The Lusting

Chapter 14

Throughout the flight back to the United States, Kim and Shego tried to get Ron to tell them what was in the packages in the back of the plane but he refused to answer.

That didn't stop Kim and Shego from trying everything they could to 'loosen up his tongue'. Tactics that Ron fully approved of and half way through doing them, Kim and Shego forgot the reason they started and just enjoyed themselves.

Rufus to avoid the sights of his pets and their play went to the front of the plane cabin only to find out the pilot Mythe had the plane in autopilot mode and her and her girlfriend Tef were engaged in a similar behavior. Finally the poor mole rat found an out of the way storage compartment and settled in to sleep till they got back home.

Collapsing onto the couch in Kim's parent's house Shego let out a long sigh. "It is good to be home again."

Mrs. Possible smiled a large smile. "It is good to hear you refer to this as home Shego."

Shego looked at the older woman. "Well, this is the closest place I've had to a real home in a long time."

They were interrupted as Mr. Possible, Kim and Ron came in carrying packages. Ron looked over the small mountain of packages as he tried to mentally decide if everything was there. Finally he nodded his head."

"So Ronald? What did you get me?" Mrs. Possible said with a grin.

"Mom." Kim said rolling her eyes.

Ron quickly looked through the packages and pulled one of the larger ones out. "I wouldn't forget you Mrs. Dr. P. You are like my second mother."

Ann Possible smiled and even blinked back a few tears and accepted the package. "Thank you Ron. I think of you like a son too."

"I'm not quite sure I'm comfortable with a boy giving my wife gifts." Mr. Possible said. He was joking of course but his face showed none of it.

"Then you don't want your gift Mr. P?" Ron said holding up a much smaller package.

"I never said that." Mr. Possible said taking the package from him.

Kim grinned at Ron and glanced over to see her mother had her package open and was staring into it. "What did he get you Mom?"

Ann Possible looked up and Kim was surprised at the look of awe on her face. "It is beautiful Ron. It must have cost a fortune!" She stated as she pulled out of the box a snow white kimono with pink chrysanthemums across the front of it.

Ron gave a half shrug. "Not really. I have friends who owed me a favor. They got it for me at a very reasonable price."

Shego let out a low whistle as Mrs. Possible held the Japanese Kimono in front of her. "Wow that is a beauty."

Ron smiled. "Good. Then that means you two will like the ones I got you as well." He said as he pulled out two similar large packages and handed them over to Shego and Kim.

Kim's was a mirror image of her mother's except her's had cherry blossoms on the front instead of chrysanthemums. Shego's Kimono was black with delicate green leaves embroidered across the chest.

Everyone looked over to see Mr. Possible holding up a man's robe and a pair of house slippers in his hands.

Ron looking around noticed the twins weren't to be found.

"They are over at a friend's house." Mrs. Possible stated, guessing that was what Ron was looking for.

"Oh okay. I'll put this off to the side for them to open later then." Ron said as he laid a long box off to the side. "It is some Japanese rocket motors for their experiments."

"Ronald, I hope you are not implying that you think Japanese rockets are in anyway superior to American made rockets?" Mr. Possible said using his 'black hole speech' voice.

"Oh of course not Mr. P. I just thought they might like trying something new." Ron said with a gulp.

Mrs. Possible could see that there still were a few packages left. "Who are those for?" She asked.

"Well I got Felix the very latest version of Zombie Mayhem. It is not even translated yet and still in Japanese. Luckily we both know the controls so well we don't need to know how to read it to play the game. And for Monique I got a matching pair of Japanese black pearls and earrings…"

"You bought Monique jewelry?" Shego asked a hint of edge to her voice.

"Why shouldn't Ronald buy a young lady some jewelry?" Mr. Possible asked. "It's about time he started looking to find himself a girlfriend."

