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Fifteen Years Later

The citizens of Omashu were going about their day like nothing was out of the ordinary. If they had been paying attention, they would've seen the large bison, which was carrying many passengers, fly overhead. On the outskirts of the city, the bison finally landed in front of a large stone home. Twelve people jumped off Appa and made their way to the door. Before Katara could knock however, the door opened revealing a blind earthbender.

"Toph," Katara smiled as she and Toph shared a friendly embrace. "It's great to see you!"

"I would say the same, but…" Toph broke away from Katara's hug and waved her hand in front of her eyes, illustrating her point. Katara giggled. "Anyway, how many of you guys are there now?" The blind woman closed her eyes in concentration, trying to count the number of people standing before her. "I can feel fifteen heartbeats… One, I know, is Appa, I think Momo's on one of the kid's shoulders, and I'm guessing you're still pregnant, Katara? How far along are you anyway?"

The waterbender put her hand on her round tummy. "Seven months; I was five months pregnant when we were here a couple months ago, remember?"

"Sorry," Toph said, shrugging. "It's just hard keeping track of all of you. Anyway, come on in. Sokka, Suki, and everyone else is already here." The earthbender opened the door wider as Katara walked in, followed by Aang, who was holding a two-year-old boy, and then followed by their other nine children, one of them sporting a lemur on her shoulder.

"Here come the troops," Sokka said to no one in particular as he saw his sister, brother-in-law, and nieces and nephews enter the room.

"Aunt Katara! Uncle Aang!" Four children stood up from the couches and chairs they were sitting on to greet their aunt and her family.

"Hey Aunt Katara," a 19-year-old girl said as she approached her aunt. Suri had grown much in the past years. She still had the same mischievous eyes as she did when she was little, but her hair was much longer; about waist length, and she was more filled out. Katara smiled at the silver locket that Aang had made for Suri's fourth birthday dangling from her niece's neck, happy that she still wore it.

"Hello, Suri. How's it going?" the waterbender asked her oldest niece, pulling her into a hug.

"Everything's going great," she replied. "I'm thinking about going to Ba Sing Se University!"

"That would be wonderful!" Katara exclaimed happily as Suri smiled back and pat her aunt's belly.

"Hey guys!" Haru greeted as he entered the room. "When did you all get here?"

"Just a minute ago," Aang answered, adjusting his son in his arms.

"So, how was it traveling with ten children and a pregnant wife?" Haru smiled, looking over the Avatar's shoulder at his family.

Aang shook his head, preferring not to answer. Haru laughed at the Avatar's expense.

"Hey Aang," Sokka said to his brother-in-law. "I see you got my sister pregnant again. Why are you having so many children?"

"Well," Aang said with a smile, "somebody has to bring more airbenders into the world, don't they?" It was apparent that Aang was no longer afraid of Sokka when the latter went into his 'over-protective big brother mode'.

Sokka decided not to comment on Aang's reply and instead looked down at his youngest nephew. "Hey Joh." Sokka smiled at the two-year-old who giggled as his uncle tickled his belly. "How's it going?" Joh grinned in response and nodded his head.

"So Aang, do you know if he's an air- or waterbender yet?" Sokka asked after a few moments.

"I don't know, but Katara thinks he'll be a waterbender." Aang shrugged. "She says his eyes are more blue than grey, but I'm not sure if that really means anything…"

"Hm…" Sokka said as he looked into Joh's bright blue-grey eyes.

"Hi Aunt Suki," two girls said in unison as they walked over to their aunt.

"Hello Kya, hey Kana." Suki took the identical twin girls into a hug. "Yue's been waiting a long time to see you two." She motioned over a dark-skinned, brown-hair, blue-eyed girl who was making her way towards them.

"Hey Kya, Kana, I wanna show you these Kyoshi fans my mom gave me!" Yue said, taking out two fans and showing them to her cousins.

"If you wanna play with those, Yue, go outside," Suki said firmly to her youngest child.

"Alright," the eleven-year-old replied. "Come on guys! Let's go!" Yue went outside, closely followed by the twin girls.

