Bring Me to Life

By: KellyCRocker59

Chapter Fourteen: Bittersweet Victory

This is it; the last chapter. Enjoy.

We walked cautiously into the city, the remains of New Jersey in pieces around us. Jake held my hand tightly and led me along, his body rigid. Suddenly, I felt a familiar force crash into my mind. I gasped and my eyes forced themselves shut. Something warm wrapped around me and then I heard a thud. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't; it hurt worse then I had remembered.

I forced a powerful burst of energy through me and then I heard shrieks of pain. I opened my eyes as the pain subsided. Jake held me against him on the ground, and the bodies of several dozen harpies laid crushed.

Jacob stood and pulled me up with him.

"Wow; you did that." He said.

I nodded.

"I told you that you needed me."

He nodded, and gripped my hand. We continued to walk, and then he stopped.

"It is close. Really close."

I looked up at him. His eyebrows were furrowed, and he looked toward a pile of rubbish to the right.

"It's past there." He said.

He gripped my hand even tighter and led me toward it. However, just as we got close, the ground collapsed below us. I screamed and then we hit something, darkness enveloping us.

I stood in the darkness, my hand still locked with Jacob's.

"We're here." He said.

I was going to say something, but then there was a horrifying shriek. Light suddenly filled the room, and what I saw made my heart leap to my throat. Harpies covered the center of the room, staring at a large glowing blue ring. Light danced along the edges and near the center of it. There were more of them then I had ever seen.

"Bella, that's where they're coming from; if you can get into that ring, maybe we can stop this!"

I nodded. The harpies were too busy staring at the ring to notice us yet.

"On the count of three, go." He whispered.

I nodded.


A harpy appeared out of the circle, newly formed.


They seemed to hear something, and turned. Their eyes locked on us. On me.


Jake transformed and I dashed forward. In his huge beast form, he tore through the harpies. There were dozens suddenly appearing out of the ring. I ran for it, and felt a harpy collide with me. I fell to the ground as a sickening crack sounded and pain shot through my leg, but I sent a burst of energy through my mind toward the harpy's mental claws.

The harpy recoiled and cried out. I reached out, my fingers at the edge of the ring. The collision had broken my leg. I reached out and pulled myself along the ground, hearing whimpers and tearing noises coming from the south. I knew what was happening, and a tear slid down my cheek.

I pulled my upper torso into the ring, and then sent a powerful blast toward it. The ring pulsed, but was still. I pulled my hips into the ring, and sent another blast. It pulsed again, more powerfully.

Finally, amid the sounds of tearing, whimpering, and screeching, I pulled the rest of my body into the ring. I sent one last powerful burst of energy into it, and it pulsed powerfully. However, it kept closing in under me.

The harpies began to screech loudly as the ring collapsed within itself. The sounds raked my brain, and I looked through half-lidded eyes at the torn form of Jacob, his body shifting back into its human form.

I cried as the harpies turned to dust and faded away, Jacob's torn and bleeding form gasping for air. I couldn't move toward him. I couldn't move at all. It was over. All of it was over.