Title: Darkness Choose Me
Author: KristianTPQ
Genre: Action/Romance
Pairings: Axel/OC Roxas/OC
Warnings: May contain lemons in later chapters. Contains language. Contains action. Come on, do you really care what it has in it?
Rated: M
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, although I wish I did, I'd be loaded. But I don't. I do however, own the OC character, so NO TOUCHY
Summary: There are three known wielders of the keyblade: Sora, Riku and King Mickey. Who would've known there were more? Well King Mickey of course! But do you think he would warn the others of me? Nope, of course not.

Chapter 1: Intro

"Keyblade? Nope never heard of it." I said to the stranger. He had come up to me and asked me if I heard a rumor about a boy with a sword called the "Keyblade". Of course I had heard of the mysterious and almighty Keyblade. It's kind of hard not to know about it if you wield one yourself. Only three people you know of wield them. King Mickey, Riku, and Sora. You see, everything is made out of light. And everything is also made out of darkness. There is an in between and then the guardian.

Sora, the boy I'm sure the stranger was talking about, is the weilder of light. He is full of the light and uses his Keyblade for "the good of people and the heart of all worlds". He controls small parts of the elements: fire, blizzard, cure, thunder, reflect, and magnet. I'm not sure if he has anymore. I have never personally met Sora. Never want to, too.

Ahh, who's next? Yes, Riku. Very handsome for his age. He is the wielder of the in between. His heart can't make up its mind and has split itself into two personalities, both make Riku, Riku. He wields a keyblade made of the light and dark. He never unleashes his full power. He is afraid of the darkness that is in him. I've met Riku once. Good time that was.

And for the last wielder, King Mickey, the guardian. The guardian's job is supposed to be to keep and even amount of light and darkness in the world and make sure both sides are equal. After all, you can't have the moon without the sun and visa-versa.

I'm the last wielder of them all. The most unheard of too. The wielder of darkness. I can do all the elements of magic that Sora can do, but I specialize in fire and (instead of blizzard, however) water. I, unlike Sora, also have another ability. I can summon the Heartless with ease. I can also summon Nobodies but they are much harder. I have a pet Heartless. It may seem weird but he is better than any dog or cat you will ever know. I named him Lumin. Lumin is an ordinary shadow who is with me were ever I go, or is completing his assigned missions that mostly consist of guiding lost hearts to the realm of Kingdom Hearts itself. The only person who knows of who I really am is King Mickey. He comes to see me about once a year. Just to check up on me and see if I'm "conspiring against the balance" or something like that. Me, myself, couldn't care less about the balance. I don't care about using the Keyblade either. In fact, I don't use it, only in serious emergencies. I use my weapon that I got personalized by Kupo, the Moogle. It's called the Wishgranter. It is a sword that is black and has Nox Noctis written on its blade. Latin for 'Darkness'. The Wishgranter is not only a sword, there's also a reason why it is called the Wishgranter. It can turn into any weapon of my choice if I wish upon it. The problem is, I learn new weapons as I gain more experience with it. I've only learned how to change it into a pair of charkams . Well, enough of my battle skills, on to my appearance. I usually where a black tangtop turtle neck and a black skirt that goes down to the middle of my thighs and also a pair of knee high boots. And no, they are boots, not high heels. I have long gray/dark blue hair and copper eyes. And I can't believe it. I forgot the most important thing. My name. My name is Ara.

I walked down the street watching people put up posters for the upcoming 'Struggle' battle. Everyone in town was excited about it because some 'Setzer' guy was coming. I didn't care. One day, just for the hell of it (and to teach a boy some respect), I had a Struggle battle. I won but never tried it again. I didn't like it. I had lived in the god-forsaking town for about a few months and I was already sick of it. Everyone had smiles and the sun was always shining. I love the sun, yes, but you have to have rain once in a while. It's fun to go and stand out in it and just look up and watch the rain fall from the sky and then land on miscellaneous things around you. But no, no rain here. I turned a corner and headed for my 'Home' which was basically a room in the mansion that nobody will go near.

"Ara!" a high-pitched squeaky voice had called. I turned around and saw no one, until I looked down. There was a small boy wearing a blue cloak and a witch's hat with a face on it, it was Vivi.

"Hello Vivi. What's up?" I replied. Vivi then turned around and ran away from me.

"Vivi?! Wha- wait up!" I yelled. I started running after him until something struck me in my back. It stuck there.
I reached behind me and pulled it out. A dart. I looked around and I saw a man about 20 feet away from me. He had silver hair that was spiky on top He had brown eyes. He wore a white shirt and black tights with a long blue jacket that hung from his shoulders.

"Setzer?" I asked. I had seen him in pictures on the Struggle posters.

"You're mine." was all he said in return, and then started to run after me.

'Loser' I thought to myself.

I opened my hand up to summon my Wishgranter, but there was a problem, it wouldn't come to me!

'Damn that dart was poisoned!'

I started to run away, not knowing of how strong I would be without my powers against a Struggle champion. I could barley breath as I ran through the Sandlot. I risked a glimpse behind me to see that he was still running after me with a cocky smirk on his face. And I realized, that I couldn't out run him.