Tayo, Hiro and Maya had always been good friends; this probably had to do with the fact that they had spent most of their years together. The three of them had always got along very well.

"…So then I threw her off the mountain, 'cause, you know, she's an airbender and all. I thought it'd be great training!" Hiro shrugged as he told his cousin about a time when he and his sister were five and had just moved to the Southern Air Temple with the rest of their family.

Tayo didn't know whether to laugh or not, his eyes darting between the twins; one close to laughter, the other glaring at her cousin, as if she were daring him to laugh. "So, what happened then?" he asked, managing to keep a straight face.

"Well, Dad walked out just as I pushed her off, and he took out his glider and flew down to grab Maya, then he came back up and made sure she was alright."

"What did he do to you?" their cousin asked.

"Well, let's just say that was the only time I've seen Dad angrier than Mom… And it was twice as bad once Mom found out…" Hiro looked down, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, while Maya smirked.

Meanwhile, a girl of about seven entered the main room; she had shoulder-length black hair and big green eyes. She was halfway dragging her three-year-old brother into the room to her parents.

"Ah. Here they are," Haru said, noticing his two children approaching. "Jei, I thought you and your brother would be here once you heard all the noise!" He bent down to his children's height while addressing them.

"I tried to bring Tyro out earlier," Jei said as she held up her brother's arm, which she still gripped tightly. "But he heard the noise and was scared. I told him it was nothing to worry about, but I don't think he understood me." Jei looked at her little brother sadly. Like his sister and parents, Tyro also had black hair, but instead of the bright green eyes his sister had inherited from their father, he got the sightless pale green eyes from his mother.

"Come here, Tyro," Haru said with a weak smile as he picked up the blind three-year-old. "Don't be scared. It's just some old friends."

"Is Lana here?" Tyro muttered, referring to Katara and Aang's eight-year-old daughter who became friends with the young blind boy.

"Yes, Lana's here." Haru turned to his daughter, "Jei, will you please get Lana for me?"

Jei smiled and nodded. She too was friends with the young airbender. "Hi Lana!" Jei welcomed her older friend.

"Jei!" Lana turned from her older brother, Gyatso and her older sister, Lu Si, whom she had been conversing with moments before.

"Sorry to interrupt," she quickly gave a small bow to the other two airbenders before continuing, "but Tyro has been asking for you."

"I'll be right there." Lana said with a smile. Jei nodded and went back to her father and brother.

"Hey Kira!" A fourteen year old girl called out to her cousin, waving happily in her direction.

"Hello, Kaliste." Kira smiled at the airbender.

"How's everything going at the South Pole?" Kaliste asked.

"Cold," Kira shrugged. The two girls laughed.

"Cool!" Kaliste said, her words somewhat sarcastic.

"Very!" The two laughed again.

"Jei!" a five-year-old boy yelled, a large smile plastered on his face as he moved. The earthbender turned from her father, brother, and Lana to see Hakoda, a small boy named after his grandfather, making his way towards her.

"Hi, Hakoda," she said, going over to the young waterbender. "How's everything going?"

"Fine," he answered. "Mommy's teaching me waterbending!"

"That's cool," Jei said. "My mom started teaching me earthbending when I was about your age, too!"

"Is Tyro gonna learn earthbending too?" Hakoda said, glancing over at Tyro, who sat on his father's lap while Lana held his hand and talked to him softly.

"Uh-huh! Mom says she's looking forward to teaching him. She wants to teach him how to see through earthbending."

"Wow! That sounds cool!" Hakoda said. "I always wondered how Aunt Toph can see like that!" Jei nodded.

"It's pretty cool," she answered. "I'll explain it to you sometime."

Later that evening, the six adults and sixteen children gathered around in the large backyard for dinner. Toph had made a large table using her earthbending, making sure the table was long and wide enough to seat everyone comfortably. Once dinner was served, everyone took their seats and began eating. The table was buzzing with at least eight different conversations that were going on- gossiping, joking, sharing stories… anything they could think of.

"...Do you know if it's gonna be a boy or a girl?" Suki asked Katara, nodding toward the bulge in her stomach.

