Harry couldn't tear his eyes away from the still chest of the boy he loved, cherished, beaten, almost killed himself over, and saved. Or, at least, he thought he had...

"Draco...?" Harry whimpered lightly, sounding like an abandoned puppy.

"Draco...Draco! Wake up...you have to wake up!" tears began to flood down his reddened cheeks, landing softly onto Draco's pale, angelic face, making it appear as though he was crying as well.


"Draco...you can't leave me...is..is it because I beat you earlier? I'm sorry..I was mad, I couldn't help it! Or..or is it because you really don't want to be with me? Is that why you're leaving me, Draco?" Harry's tone took on a desperate and slightly psychotic edge.

"Harry, calm down!"

"I won't let you leave, Draco! You said you loved me! If you did you wouldn't leave! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!!" Harry screamed, starting to frantically pound the winged boy's chest.

"Harry!" Stop!" "What are you doing?!"

"I WON'T LET YOU ABANDON ME, DRACO!!" Harry shrieked, before crushing his lips against Draco's.

Harry locked his mouth with Draco's, and couldn't help but notice their softness...and the coldness. He pulled back slightly and lifted the boy's pale body to hold him close, hugging his love and lifeline to his chest, rocking back and forth slightly.


Harry looked down at the snowy form in his arms, where the sound had originated.

Cough! Cough!

Draco coughed more, water flooding from his mouth with each spasm. Pearl-like eyes opened, slightly reddened from the cold.

"H...Harry...?" the slightly smaller boy blinked in confusion, staring up at the tear-stained and amazed face of the one he loved.

Draco tilted his head to the side slightly, raising a delicate hand to wipe away some of the crystal tears from the emerald orbs.

"Why are you crying, Harry?" he murmured, voice as quiet and gentle as an autumn breeze.

Harry leaned down and gently seized Draco's pale lips with his own frostbitten ones, yet again.

The winged boy seemed shocked at first, immobilized by the act. Soon enough, he kissed back, closing his eyes and smiling through the kiss.

Hermione and Ron stared on, betrayal forgotten for the moment. They smiled at the scene, watching on before Ron decided to break the mood.

"Are you two going to snog all day, or are we going to get Draco to the hospital wing?"

Breaking from the kiss, Harry laughed while Draco almost burned through Ron with his glare.

Draco made an attempt to get up, but found the ground rising towards him before he could even fully stand. Harry caught him just before he smashed his face into the snow then, with a startled "Meep!" from Draco, lifted the winged boy wedding style, bloody wings slanted towards the side to make it easier to manuever.

"We'll go. Then you two have to explain everything."


In the hospital wing, after being patched, poked, prodded, drugged, and anything else the old witch, Madame Pomphrey, saw fit had been done to Draco, he was laying on his side, bandaged wings behind him, cuddled into a white blanket.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione made themselves comfortable on the bed next to Draco's, sitting together on the fluffy mattress and discussing Ginny and Pansy.

Draco, mind muddled in a drug induced fog, had attempted to pay attention to the conversation, but, after awhile, it just seemed so...boring.

Sure, they were the enemies who had plotted together in order to kill both of the boys, and sure they were going to go through hell, but..it was boring. So Draco's thoughts wandered off the trail they were supposed to be one to wonder something else...

"Why'm I always the one endin' up hurt, now...?"he murmured, mostly to himself.

"What was that, love?" Harry moving over to sit on the pale boy's bed, affectionately and gently fingering the boy's long, white hair.

Draco pointed an accusing finger at Harry.

"You're supposed to be the one endin' up hurt! You 'et hurt all the time!"

Harry leaned back, eyes wide, while Hermione and Ron stared on in amusement.

"I've been turn'd inta a cat, nearly raped, run inta, stepped on (he glared in Ron's direction with this one, since Ron had stepped on "Loki's" tail...more then once), beaten, fallen outta winda, shot through, and nearly drowned. Why do these thin's 'appen to me now? They're supposed to happen to you!" Draco ranted, words slurring slightly as an effect of the medicine.

There was a short silence.


"He's right, you know..." Ron agreed, eyeing the bruised and battered Draco.

Draco noticed Ron's examining eyes, and pulled on Harry's shirt sleeve to get his attention.

"Yes, Draco?"

"'Arry, your frien's eyein' me. Make 'im stoopp!" Draco whined.

Harry and Hermione burst out laughing while Ron turned red from neck to hairline.

Harry smiled, gently ruffling the other's hair, who hid under the blankets afterwards.

"Don' mess up my 'air!" hr shouted from under the thick, white covers.

Harry smiled while the other two laughed.

'This might be the last quiet moment we get...' Harry thought as he watched Ron and Draco get into an argument, Hermione watching on from the sidelines.

'I can only hope that when this is over...we'll be able to have more...'