Quick Author's Notes: Slight Matt/Mello fluff at the end, but could also be seen as just friendship instead of slash.


If there was one thing that Mello feared, it was a storm without rain. When the sky was dark, and deep rolls of thunder sounded in the distance. Lightning would flash and briefly light up Mello's window panes, but still no rain would fall. He would just feel so much better if only it would rain; he didn't quite know why, but maybe he secretly thought that the lightning would not hurt him if the comforting sounds of rain hitting the ground filled the night instead.

It was silly, and stupid, and not very L-like at all, to be scared of such storms. Lightning was a plausible fear, sure, but Mello knew the chances of lightning ever hitting a person. One in a billion...Or was it one in a million?

This time, the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled at the exact same time.

Mello wasn't sure if he wanted to flee from his bed and run out of the room, or if he wanted to bury himself under a massive mound of blankets and never emerge. When thunder and lightning happened at the same time, Mello knew, that was when the storm was directly over head.

The next loud, sharp thunderclap caused Mello to leap out of his bed without a second thought. His legs tangled with the sheets and he forcefully kicked them off, as if they were some attacking predator.

The hallway in the dormitory part of Wammy's House was, naturally, deserted and very dark. Mello clutched at his doorknob uncertainly. His legs were shaking with adrenaline, and he wasn't sure where he was planning on going. Thoughts ran through his mind.

L...! No, I can't go see L, he'd just think I'm the kind of person who gets scared easily...I bet he isn't even here right now...Then, where...?

Suddenly he realized.


Matt's bedroom was at the far end of the hall; thankfully, away from the giant windows. Matt's door was unlocked, and so Mello quickly opened it and rushed inside. He slammed the door behind him and looked around.

Mello has been in Matt's room thousands of time, but it looked strangely different at night. Matt was asleep on his bed, an arm and a leg dangling over the side. Mello crept up to the edge of the bed and hesitantly put one knee on it.

"Matt," he hissed. "Matt--Matt--Matt, wake up!"

Matt muttered something.


"Wake up!" Mello whispered urgently, shaking Matt's shoulder a bit. Matt blinked, and raised a hand to rub at his eyes, but was stopped when he realized that he'd fallen asleep wearing his goggles. He tugged them off instead, leaving them to hang around his neck. Mello shook his shoulder again.

"Mm...M-Mello, what is it? What's up...?"

"Matt. I'm...I need to sleep here tonight."


"Just let me sleep here!" Mello snapped. "I don't need to explain it to you!"

Matt blinked sleepily. He was tired, and not entirely concious, so he just wriggled some fingers (too tired to lift his whole hand...) and gestured the space next to him. A tiny, lazy smirk was plastered on his face.

"Yeah...sure, Mello. Sure."

Mello wasted no time in clambering onto the bed and underneath the covers. There was just enough room for the two boys to sleep side by side. He turned slowly so that he was facing Matt, who was starting to nod off.

"Hey, uh," Mello started, snuggling closer, "Er, thanks..."

Matt would have shrugged if he had the energy. Instead he just wrapped his arms around Mello's shoulders in the form of some kind of hug.

"S'okay," he mumbled, yawning. "I know how scared you are of thunderstorms."

"Not scared," Mello replied childishly. "Just, a little...You know."

"Yeah...I know."