The Lusting

Kim stood outside the doors to Middletown High and with an effort resisted the urge to tap her foot in annoyance. Beside her was her best girl friend Monique.

"How could Ron get a detention on the last day of school?" Kim muttered for about the hundredth time.

"It's not the boy's fault girl. You know Mr. Barkin has it in for him." Monique replied.

"That's not really true." Kim defended Barkin. "Ron just likes to think he has it in for him."

"Oh no it isn't." Monique shot back. "I was with Ron in the hallway when Barkin gave him the detention. Ron wasn't doing anything except refusing to answer my questions and Barkin still walked over and gave him detention. I think it got worse that time Shego came to visit you two at school and Barkin tried to put the moves on her and she rebuffed him, since that day Barkin has been hounding poor Ron left and right."

"What questions of yours was Ron refusing to answer?" Kim asked her suspiciously.

"Um, is that important right now? We were discussing how Barkin has it in for Ron." Monique stated nervously.

Kim turned to stare at Monique. "Were you asking about Ron, Shego and my..." Kim faltered.

"It's called a sex life." Monique replied with a bit of a smirk. "And what if I was? I was just curious."

Kim stared at her for a moment before shaking her head. "Why don't you give it a rest? You've been bothering me and Ron about it ever since Shego changed sides and joined us."

"Yeah she changed sides all right." Monique said with an even wider smirk.

"I meant now that she has become a good guy, er I mean girl." Kim said as she started to blush.

"That's all I'm trying to find out." Monique said with a mock innocent look. "I was just trying to find out just how 'good' she really is."

Kim blushed harder. "You know you have a serious obsession problem with my intim... My sex... With my personal life!" Kim finally managed to get out without stuttering.

"Girl this is high school! We are supposed to gossip about who is doing what with whom. The only difference is, the rest of them are mostly lying and faking about it. You, Ron and Shego really are doing it. I'm just trying to live vicariously through your 'adventures'"

Kim shifted uncomfortably. "Well can't you find a new hobby? And don't call them adventures. We just like to be together."

"You want me to call them missions instead?" Monique grinned. "Girl we all have notice how many more missions you have had since Shego joined you and Ron. You are having Wade arrange fake missions so you three can have booty calls haven't you?"

"Monique!" Kim shouted and then looked around to see if anyone was nearby and dropped her voice. "I would never have Wade make a fake wolf call! It's just that Global Justice has started using us more now that we are a threesome." Kim raised her hand to stop Monique. "And you know I meant threesome as a team and not the way you are thinking."

"Party pooper." Monique replied with a laugh. "You are just so lucky girl! Ron since you two have been working him over has gotten so buff and built. Nice muscley arms and a broad wide back and he has such a cute tight ass with that adorable little birthmark." Monique stopped with a yelp as she felt someone's arm came around her throat and put a choke hold on her.

"Are you talking about Kimmie and my man?" Shego whispered into her ear nearly giving Monique a heart attack. Monique shot Kim a 'help me' look but could see a smoldering in Kim's eyes as well making Monique worry about her future health.

"When have you seen Ron's butt and birthmark?" She growled.

"Oh come on girl you know Ron is always losing his pants." Monique replied with a nervous voice.

"But he never loses his underwear when that happens and that is the only way you could have seen his birthmark. Trust me I should know!"

Shego cleared her throat. "Okay Shego and I should know." Kim amended.

"Am I in trouble?" Monique asked fully knowing the answer.

"Oh yeah." Shego replied tightening her grip around Monique's throat.

Monique slumped. "Oh all right. I heard about a lose window outside the guy's locker room and checked up on the rumors and found out they were true. It took me forever to find a day when it wasn't being used so I could take a peek..." Monique with her eyes widening realized she had given a bit more info than she had meant to.

"A day when it wasn't in use?" Shego behind her asked. "Just how many little skanks have been looking at Kim and my man?"

"Um... All the cheerleaders and most of the girl's field hockey team? Oh and Josh Mankey."

Kim's eyes couldn't bug out any farther. "My cheerleader squad has been peeking at Ron?! Wait! Josh has been sneaking looks at Ron too?" Kim said in shock with her eyes proving they could grow larger.

Monique nodded her head. "Trying to find a day I could watch I caught Mankey several times staring through the window."

"That doesn't prove he or the rest were looking at Ron." Kim stated. "It's the guy's locker room maybe they were looking at someone else?"

"Oh really?" Monique said with just a touch of her smirk coming back to her face. "Then why was Mankey muttering, 'oh make me your naked mole rat Ronnie, I'll jump through hoops for you.'"

Kim opened her mouth and shut it a few times like a fish out of water. "That is just wrong sick. I should have listened to Ron way back when he pointed out that Mankey and monkey were only a vowel away. I guess it is true what they say about guys who know how to coordinate colors." She finally managed to say. "You said my cheerleader squad was in on the 'peek at Ron' game? Even Bonnie?"

