10 reasons to hate Jacob black

Jacob practically forced him self on Bella even when she said no.

he broke bellas hand and laughed about it

he doesn't respect her decision of Bella wanting to be friends

he hates Edward

he made Edward suffer by showing him glimpses of Bella hurting

he tricked Bella into kissing him AFTER he found out that she was engaged

he told Bella that he would rather her die then become a vampire

He threatened to go kill himself just because Bella was more in love with Edward then him, can you say selfish much?

he keeps on making Edward jealous

And he is a total hypocrite; a human and vampire cant fall in love but a human and werewolf can? Come on.

For all the jacob lovers that are reading this and are about to make a review, dont be rude in it because i am sick and tired of people doing that. i will listen to your opinions about this story if they make a valid point, but if they are down right insulting, then be prepared to get insulted back.