Title is Pending. A beach trip with friends goes violently wrong when Mike takes advantage of an Edwardless Bella. Can Edward help Bella cope with Mike's actions?

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"It'll be fine." I told Edward, reassuringly. "I'll be fine."

"I know you will be... I just worry about you, Bella. Is that such a crime?" He asked soothingly, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.

"No..." I sighed, leaning my head back and trying to look as cute as possible. He just laughed and kissed me. "It's just a day trip, I'll be back from La Push by sundown," I smiled up at him to convince him not to worry.

"Then I can do whatever I want with you, right?" He smirked at me as his strong arms pulled me down into his lap on his large, black, leather couch.

"You can't make me do anything, mister!" I laughed, trying to get out of his lap to add insult to my warning.

He smirked and held me down to the couch while I tried to sound intimidating.

"Oh yeah?" He whispered in my ear, his warm breath intoxicating me.

"Yeah!" I said with edge and crossed my arms across my chest. He laughed as suddenly I was flipped over, onto my back, lengthwise on the couch. He gave a playful growl as he wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body into his chest.

"Kiss me," he commanded, without thinking I complied. He chuckled before he broke it off. "Oh yeah?" He asked huskily.

"Yeah…" I drifted off as I leaned up to kiss his perfect lips again. I closed my eyes and lay my head back on the couch, his cool hands under my head as he guided me down.

"Will you be careful?" He asked, worry still swirling in his dark gold eyes. I sighed softly, diverting from his gaze.

" I thought this topic was decided? I'll be careful, and you won't worry. I promise I'll be careful, Edward, but you're going to be the death of yourself if you continue to worry like that." I told him, trying to convince him that I could handle myself. "They're just a bunch of school friends. I can at least hold my own against them." I didn't dare say that he wouldn't have to worry if I was one of them. A vampire.

"Just don't fall in, okay? I know you can handle some teenagers, but you can't seem to handle your own to feet very well." He chuckled and smiled, so I wouldn't get angry with him. Besides narrowed eyes, I didn't. He brushed the hair from my forehead and lightly pressed his cold lips to it and got up, leaving me feeling naked.

I got to my feet lightly and walked over, wrapping my arms around his waits. I could tell he knew I was there before I even touched him. I wasn't even close to as quiet as he could be on his worst day.

"You make me feel so safe…" I whispered so softly that a normal person would have asked me to repeat what I has said. I knew he heard me.

"You are safe." He said almost just as softly.

I stood on my tip toes to kiss him before I walked down the steps of his house and waved goodbye to him and the rest of his family, who had come to see me off.

I took the keys from my pocket of my black rain jacket and shoved them into the ignition once I got into the warmth of my beat up old truck. The old auto chocked before starting up with a loud sputter. I quickly pulled out of the driveway, my thoughts drifting to think of the family that I had waved goodbye to. I might be one of them someday, not in the mortality sense that I had been pushing for, but rather in the family sense.

Fiancée… Rang through my head as I drove down the streets of Forks on auto pilot. No… I told myself. I will be one of them someday. I did want to be with Edward. Forever.

I pulled into the driveway next to Charlie's Sheriff's car. I opened the door to the house to find Charlie pouring over a Friday night game. I walked over, wrapping my arms around his beefy upper half and kissing his bald spot. "Good night. I'm going to bed early. I want to be rested up for tomorrow." I said, my smile adding to the effect.

"Sure, honey. I'm going fishing tomorrow, so I won't be here when you get up." He said, still engrossed with his sports game. Without thinking, I nodded and when realizing that he couldn't see it, added a 'yeah' to the mix.

I enjoyed my shower tonight, taking a longer one that normal as The Cullens were off hunting so Edward couldn't climb through my window tonight. I finished up and crawled into my bed, the wind that screamed outside my window now a faint white noise. I continued to think about Edward's proposal before after a few hours of restlessness, I drifted off.

I woke at 8:00am to realize I was running late. I had to be there at half past. I grumbled as I got out of bed and threw on some clothes, brushed my teeth and ran out to my truck, completely missing breakfast. Edward would have scolded me.

I drove through empty streets and sunny skies, to the hardware store Mike's father had the…pleasure of owning. They were all there. Mike with Jessica practically clinging to him, Angela, Ben and some guys loading coolers into the back of Mike's suburban. I was late, so we clambered in once I had showed up. Of course, Mike wanted me to sit up by him but I convinced him Jessica would be much less distracting to his driving. Not even I would buy that. I hopped into the back, being squished between Angela and the window, but I was content.

A forty-five minute drive seems just that much longer when there are three rowdy boys in the back making obscene jokes and throwing stuff around the car, not to mention that a full suburban is quite hot. But even through all that, we made it to La Push in record time. Everyone enthusiastically jumped out and began unloading a large cooler. We didn't need that much soda, did we?

We walked down to our usual spot and to my dread, and happiness, that "Protectors" stood, looking at us all. I scanned the crowd and my eyes fell upon the angry glow of Jacob Black. He glared at me as they greeted my friends. As much as his anger hurt, I couldn't blame him.

We gathered around the fire pit as the guys rounded up drift wood and pilled it high. Mike walked over, without Jess attached to his hip and grabbed some full cans from the cooler, tossing them to the three guys. As the familiar fizz of carbonation reached my ears, I realized it wasn't soda they were drinking, it was beer. Everyone except Angela, Ben and I grabbed a beer. Even Jessica timidly reached for one.

I sat around the growing fire and watched the flames lick the sky. Mike sat on the log on my right and Jessica on his right, but Mike didn't seem to notice her.

"Nice fire," he said, beaming at me.

"Sure," I said curtly, not meeting his gaze. Edward wasn't here so her was taking advantage of that. I didn't like that nor the fact that he wasn't paying any attention to Jessica.

His face fell considerably at my words. "How was your Friday?" He attempted again.

"Great. Me and Edward had a lot of fun together," I mumbled as I stood up, hoping he'd get the hint. I walked towards the forest, separating us from the beach. Walking through the forest, I felt angry at his attempts and preoccupied with my strategy of telling Edward I accepted his proposal. It had been on my mind since I had woken up this morning.

I was a little over a quarter of a mile in, to where I could no longer see the flicker of the bright fire, when I realized someone was following me. I stopped suddenly and spun on my heel, glaring at him. "You should probably be with Jessica, " I practically spat through gritted teeth, annoyed that he had interrupted my thought process and upset that he was following me.

"You know, Bella," he started. "I really like you, but you just don't want to do it the nice way, do you? Did I forget to mention that I always get what I want." He asked, his face a mixture of amusement and hate.


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