Blue eyes were downcast as he thought of his woman. The one he loved the one he so desired, yet could never have. It was true; you want what you can't have. She left him for that mutt. The joy in her eyes when she would stare at that filth sent his heart wrenching with pain. There was no way he could ever have her, no matter how much he prayed.

His heartache never seemed to subside.

Neither did hers.

Mahogany orbs turned to face icy blue. She looked so much like her. His Kagome.

But… He knew she wasn't. They might be the same in appearance, but they would never be alike when it came to their personas.

A cold kiss sent a shiver down his spine, but it wasn't out of pleasure. It never would be.

A warm hand raked down a slender back, causing her to let out a moan but she knew it would never be by the man she sought for. He had chosen her copy.

Why couldn't he have that gentle spirit? He wondered.

Why couldn't she be the one to have his heart? She wondered.

A warm tongue passed through cold lips, delving within the cavern that was moist but held no warmth.

How he had wanted that girl to be his. To see her smile at him caused his wild heart to stir, like nothing else. To hear her voice say his name and have it ring in his ears like a melodic lullaby. But she will never be his. For his love was unrequited. He knew this; and it hurt.

This was probably why he and she would meet on occasion. To satiate the desires that they could never quench. He saw his love in the woman beneath him, which was why he did what he could to make her feel complete, as much as he was doing for himself. As he moved rhythmically within her, he wondered why him? This familiar question always came when they were together. It was always the same question: Why did she choose him?

The answer was always the same: He reminded her of her former love.

He bit his lip at that; how was he like that whelp? He had asked her.

She gave him a wan smile and said that their behavior was the same. The brashness, the hotheadedness… As she said it a tear would always flow from a closed eye.

That was always the answer and he would always wipe away that drop before it could reach the ground.

As the darkness continued on and the world continued to be silent, he would watch the night sky as her head rested against his shoulder. Brushing a dark lock from her pale face, he grazed her forehead with his lips and began to watch the woman in his arms sleep, her face nuzzling closer to his bare chest.

"Kagome," he breathed out and he felt the woman flinch at his words.

A hand gently slid down her bare arm and she whispered, "Inuyasha,"

He grimaced and leaned back as his arm wrapped itself tighter around her shoulders. He knew that he'd be here for her and she'd be here for him when the complete rejection came to both of them. Unless it had already occurred. He hoped not; for his and her sake.