A month. That's how long that he had been like this. A month of trying to resist the urge to lick himself. A month of hairballs and Winry's evil "Kitty Glomps". That wasn't it either! Nooo! There just had to be more! Now he was so close to being normal, but that all flew out the window with the addition of being extremely short, cuddly, and adorable. Why?! Like having skin wasn't enough, just throw a pair of cat ears and a tail on and see how many times you can suffer from a lack of oxygen and see how smart you are at the end of the week!

As you can see Ed wasn't in the best of moods. After being pulled outside by Winry to "enjoy the sunshine" some greater power had decided it was time for a shower. The sky quickly clouded over and before he knew it he was soaked. With his cat reflexes he dove inside the house when Winry opened the door, and ran to his room.

Winry watched him take off up the stairs, startled after he had nearly knocked her off the porch. "Ed!" she called after him, quickly making note of all the mud he had tracked in his haste. "Get back here and clean this up!" A sneeze came from upstairs. "Oh, great..." she sighed.

She took off her shoes and made her way up the stairs carefully avoiding the spots of mud. "Ed!" she called again. She stepped into his room and found him snuggled up on his bed wet clothes and all. She walked up to his bed and shook him gently. "Ed, if you don't change out of those wet clothes you're gonna get sick." He whined but sat up anyways. "Okay..." he said sleepily, his cat ears drooping slightly. He started tugging off his shirt and Winry blushed and made her way to the door. Although she had seen him shirtless many times she was sure that in the state he was in he would pay her no mind even if he where tugging off his boxers. She turned a deeper shade of red and quickened her pace joining Al downstairs and helping him cook dinner.

Ed curled up deeper into a ball. He was so cold, though he didn't understand why. The smell of food drifted from downstairs and though it did smell good, Ed felt queasy at the scent. He wimpered and tried to curl up even more.

"Ed!" Winry called from the downstairs kitchen, "Dinner time!"

Ed winced, this time realizing the throbbing in his head.

"Ed!" he heard her call again.

He heard the sound of footsteps. The door opened and he shied away from the light, it made his headache worse. "Ed?" Winry stood in the doorway for a few seconds before she entered the room shutting the door behind her. "Ed, you alright?" she asked walking towards his bed. He whimpered again. A cold hand was placed on his forehead but was quickly pulled back. "Hot!" he uncurled himself and looked up at her hazily. "Ed, stay put. I'll be right back, okay?" there was a hint of concern in her voice. He nodded.

She left the room and returned after a few minutes holding a bowl of ice water and some washcloths. She placed the bowl on a stand next to his bed and placed one of the washcloths in the water. She wrung the cloth out and placed it on his forehead. He winced. The cloth was very cold and he was already cold as it was, or so he thought.

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