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This has been a long time coming, but I don't know if I can write anymore. I guess I just don't have much of a drive for it anymore. I'll try to get this one finished up, though.

My body trembled beneath him, his bony fingers tracing small circles, progressively getting higher, and higher. My veins exploded in a burning inferno. I feel like if I touched anything, it would have combusted on the spot.


My breath hitched, the breathing stopping all together. "No. No." I repeated, under my breath. If he heard, it was only because he wanted to hear, he wanted the pain to reach his ears, to flow down through his body and satisfy his most gruesome urges. He let out a hitching, satisfied sigh, taking in a deep breath as if he were on a walk through the park, and were admiring the wafting smell of the flowers.

"You smell so good, Bella." He smiled, his eyes closed as he savored the combining feeling of my fear and his sinful arousal. "So, so good."

My knuckles turned white, down to the tips of my fingers as I gripped the end of the desk hard, my nails trying to dig into the laminate top of the table. If I just tuned it out, if I just ignored it, if I just pretended I were somewhere else, then it would be over soon. Maybe I wouldn't feel it; maybe I wouldn't be so ashamed. Maybe he would get bored and stop.

Fingers dug into my upper thigh, bringing me back down to earth and back to the predicament I found myself in. I wouldn't be able to tune it out. I would have to feel every agonizing twitch of his fingers, the small sounds of his nails raking against my jeans. I couldn't do this.

Without warning, the door had flown open, smacking against the doorstop on the wall with a loud 'bang'. Edward stood in the frame, his lips pursed, the doorknob merely a piece of crumbled paper in his right hand. The instructor looked up from his work on the board, differential equations all a blur in my eyes as droplets of water streaked down my cheeks. I hadn't even felt the build up that naturally happens before a cry. I hadn't fought to choke down the sobs. The tears had just come and it startled me.

Mike's hand recoiled within milliseconds as Edward's hard gaze pierced Mike's threatening barrier and dissolving it into not much more than a breath of air. I gasped softly, my hands moving to grip my bag and the cold, plastic chair.

"Excuse me," Edward's voice was hard, shaking and barely controlling his rage. "I need to speak with Mr. Newton outside. It's quite important."

"Mr. Cullen, I really don't think-" The instructor started.

"Very important," Edward pressed and walked over, grabbing Mike's arm in a gentle grip that still made his face twist up in a wince. I moved to get up but Edward stared me down. No, he mouthed to me, and I felt myself numbly fall back into my seat.

Edward towed Mike from the room, despite Mike's own efforts to twist away. The instructor had already gone back to the chalkboard and was talking over the small scuttle in the back of the room. Out in the hallway, Mike's back ended up against the wall, a hand pressed into the middle of his sternum that held him on the tips of his toes.

"I'm extremely tempted to kill you right here in this hallway, Newton," his voice was menacing, a low growl, his face inches away from Mike's. "Right. Here."

"Y-you know what they'll say i-if I don't come home. This town is s-small. You'll have to leave town. You'll have to leave Bella here. A-alone." His voice shook in between his threats. Edward's sharp intake of breath was audible throughout the hallway.

"If I hadn't thought of that, you would have already been dead," Edward growled, forcing his hand into Mike's sternum until a small crack was heard and letting him fall to the floor. "Never again, Newton."

Before Mike could shout anything back, his hand clutched to his throbbing chest, Edward had already snuck back into the classroom and had grabbed me from the desk, towing me gently but hastily outside of the classroom and shielding me from meeting Mike's gaze as he rushed me outside the front of the school.

He didn't slow even as we stumbled outside, and the sky poured angrily on top of our heads. I was soaked within a matter of moments, and I couldn't tell if it was the rain, the series of events that had just occurred, or both that had me shivering uncontrollably. I could still feel the grip of his fingers inside the tender flesh of my thigh; could still feel his breath in my ear; could still feel his sleazy gaze on my trembling body.

Edward got me in the car swiftly. I stared straight ahead, being moved by him, but not moving, and as he got me in the car, my gaze did not waiver, pupils dilated and out of focus.

I barely heard the car roar to life, barely felt the jerk as we backed out of the parking lot, barely felt the car accelerate as we raced back to his home.


I could barely hear him calling my name, and I thought about answering, but that fleeting thought slowly left my consciousness.


I stared straight forward, not comprehending the noises around me, distinguishing my name from the other assortments of sounds. The rain pounded against the windshield, but I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. I couldn't see outside my head, my own thoughts.


I hadn't noticed the car had stopped, and that the voice was now coming, not from the driver's seat, but from the open door to my right. I looked down, breaking my straight gaze, but didn't move, and didn't acknowledge that I had heard him. I couldn't get out the words.

I felt a warm grip on my shoulders as he slowly pulled me from the passenger seat, turning me so that I faced him, but my eyes were on the ground. A finger underneath my chin slowly raised my gaze to his eyes, but I tried to continue to look down. I couldn't look him in the eye.

"Bella, look at me." He ordered softly, tenderly. I couldn't. All I could do was stand, and shiver.

Edward let out a worried sigh, his cold arms wrapping around me, then unwrapping as he hesitated for what to do. Instead, he grabbed my wrist gently, another arm snaking around my waist, retracting when I shied away. He was more lost than I had ever seen him, but I didn't notice that then.

He walked me quickly into the house, taking my shivering as a warning that I was cold and soaked. Helping me up the stairs, he got me into his room, slowly and carefully stripping my outer layers. My arms quickly wrapped around myself and I shivered further. I couldn't cover up enough of myself.

Edward slowly and gently redressed me in some of his own dry clothes, and grabbed a blanket, wrapping it tightly around me. Cocooning myself in the blanket gave me a bit of comfort, enough to slow my shivering. I suddenly found myself lying on the couch, and a kiss planted on my forehead as my eyes fluttered closed.

I could still hear him as he walked over to the door, where Alice stood. I could still hear them talk in low tones. I could hear them talking about me.

"I don't know what to do. I don't want to move her from her home, but I just can't handle seeing her constantly scared. I can't stand him being in the same building, the same city as her!" His hushed whisper had become more harsh, and Alice had to shush him softly.

"We will get this figured out. Hopefully it will involve justiceā€¦and not the regular criminal kind."

"I want his entrails gutted." Edward growled protectively. There was a small sound as Alice agreed.

In a second, there was a hand in my hair, brushing it and stroking it gently, and another arm around me, the blanket in between.

My eyes fluttered open to see Rosalie and Alice standing in the frame of the door, both with a look of tortured anger about them. Rosalie's fingers gripped her arm, and her knuckles were airbrushed white, along with her pale, pursed lips. My eyes fluttered closed again as my trembling continued.

"We'll get him, Bella." He whispered near my ear. "We'll get him."

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