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Chapter 1:Teirm

Eragon walked down the dark and dusty hall way of an old library. He and Murtagh had been in Teirm for two weeks now, studying more complex reading that Brom had never been over. An old tomb lay in front of him as he read the story "The Human and The Elf" A weird book about a male human falling in love with a male elf. Eragon was delighted to find a book that had male on male relationships.

As Eragon kept reading Murtagh's blissful aroma filled the air of the scent of fall. He slightly bumped into the tomb making it fall to the floor and as he bent over to pick it up his butt was directly in front of Eragon's face making him want to grab it.

Eragon had always loved Murtagh as a friend but, now it was different. He always thought Murtagh's shorts shown off the male's ass a little too well and that his tunic fit perfectly to show off all of Murtagh's muscles . When he got these thoughts Saphira usually started to hum or would talk to Eragon about how it would be all full to be caught thinking of these things and he always reminded her that she was the only one who knew she would roar then the conversation would be over.

Murtagh turn around to hand the tomb back to Eragon when he saw the other's face expression of...what? He shrugged and blushed as he read the title of the book before slipping it back onto the table and looking into Eragon's blue eyes.

Eragon looked away hurriedly and tried to hide the smile and blush he was holding back. Quickly he got up and slipped his book inside his backpack.

"Shall we go back to the Tavern?" Eragon asked seeing as they were both done here.

"Sure." Came the husky voice with slight emotion.

Saphira Eragon called out with his mind.

Yes little one?

We will leave in the morning for Ellesmera.

I will be ready and tell Murtagh to leave his deer creature here he will have no use for it since Thorn and I are to only friends around that can get you to Ellesmera in three days.

I will and you and Thorn be careful while hunting in case of a stray arrow.

It is you that needs to be carful.

Eragon was on his way down the cobblestone streets of Teirm when the connection was cut off. He peered over at Murtagh who was misty eyed and in deep thought obviously speaking with Thorn

as the eyes went back to there regular hazel color Eragon gave him a slight smile which he returned. As they entered their room Eragon slung his book bag under his bed as Murtagh started to make a pallet on the floor.

"You want the bed tonight?" Eragon offered already knowing the answer.

"Nah not tonight I'd rather sleep on the floor. I'm used to it and it makes me feel at home." Murtagh lied.

"Okay.." Eragon said as he reached under his bed and retrieved the old tomb from his bag and began to read. About two minutes later Murtagh interrupted Eragon's reading with a question.

"What is that book about Eragon?" He asked almost a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"A Elvish and human male becoming mates." He stated bluntly before realizing he had said this Murtagh blushed and turned the opposite way now facing the wall.

"I'm sorry for asking such a persona–"

"No I'm sorry for telling you that. It was not nes–"

"Why nothing is wrong with being gay!"

"I know that you don't have to tell me that!"

"...Sorry Eragon I am upset that it is the last night we have in Teirm and we still have not found any information on the new forsworn."

"I understand..." Eragon said smiling at Murtagh before sticking his nose in the book once more.

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