Anime: Death Note

Pairing: L / Misa Amane


Warning: innuendoes and possible lemon

Summary: A collection of L and Misa instances with implications of romance and everything in between. Rating will change as the story progresses. Dedicated to us LMisa fans.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: To those of us who wanted to take a break from yaoi fanfiction between L and Light and to those who like the character of Misa Amane despite the discrimination about her flaws and "stupidity", this story is for all of you.


First Instance: For your eyes only

If it wasn't for the damn handcuffs, Misa Amane would have been the happiest girl alive, sort of.

It wasn't just that. Her bad luck started ever since she found herself strapped in leather belts, blindfolded, confined in some hidden room, mentally tortured besides the physical as she was being interrogated as an alleged criminal in the hands of a certain infuriating detective whom she had always believed to be a perverted maniac. And his very appearance speaks of it too. Misa always wanted to scratch his eyes out and how outrageously ugly those eyes were with all the lack of sleep and cloudiness wrapped in the dark orbs. Misa wanted so bad to give a proper haircut to the untidy mattress of raven yarn-like hair. She wished he would take a bath just once or if he does, he could at least select a different style of garb rather than plain white shirt and loose jeans (and he's so skinny too!) Most importantly, the eating habits. What in the world has gotten into his thick, extremely gifted brain that it is able to use all the excess sugar in his body for crime-solving uses? And Misa hates the fact that he never gets fat because she does gain weight and she feels even more insecure when around Light who is handcuffed to the disgusting detective since day one after the release. The seething anger is more directly addressed to the way he looks at her; stares at her with a wide, blank gaze like expanding horizons of dark skies. Annoying, a whole lot. Misa wished Ryuuzaki would just disappear along with his perversion and kinky ideas of monitoring his suspects.

"Light, why can't we just go on a date alone without him?"

"Ask him why," Light said in an unconcerned tone one afternoon while they were browsing through the Yotsuba accounts for the investigation.

Misa did not turn to Ryuuzaki but the detective answered her, "Misa-san should get used to the setting. I could not disentangle myself from Light-kun until I have proven hundred percent otherwise—"

"Light, won't you sleep with me now?" Misa interrupted rudely. She hates the way he talks so slow and pensive, weighing each word, so gentlemanly in his speech as well. Everything about him is hateful.

"I'm busy, Misa." Light still remained impassive, trying his best to keep his eyes on the screen the whole time. The handcuffs jingled when he slightly moved his wrist to type something on the keyboard. Ryuuzaki made a motion of raising his cup of coffee to take a sip when Misa shouted at him, making him glance at her, bemused rather than annoyed.

"Ryuuzaki-san is a pervert!" Misa was stomping her feet. "You take pleasure in this, don't you?"

"What is Misa-san talking about?" Ryuuzaki's eyes were round as usual and she hates it when he would ask her so innocently.

"You want Light for yourself, that's why! You're gay."

"Misa-san, you confuse me."

Misa bit her lip in frustration. "Misa doesn't like Ryuuzaki-san."

Ryuuzaki almost raised one eyebrow. Then he said nothing.

Misa let out another irritated growl and turned back to Light.

Light, who wanted some peace and quiet even when the detective was hovering around him like a vulture (sure beats being on a date with Misa anyway,) said calmly, "Just take a rest in your room, okay, Misa?" God, woman, get a clue!

Misa pouted then seeing that this is another round she lost, she turned her back away from Light, pigtails moving elegantly, and then she did something really childish: she tapped Ryuuzaki at the side of his head as a gesture of hitting him not too heavily. Ryuuzaki's head follow suit with the gesture but he said nothing and did not react to it too much.

Misa went back to her room and threw herself to the sofa. Then she remembered the camera installed around. She cringed at the thought that Ryuuzaki was watching her again. It is quite humiliating and violating being on the big screen of the control room while a group of men watch your daily activities. Misa did not mind Light and his father nor Matsuda, Aizawa and Mogi for that matter. It's that darn Ryuuzaki.