"He doesn't need to look, he has…" Shego began but saw Kim looking at her with frightened eyes. The last thing she wanted to do today was explain to her father that Ron not only kind of skipped the boyfriend/girlfriend stage and went straight to lovers but that his lovers were Shego and her. She knew her dad was not ready to hear that.

"Has plenty of time to look after he gets out of school." Shego finished but with a look at Kim telling her that she had to tell her dad someday and soon.

"It's not like that anyway Mr. P. Me and Monique are just friends. I bought the pearls and earrings as being from all of us anyway. I would have bought her something wrestling related but since she doesn't know Japanese wrestlers so I thought the black pearls would be okay." Ron explained.

"I'm sure she'll love them Ron." Mrs. Possible stated.

"And this is for…" Ron said picking up a package stopped as his, Kim's and Shego's Kimmunicator's went off.

"What great timing." Ron finished as Wade's face appeared on their kimmunicators.

"Why is it great timing?" Wade asked.

Ron showed the package to Wade. "This is for you. The Kohamani motherboard and videocard package mark 5"

Wade's eyes glazed over. "Mark 5? The latest on the market is just the mark 3."

Ron smiled. "I know. This is the latest prototype. My friends in Japan have quite a deal of pull and managed to get this one. This one is experimental and the features it has won't even be on the market for a couple of years. I thought you might like to play with it and see what kind of system you could build using it."

"I'll be over in five minutes to get it." Wade said.

Ron laughed. "Wait and come over for dinner. I was planning on making something to celebrate our getting home in one piece."

"A new computer motherboard and you making dinner? I'm there!"

"What did you call us about anyway Wade?" Kim asked.

"Oh yeah. Global Justice wants to know if you could drop in today to discuss some things?"

"How the heck did they even know we were back yet?" Shego in annoyance asked.

On their tiny screens they could see Wade shrug his shoulders.

"Tell them we'll be by in about an hour Wade." Kim said and then looked around to see if that was all right with Shego and Ron. They both nodded. In Shego's case it was reluctantly. She was hoping against hope to get Ron and Kim alone again but knew it was unlikely anyway.

"Do you have a list of items you will need for dinner tonight since you will be cooking?" Mrs. Possible asked Ron.

"Um, no but I can make one up. Why?"

"Well you have friends to visit to give them their gifts and then Global Justice to see. I thought the very least I could do is do the shopping for you."

After having dropped off Ron's gift to Felix… And the girls having to drag Ron out before he engaged in a marathon zombie slaying match with his buddy, they stopped at Club Banana to give Monique who was working her gift. She had responded after opening the gift and seeing the beautiful pearls by wrapping herself tightly around Ron and giving him a kiss that made Kim see red, a slightly more relaxed Shego for a change had seen the amusement in the situation and had just shrugged and grinned. For the first 25 seconds and as the kiss continued she rushed to aid Kim in peeling Monique off of Ron.

Ron being male had a goofy smile on his face for a few moments before Kim and Shego 'escorted' him out of the store. A giggling Monique waved goodbye from the store's entrance as they left.

Finally they found themselves once again in front of Kim's house almost exactly one hour after they told Wade to inform Global Justice they would meet with them so it was with no surprise when the ground beneath them suddenly opened up and they dropped through one of Global Justice's travel tubes.

As Ron, Kim and Shego landed, it was Kim and Shego that moved as if to protect Ron. Both women still a little peeved at Monique's actions were making sure that if Agent Gloria Passion was there that Ron wasn't going to be 'glomped' again in one of her famous cleavage hugs.

As the door to the travel tube room opened they found they needn't had worried as the person revealed was none other than agent Will Du.

Shego in extreme distaste was now wishing it had been agent Passion rather than the smug self assured ass in front of her that had almost gotten her, along with everyone else, killed last time they had met.

Will Du nodded his head in way of a greeting. "If it isn't the green recruits that Dr. Director allowed to join us." He finally said.

