait during the short ceremony, and said she intended to draw individual portraits of them later. Light overheard the blond, Mello, complain that she must be 'sucking up'. Near, a pale boy who reminded her a little of L told Mello he was jealous and that 'a half eaten bar of chocolate isn't an appropriate present, in case you wondered'. The brunet, Matt, hunched over his Game Boy and ignored the potential fight brewing around them. Roger, the man who seemed to be in charge, apologized for the disturbance and wished them both a happy marriage.

L looked to be stuffed with sweets near to bursting, so Light did her best to wrap everything up before she had to worry about scrubbing up vomit in addition to hair gel removal. In the morning they were supposed to leave for Paris for a week long honeymoon. Light suspected L had chosen the location based on it's dessert potential, but as long as she got to see the Louvre that was fine by her.

After that the real fun would begin--real mental stimulation, challenging cases, and even more time with L.

The End

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