She debated on sticking her tongue out to the camera but she doesn't want Light to see that kind of immature display.

That night, Misa tiptoed to the main control room to check on Light. She was surprise to find him standing beside a door, the other end of the handcuffs inside. He looks bored too.

"Ryuuzaki," he said. "You've been there for almost two minutes, are you done yet?"

"Give me another five minutes, Light-kun."

"What are you doing anyway?"

"What purpose should I have in the restroom besides excretion? I think I drank too much coffee and ate too much doughnuts."

You only think of this now? Light said to himself and said nothing to the detective.

Misa giggled in delight. This is an opportunity to have Light for herself. She glanced at the monitor and saw that it was still her room they were monitoring. That pervert. Well, at least, it's only Light who will see...

She quickly went back to her room. As soon as she opened the door, she pretended like nothing was wrong and stepped inside. She knew it was only Light who was watching. Carefully, she sat down on the table, facing the camera, in the angle she knew he would see her well. She slowly crossed her legs and then pulled down one of her striped legging seductively.

"Ryuuzaki, it's my time now, okay? Stop tugging at the chain. I'm trying to make my business here." Light had been in the bathroom already. The moment Misa was in her room, Ryuuzaki was done and was now patiently waiting for the younger boy. His focus was on the screen so he almost had a heart attack when he realized what he had stumbled upon. He tugged on the chain. Light refused to acknowledge it. Ryuuzaki's eyes widened as he just stood there, watching.

Oh well, he is twenty-four after all. He does need a change of hobby or interest other than what he has now. And he remembered specifically that Misa was the one who called him a pervert. And he somehow, by some weird freakish nature, wanted to prove her right. Creepy but there you go. Light is taking so long anyway.

Ryuuzaki was nibbling on his thumb as he watched Misa, who was now successful with the removal of her leggings, fingering the strap of her body-hugging red tank top. He swallowed hard, wondering why he seems to be anticipating for it. He could not (or would not) take his eyes off the monitor.

Misa pulled down the strap, all the while smiling and looking at the camera intently. Ryuuzaki dared not to breathe. Light, who must have realized that he was too silent, said half-sardonically, "Don't worry, Ryuuzaki. You'll get a strawberry cake for waiting like this, I promise."

Oh, he's getting one, all right, as they speak.

Misa proceeded on pulling down another strap. Then finally she pulled down the whole tank top down her waist, exposing a violet, lacy bra that held her firm breasts in place. Ryuuzaki nibbled down on his thumb harder.

"Light-kun, how much time do you still need?"

"Almost done, maybe a couple more minutes."

"Take your time."

"Okay..." Light thought that maybe something was not right but he ignored it.

Misa was now running her hands on her thighs, teasing her bare flesh with those wonderfully nail-polished fingers. Then she spread her legs apart. Ryuuzaki could see a slight outline of her underwear. He was tempted to take a few steps forward so he could peek well inside it. He fought the urge. He was starting to feel too warm, too warm because the room is at least negative zero cold in here. Watari likes to keep it that way but no air-conditioner could make this sudden warmth subside.

"I'm done, Ryuuzaki." Light opened the door just in time when Misa already took off her underwear, crossing her legs so she would not easily give him a good preview and raised a violet lacy underwear in sight, giggling.

Light was now looking at this with a blank face. He said nothing to address it nor did he feel anything towards the situation at hand. Ryuuzaki stood still, trying not to collapse.

Then Light said, "I need to go to the bathroom again."

"Take your time, Light-kun."

Light nodded and closed the door behind him, grinning the whole time as he left Ryuuzaki to his new discovery.

The next morning Misa was bouncing happily at Light's lap, thinking they shared a wonderful experience last night. Ryuuzaki barely looked at her this time. After all, he got to look at her last night and that was quite satisfactory for now.