"Green recruits?" Shego not entirely sure that wasn't a dig at her skin color growled. "We've managed to save the world a few times. What have you done lately? Oh that's right. You almost destroyed it."

Will Du jaw twitched as he clenched his teeth but he refrained from commenting and made a follow me gesture and stomped off. Shego, Kim and Ron not eager to get lost in the sprawling complex raced to catch up before he disappeared down a turn.

After many twists and turns, most of which Shego and Kim were willing to bet wasn't there the last time they visited they reached another nondescript door in a hall of nondescript doors and watched as Will Du knocked on it and then bade them enter.

As they entered Kim, Ron and Shego could see Dr. Director sitting at her desk with Ash sitting beside it almost exactly as the last time they had seen them but Ash was wearing a bandage across the left side of his face and Dr. Director had her arm in a sling.

"What happened to you guys?" Kim asked in shock.

Dr. Director looked up and replied. "I hate vacations. I'm thinking of petitioning the government to ban them."

Shego looked over at Ash. "Let me guess. Pirate ghosts did show up at that cozy little cabin by the sea?"

"Not exactly." Ash replied.

"It was a sea monster." Dr. Director.

Ron, Kim and Shego looked at her in disbelief.

"I still say my reading that passage out of that book had nothing to do with it." Ash complained in a tone that implied that this was a long running argument between the two.

Dr. Director fixed him with a glare out of her one good eye. "It had an etching of a sea monster on its cover." She said in a slow precise way people in anger do.

"That could have just been a coincidence."

"The passage was in Latin."

"So? Just because something is in Latin doesn't always mean it is meant to summon something."

Dr. Director's jaw twitched. "Why did you read something you couldn't understand out of a book you didn't know, out loud in the first place?! Especially with your track record?!"

Ash shrugged. "I'm naturally curious?" He asked and then to diffuse the beginning of the long running argument he turned to look at Shego. "So Greenie? How did your vacation in Japan go? Avoid Godzilla?"

Shego ignored him and looked to Dr. Director. "How did you get rid of the sea monster then? Ash's wonderful charms cause it to shrivel up and die?"

Just for the faintest of moments a small smirk appeared on Dr. Director's face. "No. We had to call in a Global Justice strike on the thing."

"A real sea monster?" Kim finally found her voice to ask.

"Yep. Tentacles an all." Ash answered her. "We have several of the tentacles in the lab to be analyzed if you want to see them." Ash looked a little queasy. "That is unless the cafeteria didn't commandeer them to make sushi out of it."

"So. How did your vacation in Japan go?" Dr. Director in an effort to change the subject asked.

Kim, Shego and Ron shared a look. "It wasn't as eventful as yours." Kim finally answered.

Ash shared a look with Dr. Director. "I told you they couldn't possibly have anything to compare with what happened to us." He told her smugly as if he was almost proud of the fact that his romantic getaway with her had been spoiled by such a strange occurrence."

"That Ash is nothing to be proud of." She nearly growled back at him.

"Um, not that this isn't fun but why did you want to talk to us? Ron has promised to make dinner tonight and I'm looking forward to it." Shego stated.

"Dinner? Any chances for more guests?" Ash asked. The glare Shego sent him convinced him it was unlikely.

"There have been reports that certain individuals you are all familiar with have been meeting in secret. I thought you should know in case it turns into anything." Dr. Director stated.

Kim, Shego and Ron waited for her to add something to the mysterious warning but it was obvious she had said all she was going to.

"You do know you could just have told us that over a phone, right?" Shego finally in annoyance asked.

"But then we would miss seeing your lovely pea green complexion." Ash stated with a grin.

Shego glanced over at Dr. Director. "You know I could make it where they would have to cover the rest of his face with bandages for a while, peace and quiet and not have to look at him for a while. Think about it."

Dr. Director seemed to consider for a moment before she shook her head.