Monique nodded her head. "That is how I found out what window could be opened from the outside. I followed Bonnie one day when she snuck around the building and saw her watching."

"And you are sure she was watching Ron too?" Shego's voice reminded the young black woman that a reformed villain was right behind her, as if Shego's chest pressing against her back could ever let her forget that fact.

Monique nodded her head. "I got close enough to hear her talking to herself too. She kept saying over and over again, 'I wouldn't turn that mad dog out of my dog house if he were to come in."

Kim flushed red but this time in anger. "All this time she still keeps calling Ron a loser in the hallway and then I find out she is drooling over him as if he was some kind of...Some kind of..." Kim faltered in her anger.

"One fine piece of manly beefcake?" Monique offered. She then winced as Shego clamped down on her shoulder even tighter. "Is she going to rip my head off?" She asked Kim.

"Of course not." Kim snapped and then looked past Monique at Shego. "Shego..." She said in warning. "Don't rip her head off or burn her... Yet."

Monique tried to look over her shoulder at Shego but with the rock hard grasp Shego had on her she couldn't. Monique then looked over at Kim with pleading eyes. "You all are just playing with me, right? I'm your best girl friend; you wouldn't have Shego hurt me, would you?"

"How many times did you ogle my Ron?" Kim asked. Shego gave a cough. "How many times did you ogle Shego and my Ron?" Kim amended.

"Just the once!" Monique replied.

"Once?" Shego's voice asked in her ear.

"Um, maybe four times?" Monique stated. "But at least I didn't take any cell phone pictures like Tara and Bonnie did!" Monique hastened to add as she could feel a decided warmth starting to heat up her back where Shego had her hand.

"Tara took pictures?! I mean Bonnie I could believe but Tara too?" Kim shouted.

"That's it Princess. I'm going to have to destroy the entire female population of your school." Shego growled. "And from what I hear maybe a few of the guys too."

"Don't you both think it is a bit flattering that so many think Ron has developed and is now mega hot?" Monique starting to see her life flash before her eyes rushed to say.

"Flattering? Yes but I don't share what is mine." Shego growled at her.

Monique tried to look over her shoulder once again and then looked at Kim.

"That's different. Kimmie belongs to me too." Shego as if sensing what Monique was thinking added.

"We belong to each other." Kim almost distractedly added.

"What is all this then?" Barkin's booming voice called out as he exited the school doors Kim and Monique had been keeping an eye on. "Loitering around school property after school is over with? I would think you all would be rushing to get away from this place and start savoring your temporary freedom of summer vacation. I know that is what I'm planning on doing." Barkin then spotted Shego standing behind a nervous looking Monique.

"Why I didn't see you there Miss Go." Barkin stated, his voice going from gruff to an attempted silkiness. "Can I help you with something?"

"I told you before its Shego, one word. And nope you can't help me with anything. Kim and I are just waiting for Ron to get out of his detention."

Monique looked at Barkin as if he was an idiot. Didn't he see that Shego had her in a choke hold?

"Um Miss Go? Even if school is over with for summer vacation we still have a policy against public displays of affection on school grounds." Barkin told her in a low voice.

Monique's eyes grew large. Barkin thought that Shego was hugging her around her neck?!

"Oh sorry about that." Shego replied in a syrupy voice. "But she is just so damn cute." Monique then felt Shego give her ear a tiny lick. Monique blinked a few times and tried not to consider what the flash of heat and electric like shocks she felt run down her body meant. She looked over to see Kim's eyes sparkling as she held in her mirth at her predicament. Shego released Monique and stepped away from her and Monique tottered for a moment as her legs felt like they had gone to jelly.

Barkin's eyes had grown large as well and he looked a bit crestfallen that Shego was obviously into females but then he straightened his back. This at least was an explanation why Shego rejected his romantic overtures. "Stoppable should be along in a moment." He finally said and turned and walked away.

Monique now freed turned to look at Shego. Shego was wearing a black tight fitting blouse and a short dark forest green skirt that accented the mint green of her skin and showed off her legs to her best advantage.

Monique couldn't understand it but she felt her mouth water a little bit. "Wow you look good." She finally said. "There is nothing better than a woman who knows how to work fashion."

Shego gave a slight nod to show her acceptance of the compliment but then narrowed her eyes at her. "Don't try to change the subject. We were discussing what I was going to do to you for staring at my Ron."

Kim cleared her throat.

"Kim and mine's Ron." Shego amended.

"You could let me join the group." Monique in shock found her mouth was saying without consulting her brain first.

Shego's eyebrow rose. "So it's like that is it?" She practically purred as she started to slink towards Monique. Monique doing a pretty good imitation of a deer caught in the headlights began to slowly back away. What had she gotten herself into?

Shego walked Monique back till her back was against the wall of the school and she could go no farther. Shego leaned in close as if to kiss her and said. "Nope, sorry. I'm a one man and one woman kind of gal. I have all I could ever want in Kim and Ron." She then pulled away.

Monique blinked a few times and then scowled. "That was just mean." She finally said.

