Summary: Harry learned about the wizarding world when he was four and started to learn magic since then. When he was eight he became a model and a musician at nine. How will the wizarding world will deal with the famous Boy-Who-Lived in both muggle and Wizarding world and his ideas… Smart! Powerful! Gray! Harry

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Title: Wings of a Rider

Wings of a Rider






A little boy around the age of four, but looked as if he was two and a half or at most three. He has massy raven black hair with red stances that never seem to stay put and beautiful emerald green eyes. He was thin. He had an aristocrat face with high check bone and cherry red lips. On his forehead there was a scare of a lightning the only mark on his flawless face. He was wearing clothes that looked more like rags and too big to fit him. Unknown to the child he was famous in a world that is hidden from the ordinary people like you and me, the Wizarding World. It would not be long before he finds out. His name is Harrison James Potter or Harry Potter.

Harry was a smart boy with a photographic memory. He probably knows more than a fifteen year old. Everything he read or learns, he seems to soak them up like a sponge. He could recall everything in clear detail like the red eyed man that came to his home and killed his mother with that green light. Or Padfoot, his godfather, uncle Moony, or his father Pongus. He has remember everything and no matter what his Aunt Petunia, or Uncle Vernon said that his parent's died in a drunken car crush was a lie.

Harry at the moment was cleaning the bedroom of his relatives much to his distaste, but he could do nothing about it at the moment. He was fixing the bed when he heard something being dropped from the bedside table. He signed and went to pick it up. It was a diary more pacifically his aunt diary. He was about to put it down when a date catch his eyes November 01, 1981. it was the day they had taken Harry in, his curiosity got the better of him and started reading it.

November 01, 1981

My bloody freaking sister, Lily, has done it now. She and her no good freak of a husband James Potter has gotten them killed and left their worthless son….

left a letter saying they are dead and the freaks might come after Harry, the cause of the downfall of Lord Voldemort, so the other freak Dumbledore left him here.

Harry flipped through more pages and went to the back of the diary to see a letter written by Dumbledore confirming what his Aunt has already written plus the fact that he was famous. The man, who left him here in this abusive house and never even, had the gale to come and check to see if he was even alive. If his letter has any accuracy then what it hinted at was he was figure head and has a lot of power. He would come for him when he is eleven since that is the time where most wizards and witches learn to control their magic and go to school. He will probably try to manipulate Harry and use him, so Harry has until then to prepare and counter. He will have to plan and learn more about the Wizarding World and its custom if he were to make his own side and be free. He will find out how to get to the wizarding world before hand, but now he has work to do and a family to satisfy. He is not going to be anyone's weapon. Harry is a patient person, so he will reserve judgment until he has meet Dumbledore and seen and heard his side of the story before doing anything harsh.

Harry left the bedroom after putting the diary away and went down stairs. He has to clean the basement today or he might not get any dinner at all.


Once Harry went to the basement, he saw dust flying everywhere. He thought over what his aunt has written in her diary and the letter as he cleaned. He thought how he made things float, or explode things, or how his cuts or any other injury disappear, or how he could see things around everyone such as light or feel their emotion, or has a sixth sense of danger, or how he could her people thought s when he really concentrated. It now all made sense now, so he has done magic all this time without his knowledge. As Harry was deep in thought he didn't see the trunk in front of him so he tripped over it.

Harry looked down to see what he has fallen over so see it was a trunk with the initial L.E. & J.P. He did not see it before since it was surrounded by boxes and was in the bottom of the pile. He looked at the initial again and remembered the letter and the diary entry. 'So this must be mom and dad's', Harry though as he opened it. Inside it was pretty empty with few cloths, books, and photo album. On top of them was a letter address to Harry.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then, I fear the worst and your dad and I are dead. If we are I hope you are with your godfather Sirius Black and not my sister, but if you are I am so sorry for the life you have to live with them. My sister has always been jealous of me and hated me for going to Hogwarts…

Harry this trunk has five other compartments: one is a library filled with books doing your father and my school year and after when I was according my mastery in charm and healing, and your father's mastery of transfiguration and Aurors training and other books we have collected doing and after. In here there are our journals too. Read your father journals since it tells you how to become an animagu. The second compartment is a laboratory where you can work on potion. It has all seven year potion kit and many other ingredients that you might ever need. The third compartment is a bedroom; the fourth compartment is a storage room. There are our photo frames that you could talk to it holds our memory. There are parchments and other things you may need to learn and live. The fifth compartment is a training/dueling chamber. It is heavily worded, so no matter what you through at it will hold.

To get to any of the room you just have to say the same and that compartment will open up. They are all hidden from praying eyes and anyone without your permission will not be able to get in. you should also bond it in your blood to get the voice commend or shrink it. Don't worry it has a feather light weight.

With much love,

Lily Kaeldra Even Potter

Your mom

P.s. learn everything your heart desires, and be your own person. Do not trust others without them earning it. Even then tread carefully as you will find there are ears in the walls.

P.P.S. remember your father and I love you and no matter what you chose we will always be proud of you.


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