"Well if that is all, we do need to get home so Ron can start cooking." Kim stepped forward and rushed to add before Ash could try and goad Shego again. "We'll be careful to watch our backs."

Shego couldn't help herself as she cocked her head to the side and deliberately stared at kim's firm behind. She glanced over at Ron and winked.

Dr. Director who could see what was going on behind Kim almost smiled but at the last moment managed to control the desire. "Yes. That will be all for now but I would like you to come in tomorrow for some more training if you will."

"I don't suppose you could mandate some training on a, oh I don't know, tropical island?" Shego suddenly asked. "You could call it survival training?"

Ash frowned at her. "Why would you… Oh come on, didn't you get enough of that on your Japanese vacation?" He asked as he finally noticed Shego glancing at Kim's butt.

Shego looked over at him deliberately and replied. "Did you on your vacation?"

Ash reached up and stroked his chin careful not to displace the bandage on his face. "You know she makes a good point." He said looking over at Dr. Director. "We could pick a nice secluded island. Set the kids off on one side of the island while you and I set up camp on the other side. Give them a few… weeks to make their way across the island to find us. It would be…. Good training." He ended with one of his charming leer/smiles at Dr. Director.

Dr. Director raised the eyebrow over her good eye at him. "One, I'm still mad at you. And two, Global Justice isn't set up just so that we can take little adventures on the taxpayers' expense." She softened her glare slightly and added. "I'll think about it."

Kim, Shego and Ron realizing this was as good a time to make their leave as any, backed away while Ahs continued to waggle his eyebrows at Dr. Director and she tried to keep her stern annoyed look on her face. As they backed out the door they found themselves in the corridor with Will Du once again.

"About time…" He started to say but was interrupted when a tall statuesque woman with highly memorable cleavage came striding around a corner and saw the group.

"You!" She growled pointing at Du. "You knew I wanted to be the ones to greet and welcome Kim and her group back!"

"I'm the senior agent here. I felt that your talents weren't needed for this assignment." Du stated as his eyes traveled to her unzipped cleavage.

Agent Gloria Passion slowly and deliberately reached up and zipped up her uniform till it was up to her chin and fixed him with a frosty glare. "If you are so senior then wouldn't it have made more sense for you to assign this job to someone else?"

Du glared at her. "I am senior and I decide the daily roster."

"It's just I thought a senior officer would be in on the big raid that they are about to launch…"

Du jumped at the bait. "What big raid? I should have been informed! You!" He said pointing at Gloria. "Show them out, while I check on why I wasn't informed of a raid." He then stomped off down the hallway.

"He's such an…" Gloria muttered to herself.

"Idiot?" Kim volunteered.

"Asshole?" Shego prompted.

Before Ron could join in the game, Gloria unzipped her uniform top and turning pulled him into an embrace, once again planting his face firmly between her large breasts. "Hi Ron." She said as she softly ran her fingers through his hair.

A muffled, "Hi Gloria." Could be heard from Gloria's cleavage.

Shego and Kim shared a look and rolling their eyes rushed to his aid but as they neared Gloria, she opened her arms wide and swept them into a group hug mashing their faces into the sides of her chest and coincidentally burying Ron even deeper in the valley between her breasts. "I missed you three. Things get so dull here."

Shego and Kim struggled for a few seconds and then to Gloria's surprise they hugged her back.

"It is nice to get back and see a friendly… Face." Shego managed to maneuver her face around to say.

Agent Gloria Passion just giggled before releasing the three and showing them to the exit tubes.

Somewhere outside of Middletown in a dark creepy chamber where lights on a distant computer console flashed and soft beeps and whirls are heard, in other words a typical villain lair, three beings sat in complete darkness at a round table with only a candle on the table to cast a dim glow.

"Aye, why are we here agon?" A voice thick with a Scottish accent asked in annoyance.

