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Malfoy paced back and forth in the Slytherin common room. He had gotten into another fight with his future wife-to-be, Pansy.

'What doesn't she understand? I don't like her! She's uglier than that mud blood's cat, that thing looks like it got attacked by a hippogriff! I'd marry Crabbe before I marry her!' He shuddered at the thought of being her husband and having to…have children…with her.

He sighed and glanced at the door. Usually after fights she'd waltz into the room five minutes afterwards, toss herself on his lap, then attempt to rape him. He was surprised that he hadn't seen her for nearly an hour now and, deciding that he'd escape before she came back, headed towards the staircase that led out of the dungeons.

The moonlight shined through the corridor, providing its small light for him to see where he was going. He turned off to the passage that led to the astronomy tower.

"Silence. Bout time I get some. All day it's 'Oh Draco! Come here, honey! I wanna get into your pants! Or that bloody Potter flaunting his glory in front of me. Damn them!" he whispered into the darkening stairway as he continued his hike to the tower. He got to the top and noticed a small area darker than the rest of the shadowy corners.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" he called into the darkness.

A small annoyingly familiar giggle sounded in the darkness. "Oh really Draco darling? You think I'm annoying?" Pansy stated as she stepped out of the darkness, wand pointing straight towards Malfoy.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Yes. Now what do you think you're doing?" "I'm sick of you refusing me. I'm your wife, after all. I should get some…physical pleasure…from this. And if I can't get from you while your human, I'll get it from you as something else!" she shouted angrily as she pointed her wand at him and shouted her curse.

He tried to dodge it, but moved to late and was struck square in the chest. His body began to tingle as the floor shot up at him. He felt his clothes grow looser and looser until they began pooling around him. He looked up, horrified to see Pansy towering above him, starting to remove her clothes.

He immediately made a dash for the door, flying down the stairs on all fours before she could catch up. He soared down to the corridor leading to the dungeons and the moment before could make the turn for the slytherin dorms, he smacked headlong into something muscular…and tall.

"Hello there little kitty. What are you doing out here, all alone?" the figure whispered coaxingly as he reached down and picked Malfoy up by the middle. The disoriented Slytherin looked up into the face of his captor and savior and was shocked to find his archenemy.

'Potter! What the hell's he doing out here?!' Malfoy thought as he watched Harry examine him. Then Harry spoke. "Do you have an owner there, boy?" Malfoy shook his head no, stunning the raven haired boy. "Can you understand what I'm saying?" Nod. Then Harry's face broke into a smile. "How would you like to live with me then, boy?" Malfoy was just about to say no and bite him, but he heard Pansy's voice coming closer and decided against it. So instead of the promised bite, he rubbed his head against Potter's chest.

'Can't believe I'm doing this…'

"Then it's decided! Okay, now let's head back before we get caught, boy." Harry whispered excitedly to his new pet as he changed his grip on the cat so he held it more comfortably. Harry stared down at his handsome new cat, taking in the shiny and soft snow white coat and the beautiful grey eyes specked with green. He grinned.

"Now I guess I'll have to come up with a name for you…how about Lee?" Malfoy glared up at him. "I'll take that as a no. Um….Phantom?" Malfoy shook his head no. "Hm…Pierre?" The cat stuck his tongue out. "Well…how about Loki?" Malfoy considered this one carefully, then decided it was acceptable and nodded.

Harry grinned again. "Loki it is. And just in time, too. We're here." he whispered the password, Welsh Green, and proceeded into the Gryffindor common room, where Hermione and Ron had apparently waited up for him.

"Harry, what have you got there?" Hermione asked, gesturing towards the furry white bundle. "This is Loki. I found him in the halls and he said he doesn't have an owner." Harry replied, getting raised eyebrows. "He said it?" Ron asked. "Well…not exactly…I asked and he shook his head no." "Oh." They responded. "Well, me and Loki are going to sleep. Good night guys." They said their goodnights while Harry and 'Loki' headed up the stairs.

The room was cluttered and completely trashed in most areas, but a few places remained spotless. Malfoy mentally sighed in relief when Harry walked over to the nearest clean bed. Harry gently placed Draco on the bed before preceding to change into his pajamas. If Draco could've blushed, he would have as he stared at Harry's well toned chest before looking away in favor of finding a good resting spot on Harry's pillows.

Harry climbed into bed and reached out to stroke Draco's soft white ear.

'Oh, God! That feels good….' and before he could stop himself, he began purring and moved closer to snuggle under Harry's chin, causing the black haired boy to chuckle. "Goodnight Loki."

'….Night, Potter.'