"Hey, don't be looking at someone else's guy." Shego said with a shrug and moved over back to Kim's side.

Kim stared at Monique in shock. "I never knew you were into girls?"

Monique shook her head. "I'm not! Well not all girls. Just a few select ones that seem to radiate animal like passion and sex so strongly I think I might be willing to switch hit is all." She added fluttering her eyelashes at Shego.

"I don't know if I should be amused or insulted that Shego is one of those types and you don't think I am." Kim said folding her arms across her chest.

Monique turned her gaze on Kim. "Who said you weren't girl friend?" Monique said with a smirk and then turning she walked off.

"Did she just come on to me?" Kim asked in wonder to Shego.

"Princess for someone who saves the world on a regular basis... You sure can be slow on the uptake sometimes." Shego said with a grin, then looking around to see if anyone was watching she leaned over and kissed her. "So... Do you want to bring her into the fun?" Shego asked, her closeness with Kim washing Kim's face with her warm breath.

Kim's eyes grew wide. "No. No, you were right. You and Ron are the only two I need in my life. I'm not interested in developing a harem."

"Maybe Ron is?" Shego stated as reluctantly pulled away from Kim to stand by her side so she could watch the doors of the school.

"He better not be." Kim stated with a growl.

Shego laughed. "That is what I like about you Princess, you and me think alike. Ron is ours and no one else gets to play with him but us!" She said loudly.

At that moment Ron walked out of the school doors and heard Shego. "So I'm just your and Kim's plaything to be used over and over again without any say in the matter?" He asked in mock seriousness.

Shego didn't even pause a moment. "Damn straight you are. Got something to say about it?"

Ron still with a serious look on his face nodded his head. "Yes, yes I do. What I have to say about it is... Booyah!" He then broke into a grin and raced over to where Kim and Shego were.

Shego, Kim and Ron left the school grounds and started walking back towards Kim's house. Shego would have picked them up in her car if it wasn't for the fact that someone had hit her car recently while gawking at her. The fool hadn't even stopped but kept going after sideswiping her. It was with the greatest effort that Shego had refrained from throwing one of her plasma balls after the car but she was learning to control her rages since teaming up with Ron and Kim but the end result was her beloved dark green sports car was in the shop for repairs now.

Walking along the side of the road Shego resisted the urge to duck down and hide when a police car cruised slowly by them and the officer honked and waved at Kim and Ron. Global Justice had managed to clear her record and with a carefully scripted interview on 20/20 and Dateline managed to convince the populace that Shego was no longer a wanted criminal or threat but old habits die hard.

Shego was filling Ron in on what they had learned from Monique, mostly just to watch him blush. She loved how easy it was to push Ron or Kim's buttons and even though she no longer did it to get a sadistic rush, she still enjoyed tweaking them both.

"Monique is a Peeping Tom? Er, Peeping Monique? At me?!" Ron gasped.

Shego resisted the urge to giggle. "And it would seem that you have been putting on performances for the entire cheer squad, a number of other girls and someone named Josh Mankey." Shego watched the play of emotions on Ron's face. There was a small amount of male pride that he had so many girls wanting to see him naked of course but a look of horror crossed his face on hearing Mankey's name.

"Josh Mankey? That's... That's..." Ron stuttered.

"Wrong sick?" Kim offered. "That's what I said."

Ron shuddered.

"Oh come on Ronnie." Shego grinned and reaching down she cupped Ron's butt with her hand. "How could he resist the power of Ronshine?"

Kim looked around nervously. "Shego not in public remember?"

Shego grumbled but did release Ron's butt. Any further complaints were silenced when they all heard the familiar three note call of the Kimmunicator. They all looked at each other before reaching into pockets and pulling out identical looking devices.

"Go Wade." Kim said. "What's the sitch?

In his basement computer room Wade looked at three monitors showing Ron, Kim and Shego looking back at him. "It's Global Justice." He stated.

"Oh no. I'm putting my foot down on this one! Not another mission! Ron, Kim and me have tickets to Japan for tomorrow and I'm not having them miss the flight cause of some idiot with ego problems!" Shego growled.

"Um actually it's not a mission. Dr. Director just wants you three to drop in for a moment to talk. Probably just wants to wish you a good journey." Wade assured her.

Shego was slightly mollified. "Well that's different." She muttered.

"Okay Wade. We'll see Dr. Director before we go." Kim told him.

The three friends/lovers put away their Kimmunicators. Shego insisted on calling hers that as well since the name Shego didn't lend to a cutesy name like Kimmunicator and Ron dropped calling his a Ronnicator cause he didn't want Shego to feel left out.

Ron stopped walking and Shego and Kim wondering what the problem was halted too. "Did Wade just say that they wanted us to drop in?" Ron asked with a sinking feeling.

Kim nodded her head and her, shego and Ron looked down at the ground at the same time. A perfectly round hole suddenly opened under their feet and the three disappeared. A moment later the sidewalk resealed and looked perfectly normal once again.