A man with a long and ugly face leans forward into the light. "Ask him." He says as he gestures across the table at the last member of their party. As he gestures it can be seen that he has very hairy arms poking out of the black uniform he is wearing. "He is the host of this little tea party after all." He adds as he reached out and as if to prove his words, picks up a teacup and takes a sip.

"Remarkably good Earl Grey tea by the way."

"Thank you." The person sitting in the darkness at the other side of the round table says. "You should really try the peanut butter stickies too. They came out quite good this time."

"Ock, if I knew we were here for wee supper I would have brought some haggis wit me."

"Disgusting uncivilized dish." The one with the hairy arms replied.

"Says the mon who plays with wee monkeys."

"My monkeys are well trained! They are housebroken and do not wee just anywhere!"

"No ya daft monkeyman. Not wee as in peeing but wee as in little. Don't you know your English?"

"You sir are not speaking English."

"I am too! I just speaking it with a prooper Scottish accent!"

"English cannot be spoken with a proper Scottish accent! Only Scottish can be spoken with a proper Scottish accent. Proper English can only be spoken with someone who has a proper British accent. Which I can do." The hairy armed one taunted.

"Aye? Well then here is a proper British term for ye. Pompous Twit!"

"Gentlemen! I brought you here for a reason and it wasn't so you two could fight." The one still firmly in shadows tried to make peace.

"Aye? And wot have you brought us here for?"

"And why do we have to sit in this confounded darkness for?"

"Um, yes well about the darkness. Don't you think it adds the proper amount of atmosphere to our gathering?"

The one with hairy arms took a long sip of his tea before answering. "You couldn't find the light switch for the main lab could you?"

"It's not my fault! This is a time share lair. I haven't had time to familiarize myself with it completely after moving in. I just barely got my specialized equipment installed!"

"Oh for heaven's sake… Monkey ninjas!" The hairy armed one in exasperation called out.

There was the sound of scampering feet and a few moments later bright lights flooded the room as the monkeys found the main light switch and with a loud click turned it on.

Dr. Drakken blinked his eyes as they adjusted from the previous gloom of the room to the brightness. Sitting across from him at the small round table Monty Fisk a.k.a. Monkey Fist, who reaching out poured some more tea into his cup and continued to drink it. Sitting halfway around the table between the two of them, Duff Killigan blinked owlishly at them as he rolled a golf ball between his fingers.

"That better not be one of your explosive golf balls Killigan." Drakken warned him. "I went to a great deal of effort, not to mention money to make sure this time share lair was one unknown to Kim Possible or Shego to have it accidentally blown up before I even have a chance to initiate my greatest plan yet."

"Aye don't be getting your panties in a bunch. It's one of my normal balls."

Lord Monty Fisk rolled his eyes but didn't comment on the obvious poor choice of words but leaning forward he blew out the candle sitting on the table. "So why are we here? I have much better things I can be doing." He finally muttered.

"Like running with your wee tail between your legs from Kim Possible?" Killigan snickered.

"Oh and like you haven't been hiding in some holes lately trying to avoid her? And I don't mean golf holes either." Fisk replied in annoyance.

Raising his hands to try and quell yet again hostilities between Fisk and Killigan, Dr Drakken stated. "And that is exactly the reason I have called you all here today. Since Kim Possible and… His name escapes me, have teamed up with…" Drakken's face twisted in extreme distaste. "Shego. They have become beyond a mere nuisance and have impeded all of our endeavors and may quite possibly result in our extinction."

"What is he on about?" Killigan put aside his distaste of Fisk to ask him in confusion.

"He's saying that now that Shego has joined Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible they have been kicking our arses and have been getting very close to putting us away for good."

Killigan stopped rolling his golf ball around and clutched it hard in a fist. "Aye. Now that's true enough. I barely escaped my last run in with them just a month agoo. The escape would have been an easy one if it had not been for Shego. I had Possible and her sidekick right where I wanted them, holding them at bay with my special golf clubs when Shego threw one of those glowery fireballs of her's and melted them."

