Summary: Harry learned about the wizarding world when he was four and started to learn magic since then. When he was eight he became a model and a musician at nine. How will the wizarding world deal with the famous Boy-Who-Lived in both muggle and Wizarding world and his ideas… Smart! Powerful! Gray! Harry

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Title: Wings of a Rider

Wings of a Rider




A Wing Has Opened


It has been three, almost four month since Harry's talk with the teacher and finding out his abilities that he has now. His mom told him the ability that was shown was only those that came naturally to him and not of his full potential. She told him as he grows older he will gain more ability as well as gifts from his different ancestry. One each of his birthday after he turns ten until his seventeen where he will receive any other gifts they may think of bestowing upon him since he is magically very powerful and only grow in power as he gains experience.

Doing this three month Ms. Maddox has given him many test and saw how quickly he was learning. She has decided to enlist the help of her friends that are also teachers in different school to give Harry a challenge. Because Harry already knowing too much they have decided to skip rest of the first and second grade and move on to the third grade material on the first month and a half. Instead they have given him the end of year test. Right now he was working on third grade materials and after the holidays would hopefully work on fourth grade material.

Not only Harry going at a fast pace on his core subject, but he is also learning languages and music at an insane level. When he realized this he went to talk with Mr. Garcia, the music teacher. He agreed to teach Harry piano for an hour and flute for half an hour after school as he is already talking violin doing his activity class. He has already finished beginner courses with them and would be beginning mediocre to low advance courses on them. When he asked his parents portal they told him it came from his Elvin and Draconian heritage as elves loves music and are extremely advance race language and everything else came easily to them add to that draconian and any problem he would have will be null and void.

Not only things at school turned out for the better, but also at home. About a month earlier Harry had forced Dudley come and run with him every morning at 6:00 for an hour after telling Dudley that his parents lied to him about Dudley looking good or healthy and that he was fat and will have obesity. He also promised to teach him kickboxing if Dudley does as Harry tells him. Harry told Dudley that beating up kids doesn't make him popular, but a bully and he should become friends with them that way he will be popular. Harry has also told his aunt to cut down Dudley's junk food by half and give him milk, fruits, and vegetables. About two week later his uncle also started to come to morning run after seeing Dudley getting healthier and fit. These changes bought Harry into a better light in the eyes of his relatives. They stopped calling him a freak or boy, but actually started to call him by his name and almost be a normal family as they have always wanted.


The mall


Today was a big sale at the mall and his aunt drugged all of them there well Dudley and Harry as Vernon dad to go to work and the kids didn't have school for three more weeks. She told them to meet her at the pet shop at 5:00p.m.; after giving them some money. They could do what ever they wanted until then.

Harry after exploring for ten minutes found a music store and went inside to look. Once inside the store Harry asked a clack to help him look for a violin, flute, and a piano. As they were walking around to see which piano he liked best, he spotted one that seem to call out to him. He went there.

"You like this one? It's brand new we only have two piece of this baby at our disposal," said the clack as he watched Harry's eyes glued to it.

"Go one try it out see how it flows," he encouraged Harry and without hesitation Harry went and played a few keys.

"I will this one and one of the other one that I liked," Harry told the Clack.

"Are you sure? It is very expensive," asked the clack unsure.

"Yes, I am sure," answered Harry.

The clack looked unsure at the boy, but said nothing as he will get 20 percentage of each peach he sales. They moved on to the flute section and again Harry bought two very expensive silver flutes. The last he bought a rosewood violin. He also bought care kits for all of them and told them to deliver it the next day at private drive. He paid all of this in cash from his wallet that was connected to his trust vault.

Once Harry's shopping done at the music store, he went to go look around to buy present for his teachers, relatives, and the librarians that he has become friends' whit while spending so much time at the library. He bought three gowns, red, black, and blue with the help clack for Ms. Maddox, Petunia, and Ms. Kathy respectively. He also bought many books on cultures and languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Egyptian Heliography, Greece, Hindi, Spanish, and Latin to learn for himself as well as books on computers, chemistry, geography, physics, politics, business and music from beginners to advance. In another word he bought books that he didn't have in his trunk library on those subjects. He bought lots of manga. He also bought other books that catch his fancy and copy of them to give as gifts to the other librarians and teacher that has helped him as he has already bought a gift for Mr. Garcia from the music store. Harry bought a P.S.P., two game boys one for Dudley for charismas and one for himself, one ipod, one mp3 player, one CD player, lots of CDs mostly classic, but also modern, a 50" flat screen TV, a DVD, lots of old and new TV series, movies, and anime, a printer, colors and papers for the printer, and a digital camera. He bought a binocular and a shirt for his uncle. Harry also bought an entire wardrobe for himself and like in the music store told them to send everything the next day after giving the address before going to meet his aunt as it was 4:30pm.

At the pet store whole waiting for his aunt and cousin to come to see if anything catch his fancy. He felt a pull toward the back of the store where there was a magnificent phoenix, an elemental phoenix to be exact, as he had read in the magical animals. He wondered how a phoenix came to be there in a muggle store of all places.

"Ah! I see another admirer," said a voice from behind Harry. He while around to see a beautiful woman in her mid twenties with honey brown hair and kind brown eyes. The woman seems to be taken back when she saw Harry and recognition of who Harry is lit up. Harry at first seems to be confused as to how this woman may know her when they have never met before. He sensed no hostility from her and looked at her aura it was pink with a purple line enter winding with each other. He remembered the letter that said he was famous in the wizarding world and she is a witch a half-blood or a muggle born or pureblood married into one of those and decided to live in the muggle world. They seem to come to an understanding as they glance at each other.

"Rosalina," said the woman extending her hand.

"Harry," Harry said as he took her hand and kissed the back of it as his father showed him, "Pleased to meet you, Lady Rosalina."

"Pleaser, I believe we will be very good friends in near future."

"I agree."

A comfortable silence meets their agreement for a few minutes, but it was broken by Harry.

"So… how much is the phoenix?" asked Harry.

"If it wishes to go with you than one thousand pound, as she has not chosen anyone to bond with," said Rosalina as she opened the cage to see if it would go to Harry. As soon as she opened the cage it flew toward Harry and sat on his shoulder whole rubbing its check with him and chipped a happy tune. Harry and Rosy laughed and Harry patted the phoenix.

"Do you wish to bond with me?" Harry asked and the phoenix looked like it was insulted with a look that said 'what do you think'.

"Sorry, I did not mean to insult. I guess I just wanted to make sure I didn't get the wrong idea," said Harry with a pout. The phoenix chipped again to forgive him.

"So do you have a name or should I give you one?" asked Harry.

"You can give me a name since no one has bother to give me one since I have been born?" said the Phoenix.

"I can hear you? How?" asked Harry.

"Because I want you to and beside you can speck this language as it is in one of your gift."

"Really, oh wow, that's great. Hmm… how about I call you Selene after the moon goddess," asked Harry.

"Sure, I like the name," said Selene.

Harry paid Rosy, as he began to call her, for Selene and a cage. She also gave him a book that says 'All about Phoenixes and Their Bonded' by Crystal with no last name. when harries aunt and cousin showed up and saw the bird on Harry's shoulder all she said was he will have take care of it and all it's need, if can't do that they are returning it. Harry promised Rosy to come back and visit her at her store again and to keep in touch.


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