This will be a series of oneshots about Kataang, as the summary says. This particular one is based off of this awesome piece of art by limey404.

Aang reached up and scratched his once bald head. He hated this hair. It was so itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention that he had to wash it. Aang's left hand joined his right on his head and began scratching as well.

"Ugh!" he grunted in frustration, scratching so hard that he began to see little black hairs falling in front of his eyes.

"Aang?" the boy stopped in mid scratch.

"Are you…ok?" Katara asked, sitting down next to him, looking concerned. Aang continued to furiously claw at his scalp.

"It's this stupid hair! It's so itchy and thick and...uncontrollable and…" Suddenly, he felt third hand on his head. He stopped talking as the heat rose to his cheeks and he slowly lowered his hands. Katara smirked at him and he felt himself turn another shade of red as her fingers massaged his scalp.

"What were you saying about your hair Aang?" she asked. Aang didn't reply, but he smiled. Maybe hair wasn't so bad after all.