"She melted Kim Possible and her sidekick?" Drakken in confusion asked.

Killigan rolled his eyes. "Ye really are daft ye know that? No! She melted my golf clubs! If I hadn't thrown my balls on the floor causing them all to try an avoid the explosions they would have had me for sure."

Once again Fisk avoided commenting on Killigan's continued use of 'his balls'. While the jokes were obvious to be made, Fisk being a proper British gentleman tried to avoid puns as much as he could. "I think we can all agree that since those three have teamed up it is indeed hard to continue in our chosen field of being, 'super villains'."

"Exactly! And that is why with Monkey Fist's help I have set my mind to ridding ourselves of all three of them in the most ingenious method."

"Aye? And what did you help him with?" Killigan asked looking suspiciously at Fisk.

"I simply had some of my monkey ninjas steal some clothing from them while they were recently visiting Japan. I have no idea what he plans on doing with it but I must admit it was with some enjoyment that I had my monkey ninjas pilfer the clothing out right under the nose of an old 'friend' of mine that they had gone to visit." Monkey Fist replied with a shrug.

Dr. Drakken realized that the two of them had now turned and were now looking expectantly at him.

"Um, yes. I put to you gentlemen who would be the best to try and stop Shego and Kim Possible?"

Killigan and Fisk just continued to stare at him.

"Yes… Well I think it is quite obvious the only ones who have a chance of stopping Possible and that traitor Shego would be …. Shego and Kim Possible themselves!"

Killigan and Fisk continued to stare at him without comment.

"I mean who else would know better their weaknesses than themselves?"

"Don't tell me you are planning on trying the cloning bit again?" Fisk finally asked.

"And why not?" Drakken asked a bit peeved they weren't clamoring over his latest scheme. "I have perfected it this time and nothing can go wrong!"

"What makes you think if you are able to clone Shego or Kim Possible, they just won't turn on you?" Killigan asked.

"I've put limiters on the clones this time. They will have all the power, experience and knowledge of their originals at the moment they lost the D.N.A. sample I will use but they will only have two hour's life span unless I treat them. And nothing is more powerful than the desire to live so if the clones wish to live they will serve us and follow our commands!" So saying Dr. Drakken leapt to his feet and running over to a pile of luggage that had been hidden in the shadows until the monkey ninajs had turned on the lights, he pulled out a black and green case that obviously had to belong to Shego.

Opening the case he reached in and randomly pulled something out and held it up. "I will find traces of D.N.A. on this item and use it to clone Shego. An obedient, order taking, respectful Shego this time."

Drakken realized that Fisk and Killigan were looking at him with an eyebrow raised and Drakken glanced over to the item he had pulled out and saw it was a very sheer black and green women's negligee commonly called a 'babydoll'.

"Did Shego ever wear anything like that when she worked for you?" Fisk asked.

"Certainly not! At least I don't think she wore anything like this when she worked for me." Drakken held the garment up and stared at it and briefly wondered if his nose was going to start bleeding. "I mean I have no idea what she wore when she was in her room of course but this kind of thing doesn't seem like the Shego I knew."

Killigan looked over at Fisk. "And you say that the three of them were in Japan? Not on a mission but on some kind of visit?"

Fisk nodded his head. "From my monkey ninjas report they seemed to be just staying at a house until they left with that 'friend' of mine. While they were gone my ninjas stole the clothing."

"I heard that Shego and Possible have been getting close." Killigan said thoughtfully.

"I hear it is Shego and Ron Stoppable who are getting chummy." Fisk stated.

Drakken looked in confusion at both of them. "What do you mean close and chummy? Shego just left out of some misguided belief that she could become a hero again." Dr. Drakken looked at the garment in his hand. "Are you insinuating that she has something going on with either Kim or … whatever his name is?"

Killigan eyed him for a moment before turning back to Fisk and asking in a mock whisper. "Does he have some kind of wee mental problem when it comes to Stoppable? Why kinna he never get the boy's name?"

