Bring Me to Life

Prologue: Devastation

By: KellyCRocker59

Okay, this is my second long BellaxJake fic. Don't be worried by the beginning; this is very JakexBella. It isn't really bad, but it can be very disturbing later on. So, this is a very dark side of me; please enjoy. The real goodness starts in Chapter One!

I felt Edward's cold fingers brush my face. Charlie would be home in a few moments, and I knew that there wasn't much time anyway. The tears that lightly ran down my cheeks at the danger he was putting himself in; I was horrified. I reached out to grab him, wanting nothing more then to kiss him, but he was already dashing away.

He had found out where Victoria was nearby, but didn't have time to contact the others, so he was rushing off to fight her all alone. I was so scared for him. I went inside and sat down on the couch. If I had been in thinking order, I would have gone over to the Cullen's and gotten help, or gone to La Push.

I waited for what felt like hours and hours. I laid on the couch, feeling my eyes slide closed. I hadn't gotten any sleep in a day or so, but I didn't want to sleep. It was futile though, because I fell into a dreamless sleep moments later.

I was woken by Charlie shaking me. I looked up at him groggily, and saw the pain in his eyes. I remembered Edward, and I was instantly awake.

"Bella, okay?" He asked.

I nodded, confused. Why wouldn't I be?

"You don't know yet." He said, turning slightly away from me.

Though it had seemed directed at me, it was more of him talking to himself.

"Know what?" I asked, worry filling me.

"Bella, there has been an accident. Edward is dead." He said, bracing himself for my outburst.

But it didn't come. Shock overtook me. Edward was dead. Victoria had killed him. It was over. Joy, peace, love; all of it, over. I found my body moving, and I was in Edward's car that he had left behind the next instant. The keys were still in the ignition, and I turned them hurriedly.

I could here Charlie yelling, but I peeled out, racing down the driveway. It was hard to see through the tears, but I knew one thing; I had to get out of Forks.

Okay, I know it's pretty short, but it will get very long after Chapter One, trust me!