"Actually, we do," Katara said. "When Aang, the children, and I came here a couple months ago for Tyro's birthday, I asked Toph if she could tell me the gender."

"And...?" Suri, who had been listening in, asked from over her mother's shoulder.

"It's my third boy in a row." Katara smiled.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Suki said.

"Congratulations!" Suri smiled. "Any thoughts on names?"


"I don't think so."

Kya and Kana were arguing with Jei about which type of bending is better.

"My mom says earthbending can beat the pants off any sissy element!" Jei said, completely convicted.

"Well, can earthbending do this?" Kana said as she bended the water out of her glass and started twirling it around her head.

"No, but it can do this," Jei said as she kicked the ground beneath her bare feet.

"Ow!" Kya shrieked. "That hit my foot!"

"Yeah, I know," Jei said. "I did that on purpose."

"Yeah, and this is an accident!" Kya said as she sent a splash of her own water at Jei.

"Hey! You got me all wet!" she said, lifting up her arms and staring down at her soaked clothes.

"Wow, nothing gets past you!" Kana smirked.

"Girls, what is going on over there?" Katara asked from across the table.

"Uh, we were just showing Jei our waterbending!" Kya said. Kana nodded behind her.

"Well, not at the dinner table." She frowned at her daughters, knowing there was more to it then they were letting on. "We'll talk about this later."

"Yes, Mom." The twins spoke in unison, glaring at their cousin Jei as she smirked.

"Don't think you're getting out of this one, Jei." The fact that Toph, her blind mother, had the uncanny ability to look right into her eyes had always scared Jei. "I know what you did."

"Okay, Mom. Sorry."

Dinner didn't take too long to clear off, as there were many people to help with the cleaning. Once all of that was done, the group went back into the house, back into the main room to chat for a little while longer before the two families had to go back to their own homes.

With 'Team Avatar' spread all over in different nations and with everyone married with children, it wasn't too often that the entire group was able to get together. Katara always thought to herself how nice it was, how every now and then, she and Aang would get together with their friends and family, keeping their bonds of friendship strong as they go through the many trials of life.

Back at their home in the Southern Air Temple, Katara sighed and leaned against Aang tiredly, who smiled softly and kissed her head. The fire blazed warmly in the background, adding to the cozy ambience of the full room. Joh soon came into the room and climbed into his parent's bed and nestled between the two of them, falling asleep as soon as he did. As Katara stroked his head, combing her finger through his hair, she closed her eyes and breathed in the wonder of life, going on.

The End

And there you have it. That's the end. Like the last chapter, I didn't know how to end this, so that last paragraph was written by daydream11 (though I did a bit of editing to it). I hope that wasn't too overly sappy.

There are a few things I have to say about the children. I don't like making long-winded notes about things in the story that might bore you, so I'll keep it as short as possible…

First, Kya was named after what Katara's name in the unaired pilot was, until I watched The Southern Raiders and found out that Kya was Katara and Sokka's mother's name (I think her name came from the pilot). So now, I'll say the twins, Kya and Kana (both 11) are named after Katara's mother and grandmother!

Gyatso (12), Yue (11), Hakoda (5) and Tyro (3) were named after… well… I'm sure you can figure that out! XD Gyatso and Yue have their names for good reasons. There will be a one-shot about how Yue got her name, and possibly have one with Gyatso. And in case you didn't notice, the numbers in parenthesis are their ages.

I think some of you may not have known how to pronounce some of the kid's names. I gave Hiro and Maya's in the chapter they were born in (chapter 20), so they're not included. Anyway, here's the rest (and their ages): Kaliste (14) (Kuh-list); Lu Si (9) (Lucy); Lana (8) (Lay-nuh); Joh (2) (Jo/Joe); Kira (14) (K'eye'-ruh) (long I sound); Jei (7) (Jay)

Lastly, the benders: the waterbenders are Hiro, Kya, Kana, Hakoda and Joh. The airbenders are Maya, Kaliste, Gyatso, Lu Si and Lana. Both Toph and Haru's kids are earthbenders, none of Sokka and Suki's kids are benders.

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