"I do not know. It is strange he can never remember Ron Stoppable's name when the boy having the mystical monkey power is more of a danger than that mere wisp of a cheerleader he hangs out with."

Drakken turning bluer in anger hissed. "I don't care who Shego might be … seeing. All I care about is regaining the use of one of my most potent weapons. That being Shego, or if need be her clone!"

Holding the garment close to his face he tried to ignore what it was and just examine it to see if there were any obvious signs of D.N.A. to be had on it. Finally he spotted a long black hair, using a pair of tweezers he pulled the hair off and put it on a Petri dish.

Taking it to a microscope he peered at it for a moment. "Obviously it is a black hair and since neither Kim Possible or… " Dr. Drakken paused as he honestly tried to remember the sidekick's name. "Whatever his name is do not have black hair it must belong to Shego." Drakken peered at the sample a few more moments.

"Strange though. This hair looks like it has some kind of slime residue on it. Not like Shego to not take care of her hair better than this." Dr. Drakken shrugged and looked back over his shoulder at his fellow conspirators. "But as I said earlier, this is obviously Shego's luggage and who else has long black hair like her?"

Taking the dish he placed it on a pad and pressing a button he caused a long glass cylinder to come down and cover the pad. "Within a few moments gentlemen we will have an exact copy of Shego, with all her powers, knowledge and skills she had at the moment she lost this hair at our disposal. If the clone refuses to obey us she will simply cease to exist in two hours. And trust me gentlemen if there is anything I know, it is that Shego wishes to live and so will her clone so the clone will obey us!"

Fisk looked over at Killigan. "I have a bad feeling about this, do you?"

"I've already made note of the exits to the lab." Killigan said with a nod of his head.

Dr. Drakken with a great deal of drama pressed the button on a console and the glass cylinder filled with a pale greenish gas. A form began to take shape inside the gas. The lights of the lab began to flicker and suddenly they went out plunging the lair back into darkness. In the pitch blackness of the lab the sound of breaking glass and slithering noises could be heard.

Fisk searching in his pocket finally found a gold lighter he carried. He didn't smoke but even favoring monkeys as he did, sometimes the smell got to even him and he would burn incense to cover up the funky scent.

Feeling around the table top he searched for the candle. Pulling his hand back he wondered briefly about the feeling of wet hair covering the table but decided one of his ninja monkeys must have gone to the table to find the candle for its master and he must have touched it. Letting his hand skim over the top of the table Fisk quickly found the candle and clicking his lighter into life, relit the candle.

As soon as the candle was burning and casting a faint glow once again, Dr. Drakken strolled over and grabbed it up. Turning he looked in the direction of his cloning tube.

The glass cylinder was broken and completely empty. The dim light of the candle cast weird shadows and Dr. Drakken was almost certain that he could see strands of what looked like wet hair hanging off the cylinder and some of the equipment in the room. Turning he thought to ask his fellow conspirators what they thought had happened but stopped when he saw that they were looking at something behind him with fear in their eyes.

Turning slowly Dr. Drakken found himself staring up close at what looked like a dark mass of wet hair hanging from the ceiling. As he watched the hair parted in the middle and a bloated dead face with closed eyes was seen. Slowly the eyes of the figure opened to reveal milky white eyes.

"Oh… Snap." Dr. Drakken muttered.

The pale dead Japanese girl opened her lips and softly blew out the candle that Dr. Drakken was holding.

The now pitch black lair reverberated with the sounds of Dr. Drakken crying for his mommy. The screams and shrieks of monkeys and one Scottsman praying loudly that if he could get out alive he would give up golf… Well at least for a month or so.


Author's Note:


That's the end of this story.

I would like to thank all of you out there that reviewed my story and yes that means even the ones who had negative comments. No one improves when all they see are their victories but only when someone points out their flaws.

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