A Party for a Lonely Heart

(A/N: Due to popular requests, I have decided to do a sequel to my first Naruto fic, "The Love Doctor of Konoha." This may be the first of several. Don't worry though. You won't need to read the first story to understand this one. I would still love you to read the first one though if you want.)

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Chapter 1

It has been one month since that fateful day when Sasuke betrayed and left the village of Konoha. One month since Haruno Sakura desperately tried to convince the shinobi to stay. She even went so far as to bare her heart to him. She confessed everything to him. How she had felt about him all those long years since they were little kids. Even that didn't stop him from leaving. Instead he attacked her and left her unconscious and just left, as if he never cared for her. Since then, Sakura felt dead to the world. She just did enough work to breeze by and afterwards went home and cried every night. She ignored her friends too. She only saw them while she was working at the hospital. She missed Sasuke constantly, even feeling partially responsible for his leaving. Perhaps instead of convincing him to stay, her confession actually drove him away further, scared him off. Thoughts like that plagued her mind for a month. It was one month of hell. Eventually she tired of the pain and decided to go see her sensei, the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade. The Fifth Hokage's response to her student's sorrow was very blunt…she literally slapped some sense into Sakura, reminding her that despite Sasuke's betrayal and Sakura's subsequent self-imposed isolation, her other friends were still around and were seriously worried about her. Then Tsunade suggested that she try opening up to some of the others. "Do yourself a favor and when you get off today, go out with them. Have fun for goodness sake! Let the other people who care have a chance," She remembered the Hokage's words clearly as she left her office, "Just hang out with a lot of your friends, and think about some of the guys in your group, I'm sure you'll think one of them is worthy of the great Haruno Sakura." For the first time in a month, Sakura smiled. She felt a new burst of confidence as she descended the stairs. As she was going down, she noticed Nara Shikamaru coming up.

"Hey Sakura, is the Hokage in?" he asked.

"She sure is. You better hurry up and get there before she starts on more work."

"Thanks. You're looking a bit better today than usual. What's happened?"

"I got some sense slapped into me. I know I've been neglecting you and the others lately and I promise to make it up to everyone. What did you need from Tsunade-sensei anyways?"

"Just to turn in a mission report…and some advice on a squad member I had to take with me."

"Really, what's wrong?"

"Only that she thought every day was a party or something."

"Party? That's a great idea! Thanks Shikamaru!" Sakura said brightly as she ran off.

"Man girls are so weird and troublesome…what a drag," Shikamaru said as he continued to go meet with the Hokage.

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