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Chapter 1...

Al sighed as he headed up the stairs to wake ed. This was really hard to do, but lately al had come up with something that he hoped would work. He opened the door to his room and as loud as he could shouted "Brother! Winry said she's coming for a visit!" and with that ed bolted out of bed thinking about the last encounter with her wrench.

The only thing was that winry was really coming.

Ed left at noon to report to Mustang about their recent mission when it started to rain. Ahead of him an old woman seemed to have trouble walking. Ed may have been rude to most people but he wasn't a complete jerk and offered the old woman some help. Looking at him she smiled a crude looking smile.

"Your a state alchemist arent you?" ed looked at her suprised. (his pocket watch was hidden and he was wearing his usual clothes) Noticing the confused look her smile grew even wider. With one touch an explosion of light surrounded him, and before everything went black he heard her say, "There, now your not a dog of the military."


When winry knocked on ed's apartment door she heard al who sounded very concerned yell "Brother?" in response winry yelled "No al its me Winry! Is there something wrong?" al answered the door before answering the question "Ed hasn't come back from reporting to the colonial, and the colonial just called saying he hasn't even reported in yet." he said, worry sinking in to every word he spoke. "Lets go look for him then." she said trying to calm al down.

It was an hour later and Winry was walking one of the streets leading to the colonial's office when she saw a peice of red cloth in an alleyway. She stoped and soon al who had been following her stoped too. "Al, isnt that ed's coat?" al almost immediately recognized the coat and went over to discover that it wasn't only his coat all of his clothes where there. 'He wouldnt just streak...' al thought to himself.

Then the bundle of clothes moved a little and Winry jumped. Al unwrapped the clothes and found a yellow kitten with two automail limbs. The kitten's fur also grew out like human hair on it's head and went down into a little braid. Winry looked at the kitten for a second before nearly jerking it from al's hands. "Al...this cat...it couldn't be ed right?" al stayed silent for a little while before responding "Those automail limbs and the braid...this isn't possible..."

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